A Kindly, Nerdly Artist Needs Your Help

You may recognize the image above from James Hance’s Wookie The Chew series we posted on last year. Well, one look on James’ website and you’ll realize that all of his work is, as he describes it, “relentlessly cheerful” and often nerdy.

That having been said, James is described by our friends at Geeks Are Sexy as being an “awesomely nice person” and in need of some serious help. Apparently, his 6-year old daughter is suffering from a rare intestinal disorder and the medical bills are piling up.

If you can afford to donate, head on over to Hugs For Maddy to learn more about her situation and help Maddy get back on her feet. James will also be uploading new work to his website as well as soliciting commissions with all of the proceeds going to Maddy’s medical care.


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