The City of Marseille Wants Batman To Protect Them

Batman Marseilles

Bruce Wayne better be ready for a change of scenery. The citizens of Marseille, France’s second largest city, are looking for a protector and they want Batman. Residents of Marseille are at the ends of their ropes after the number of gang crimes in the city has escalated. People are frustrated with politicians so they’ve taken the next logical step and created an online petition asking the Caped Crusader to help them battle evil.

Sure, it’s a mock petition but the fact that a few thousand people have signed it and liked the accompanying Facebook page sends a message. The people are weary and desperate. The petition states that adding more police officers is just a band-aid that’s not curing anything. It goes on to say:

“Today finished the soundbites and rhetoric … The city needs action…

The class “A Batman Marseille? “Aims to encourage Marseille to take their own security and not simply outbid opportunistic communication and political meetingitis that were never expected THE solution.”

Google translation is at work but you get the idea. I hope the support shown for this petition is a signal to the city’s leaders to make necessary changes. Otherwise, guys in masks might start showing up and they might not be as cool or effective as Batman.

(via Metro UK)


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