New Guardians Of The Galaxy Photos Show Off The Whole Team


Before we gaze upon full body photos of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome it is that a movie starring a weapon-wielding raccoon and a talking tree is getting made? Even though we’ve seen a trailer, it still feels like Marvel is playing a trick.

If so, they’re investing a whole lot of money into it. They’ve just released a series of high quality images showing off the team on white backgrounds. They’re begging to be Photoshopped, and I shall eagerly keep an eye on the internet for the inevitable Rocket Raccoon memes.

Check out the rest of the team after the break.

guardians of the galaxy 2

guardians of the galaxy 3

guardians of the galaxy 4

guardians of the galaxy 5

(CBM via /Film)


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