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That Dark Power Rangers Reboot Was Shut Down By Saban

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There’s been an interesting development regarding the Power/Rangers fan film we posted the other day. Joseph Kahn, the director behind the video, revealed on Twitter that Power Rangers franchise owner Haim Saban and Saban Brands issued a copyright claim to Vimeo and that’s why the video was taken down. (It’s still on YouTube, for now).

Kahn feels as if Saban is being unfair and that he feels “harassed”, stating that he used his own money, he is not using any pre-existing footage, and his giving it away freely. However, he is using the characters and that’s where things get sticky.

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I ended up in an interesting conversation with Everly director Brett Hedblom about this and, after some thought, I can see Saban’s side here. I mean, Saban does have a reboot in the works and this fan film, as much as I may like it, does take his established characters and put them in situations they wouldn’t normally be in.

But it also seems as if Kahn made this film as a showcase for his work and to try and get more work. The viral nature seems to have surprised even him.

In the end, maybe it really is just about accepting the takedown notice and being glad for the publicity he’s already received. On the other hand, Saban may have blown a golden opportunity here.

(via The Mary Sue)


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