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Now Bill Murray Says An Appearance in Ghostbusters 3 Is “a Possibility”

Confession time: I don’t believe Ghostbusters 3 is necessary. I do believe that good franchises should be allowed to be put to rest and end their stories on high notes. However, if a Ghostbusters script is already in the can, who really knows? I’d sure like Peter Venkman to be part of it. Until recently though, there was no reason to think Bill Murray would be involved. But there might be a glimmer of hope.

Murray had zero interest. He was even rumored to have put the script through the shredder because he didn’t think people wanted to see “fat old men chasing ghosts”. Showbiz is fickle though, and Murray recently touched on Ghostbusters 3 during an interview with a Chicago TV station. The reporter asked about another go around as Venkman. Murray replied with, “Well, it’s a possibility” and moved on to another topic.

It’s hardly a commitment, but it’s a ray of hope bigger than anything else he’s given us. I’ll take it.

(Comic Book Movie via Blastr)


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