Real Life R.O.U.S. Found In China

real life r.o.u.s.

You don’t have to venture into The Princess Bride’s Fire Swamp to face Rodents of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.), you just have to go to China. This R.O.U.S. measured at just over 3 feet and weighed 11 pounds; that’s about ten times the size of a regular rat. Yowza.

It was seen around a village in the Hunan province of China and scared residents – as it obviously would. They even spied the ratzilla diving into the local pond to grab a six pound fish and eat it hole.

Because they were terrified, the villagers trapped and killed the rat (and broke knives on it). I would rather have seen it preserved for scientific observation and to question it about the Dread Pirate Roberts.

(via Yahoo)


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