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Luke Skywalker’s Home Has Been Saved

How dedicated are you to your favorite film? Would you spend time restoring a set from it an unfriendly environment like the desert?

Mark Cox and fellow Star Wars fans did just that to save the Lars homestead from the elements. Over repeated trips, Cox and others noticed the set in Tunisia was aging and looking a little worse each time. It’s a harsh place for buildings, and many felt like it was time to step in and touch up Luke Skywalker’s home before it was too late. However, between the travel and supplies needed, fixing up the set wasn’t the cheapest of endeavors.

That’s where fans stepped in. The Save the Lars Homestead campaign raised almost $12,000. I happily donated and purchased a watch featuring Tatooine sand. Cox and friends were able to take those funds and plan a trip to Tunisia this year to repair the structure. Six men spent four days working on the homestead in 120 degree heat; they were also able to hire some local laborers to help.

They hope the restoration lasts for many years to come so that many more fans can make the pilgrimage to the site. I, for one, appreciate their efforts. I really hope to be able to visit Tunisia one of these days. To be on the safe side though, they plan to keep a constant repair fund going by selling a book and DVD about their experience.

(via Blastr)


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