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Newly Discovered Van Gogh Painting Appears To Include a TARDIS

Netherlands Van Gogh

When the world thinks of Vincent Van Gogh, they think about one of history’s most famous and talented artists. When Doctor Who fans think of Van Gogh that crosses their mind but so does the appearance of the painter in the episode “Vincent and the Doctor.” He was wonderfully portrayed to the point that I always look for the monster in the window of the painting featured in the episode, “The Church at Auvers.”

So naturally when a new painting of his is discovered and identified and it has a blue building on the horizon, my mind goes to TARDIS! The landscape titled “Sunset at Montmajour” was recently unveiled at The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Just look at the upper left side. The structure in the background is clearly not a spaceship that travels through time but it is the right color of blue and has white panes near the top. I’m just saying.

(via CNN)


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