Win Your Dream PC Setup In The LG Ultrawide Festival 2015 [Sponsored]

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This post is sponsored by LG.

For those who are interested in technology, gaming, and dream of creating their own successful blogs / YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and followers, we introduce the UltraWide Festival.

The UltraWide Festival this year is based around the ‘Dream (PC) Setup’ Competition. Winners (3 people) will receive a sponsorship of $10,000 USD to purchase IT devices of their choice and the newest LG UltraWide Monitor to help create the tech setup of their dreams.

During the UltraWide Festival, entrants will get to team up with some of YouTube’s most popular tech and game stars. Linus Sebastian from LinusTechTips, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy and Jahova Witniss will be on hand to help applicants step up and become the next big thing in technology or professional vlogging.

Festival Summary:


– Sponsor a real opportunity to make the Dream workspace or Game Station Setup real for Tech geeks, Game lovers, Youtubers and Creative Professionals (designer, video/audio editor, photographer, etc.) who are interested in these subjects.
– 3 YouTube Stars and their followers/fans can participate and enjoy this Tech Festival
– Provide a chance for YouTubers to show their own video content to the public and receive tips and evaluations

Application Period:

September 7th~ September 25th, 2015 
How to Apply 

1) Participants must produce a video or image showing off the current computer setup and upload it on a Social Networking Site of their choice.
2) Then they must visit the official website
3) Finally, they must submit their application by linking their SNS post URL and describing their Dream Setup

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Festival Timeline:

Entrants Application : September 7 ~ September 25
30 Semi-Finalists Selection : September 21~October 2
3 Winners Selection : October 24 ~ October 25
Dream Setup Launch: November 20
Finale Party : December 5
(Ceremony schedule is subject to change)

How To Participate (Detail):

Participants are to produce their own video or photo to show off the current computer gear setup (It can be for work, gaming, music, or anything that shows off their hardware setup) and upload the video or photo on his/her SNS account.

Then the participant can register on the UltraWide Festival website and submit the SNS post link along with a description of the Dream Setup.

Semifinal Stage

One LG UltraWide Curved Monitor (model no. 34UC87C) will be provided to the each of the top 30 semi-finalists for them to review and produce a video on how they would incorporate it in their setup.

Participants must upload the video to their YouTube account and 3 winners will be selected by Linus, Lewis and Jahova.
Final Stage

3 winners will each be provided with $10,000 to acquire necessary items to build their Dream Setup.

Each YouTube Star will be a mentor and support him/her in creating the Dream Setup.

After the setup is completed, an introductory video about the Dream Setup will be produced and uploaded on the winners’ YouTube account and promoted by the YouTube Star.

Head on over to the UltraWide festival website for more info. Good luck!


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