Save 40% On The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Bundle [Deals]

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Just about everything you need to repair your gadgets is available in the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. And the best part is that it’s only $64.99 (40% off) in our Nerd Approved Deals Store! From the description:

70 Industry-Standard Computer & Gadget Repair Tools

Fix computers, phones, tablets, and gadgets with high-quality, specialty tools gathered in one easy-to-access toolkit. With a variety of poking, prodding, opening, measuring, and grabbing tools, the Pro Tech Toolkit is a must-buy for any electronic handyman from casual newbie to pro technician.

  • Repair small electronics w/ all the bits you’ll need
  • Fix non-electronics like doorknobs, eyeglasses, fixtures & more
  • Easily transport w/ ultra-portable tool roll
  • Measure parts w/ steel ruler
  • Hold onto parts lacking handles & safely remove stubborn pieces w/ suction cup
  • Protect against static electricity w/ wrist strap
  • Scrape & cut tasks w/ the razor tech knife
  • Easily move around parts w/ ESD-safe precision tweezers
  • Carefully dissemble items w/ soft plastic prying tools

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Bundle ($110 $64.99)

Check out the product video after the break…


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