Save 42% On The CPU Wars Card Game! [Deals]

cpu wars

How much do you really know about computers? Test your knowledge with the CPU Wars Card Game 2-Pack. It’s currently on sale for just $14.99 (42% off) with free shipping in our Nerd Approve Deals Store!

Computer aficionados rejoice! There is finally a game that will test your knowledge, prove your superiority over others, and provide endless fun. With two volumes and four booster cards, this bundle includes trivia on key facts and the greatest achievements in desktop and server CPU history. How much do you really know about your CPU? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

-A unique geeky gift for your IT friends
-Super fun & educational
-Combinable decks for 2-6 person games
-Cards on 60 of the greatest achievements in computing & server history

‘CPU Wars’ Card Game 2-Pack ($26 $14.99)


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