New Pacific Rim Art That Could Possibly Be Mondo Posters


You’ll be able to see giant robots fighting aliens in just a week when Pacific Rim finally hits theaters. Anticipation for Guillermo Del Toro’s summer movie is building and, as you can imagine, it’s inspiring all sorts of cool art. Two postcard images sent in a promotional briefcase to Slashfilm appear to be the sort of art that could actually be Mondo posters. Apparently, the art is by Kevin Tong (see above) and Vania Zouravliov and they are both part of Mondo’s artist regulars. It wouldn’t be surprising if these postcards were actually a tease for Mondo posters to be sold at San Diego Comic-Con in two weeks. All the puzzle pieces fit together!

Odd City Entertainment is getting in on the action too. They have a whole poster series for the film, and they’ve released two new pieces this week. You can check them out after the break, along with the other potential Mondo poster.

By Vania Zouravliov:


These final two pieces are from Odd City Entertainment and are by artists NE and James Fosdike.




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