Peter Mayhew Will Return As Chewbacca In “Star Wars Episode VII”


We’re getting our original Chewbacca back! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Mayhew will be playing the famous walking carpet once again. This confirms rumors that Mayhew would be reprising his role which reached a fever pitch when he backed out of a convention appearance last week due to his “filming schedule”.

Though it’s expected that many of the original cast members will return, Mayhew’s ability to be involved in the film was questionable due to his health issues. The actor’s health struggles were chronicled in a recent kickstarter documentary, Standing in the Stars: The Peter Mayhew Story, but he’s always made it known that he wanted to reprise the role.

The news that Mayhew will definitely be in the film shows just how committed J.J. Abrams is to bringing back the original cast. And if Chewie is there you know the Falcon and Han can’t be far behind—although we’ll have to wait and see who is officially confirmed next.

(via /Film)


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