pilgrim pops

It’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Funko vs. Your wallet.

Who will emerge victorious?

I can’t decide between Knives or Ramona. Blue hair vs. goggles.

See how hard this is?

Check out more pics below.

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star wars lava lamp

“I love lamp.”

“I know.”

What’s inside your average lava lamp? Lava, is it? Pfft. Boring. Anyone can have a lava lamp like that. How about a Star Wars lava lamp filled with X-Wings and TIE Fighters battling it out instead?

Check out the lamp in action below.

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Last year we posted about Miguel Zavala’s quest to create a 3d pattern library of every monster from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual.

Well, he’s been hard at work since then.

It took a year and a half, but Zavala has finally done it: he created an entire digital library of the Monster Manual, as well as the creatures from Appendix A and the NPCs from Appendix B. That’s 300 figures—and you can download the patterns for free (login required). Thank you Miguel.

Check out more pics below.

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The Shanghai Disney Resort, which is set to open on June 16, will including the brand new Tron-themed attraction, “Tron Light Cycle Power Run”. During the ride, guests get a chance to hop on a light cycle (sort of) and speed through the Grid. 

If you can’t afford a plane ticket to China this summer, you can still experience the ride thanks to this POV video from Inside the Magic.

Check it out below.

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Now is your chance to get into 3D printing at an affordable price. The M3D printer is the result 12,000 backers on Kickstarter, and is meticulously designed to make the process easy. For a limited time it’s available in our Nerd Approved Deals Store for $505 $399 with free shipping! And that includes four extra reels of filament.

-Micro motion sensor chip allows for intelligent positioning feedback for precision
-Carbon fiber rods provide for a sturdy & lightweight build
-Aerospace-grade ceramic heater system allows for rapid & precise heating
-Maintenance-free printing ensures reliable prints w/ multi-calibration system
-Filament compartment allows easy replacement

M3D Printer And Filament Bundle $505 $399

pokemon-cookbook-social-625x326-600x313Pokemon has maintained its place among the most beloved video game franchises for years. There’s an endless array of merchandise of course, not to mention a plethora of themed foodstuffs.

Now you can make some of your own Pokemon-themed treats with the help of Maki Kudo’s The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy & Fun Recipes, which is coming to North America on December 6th.

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I’ve never liked the expression “They’ve got too much time on their hands.” It’s often said in a dismissive, snide way about people who have chosen to use their free time to, I don’t know, catalog every Doctor Who story in chronological order, or build extensive detailed replicas of movie props that only appear on screen for a few seconds. It is, at its core, a term that is used to shoot down creative endeavors.

The fact is, we all have the exact same amount of time during our day. We just prioritize different things. Some people collate spreadsheets and walk their dog. Others build customized LEGO versions of each and every Iron Man suit Tony Stark has ever worn.

That’s what LEGO enthusiast Minh Pham has done – he’s built a LEGO laboratory space worthy of Mr. Stark and populated it with insanely detailed variations on the Iron Man suit as they’ve appeared throughout the films, comic books and various TV outings—all custom-made from LEGO minifigs.

It’s an impressive feat, and a superlative use of Pham’s time. Check out more photos below.

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mario box light

Yes, this Mario Question Box Light exists. It’s officially licensed. You can even purchase it. Plus…PLUS it emits a classic 8-bit “PING” sound when you tippity tap it.

I’m sold, even though gold coins don’t pop out of it. Personally, I think that missing feature is a major oversight.

Mario Question Box Light ($36)

stark laptop bagNow your laptop can cosplay as Iron Man and save the day battling villains like “Starbucks Latte” and “Crowded Subway” thanks to this Stark Industries Messenger Bag.

This Marvel Stark Industries Messenger Backpack is the latest development in mobile computing. With a light-up Arc Reactor on the strap, it’s just showy enough to get other people’s attention (and envy). Mostly, it’s practical, with an organizer under the messenger-bag-style flap and a massive 15″ wide x 10″ tall x 1 1/4″ gusset laptop/tablet pouch inside. And if your device doesn’t fit in there? That’s okay. The main compartment also features padding on all sides, just not as much as the dedicated pouch, and it measures 20″ wide x 12″ tall x 6″ deep at base.

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deadpool honest trailer

If you had to pin the success of Deadpool on one person, it’s Ryan Reynolds. He’s been a one-man wrecking crew of amazeballs marketing since before the movie was even a movie—and he just keeps on bringing it.

I mean, how many people do you think would be willing to jump in and be a part of the “Honest Trailer” for their own movie?

That’s right, the actual Deadpool is all over this video and Screen Junkies got a little more honesty than even they bargained for.

Watch the video below.

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