The Greatest Movie Blurb Of All-Time

The internet has rediscovered what is undoubtedly the greatest movie synopsis of all-time thanks to a recent Reddit post. It was written by TV columnist Rick Polito back in 1998, and one would think that he would consider it his masterpiece. After all, he specializes in writing humorous one-liners for TV shows and movies. However, he explained to Jim Romenesko that he’s not all that happy with it:

“That line is going to follow me to the grave. It was just on Leno, it was a clue in a crossword puzzle, it showed up in Playboy, and people use it as their email sigs.”

“Someday I’m going to walk down the street and see it on a T-shirt and punch the person who’s wearing it,” he jokes.

Polito now writes a column for PacificSun. Interestingly enough, he also released an iPhone app named Shake-N-Tell designed for parents who read bedtime stories to their kids.


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