Save 18% On The QuickLock High Tech Security Padlock [Deals]


Technologically advanced yet pleasantly simple, the QuickLock is on sale for only $48.99 (18% off with free shipping) for a limited time in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

A next-generation lock like no other, Quicklock features advanced, built-in wireless capabilities. Forget old fashioned codes, open your Quicklock with a choice of three simple options—from your phone to a handy key ring. On top of that, Quicklock allows an unlimited number of people to set up access with their phones so keys and codes aren’t being passed around like candy.

-Made of die cast zinc alloy, rendering it virtually indestructible
-Allows for one-click or one-swipe access via a fob or ring (sold separately), a card, or smartphone
-Includes convenient access for multiple people: works w/ up to 50 wireless NFC keys & an unlimited number of phones
-Prevents having to remember combinations or locate keys for your locks
-Provides battery life for up to two years on one charge
-Charges via a micro USB cable

QuickLock Smart Padlock ($60 $48.99)

Check out a demo video after the break…


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