BBC America To Air Classic Doctor Who Starting This Sunday

Unless you’ve been living under a Weeping Angel statue, you know that Doctor Who is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this year. In addition to the special that will air later this year, BBC is rolling out some other surprises.

The first treat is that BBC America will repeat classic Doctor Who episodes! Though you’ve been able to access some pre-Ninth Doctor episodes on Netflix for a while, I don’t believe they appear often on television. BBC America will be going through the Doctors in numerical order and airing one serial per month. First up is the William Hartnell era – they’ll air the four-part serial “The Aztecs” starting at 9pm EST on Sunday, January 27.

I’m really interested to see how ratings play out for these episodes. I’ve mostly only seen the show from Christopher Eccleston on, and I’ve found it painful to go back and watch older ones.

Will you be tuning in to the classic serials?

(via io9)


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