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Get ready to rejoice Preacher fans. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher is being developed for AMC by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. AMC has already ordered a pilot, which is set to shoot in 2015 and air sometime in 2016. The synopsis reads:

Preacher follows Reverend Jesse Custer, a tough Texas preacher who has lost his faith, has learned that God has left Heaven and abandoned His responsibilities. He finds himself the only person capable of tracking God down, demanding answers, and making Him answer for His dereliction of duty. Accompanying Jesse on his journey is his former girlfriend and a friendly vampire who seems to prefer a pint in the pub to the blood of the innocent. On his tail is one of the most iconic bad guys in print – an immortal, unstoppable killing machine named the Saint of Killers – a western lone gunman archetype whose sole purpose is to hunt and kill Jesse.

Rogen and Goldberg has this to say in Variety:

’Preacher’ has been our favorite comic since it first came out. Garth Ennis is one of our idols and it’s an incredible honor to be working on this. We promise we won’t make too many dick jokes and ruin it.

AMC already has a new Preacher twitter account and used that to announce the news.

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The list of things you can 3D print now includes a working stargate thanks to Cara who has made this stunning example. The center has been Photoshopped but the rest of it is all the real deal. Cara said in her comment on io9:

The entire thing was made on my Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer with Gray ( and some transparent ) PLA material. It also has a NEMA 17 stepper motor to drive the inner ring, and 5mm NeoPixels to light up the chevrons. The whole thing is driven by an Arduino Uno with an Adafruit motor shield using an Arduino sketch I wrote ( and am still tweaking )

She plans to mimic the center look with some blue paper to complete the effect.

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Black Friday might mean bargains for shoppers, but it’s like walking into the heat of battle for retail employees. Behold the wonder of Scott, a Target employee who gives the single most hilarious and inspirational Black Friday speech in history. This. Is. Target!

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The new Terminator: Genisys trailer just dropped and, I’ll admit, I’m both intrigued and concerned. One thing’s for sure—they’ve definitely made some big changes. This is not you mama’s Terminator.

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unique nerdy gifts

Looking for something a little, uh…different to give as a gift this holiday? If so, we have you covered with 10 gifts for the nerd that has EVERYTHING. That goes for nerdy cats and dogs too.

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batman statue 1

It’s time to stop worrying about shelf space and start worrying about wall space. This new Batman wall mounted statue from Pop Culture Shock (PCS) is the sign of things to come. This polystone statue looks quite detailed, and PCS states these new collectibles have the same quality and craftsmanship as their shelf-based sculpts. The wall mounted piece comes with a LED light and stands at 15 inches tall.

You can pre-order the Batman statue now for an estimated ship date of November 2015. It sounds like this is just the first of the DC wall statues PCS will be offering.

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This life-sized statue of Marty McFly is the perfect present for the Back to the Future fan that has everything. It’s currently up for auction on eBay (with a buy now price of $1950) as a one-of-a-kind piece billed as being accurate to the movies. However, that’s clearly not the case. Looks like Marty was played by an older special agent Dale Cooper or something. There might even be a little bit of the original Eric Stoltz version tossed in there.

It also comes with a little Einstein the dog and his water bowl. Nope. Nope. Nope.

(via Gizmodo)


This beautiful steampunk version of Iron Man is the work of artist Anthony Jones. He posted this backstory for his art on his tumblr:

After donating his heart to save his only son Jarvis, Jarvis devoted his life to engineering to bring his father back to life. Picking up his father’s work, he found an alternative power source that could bring him back. Preserving his body in a deep freeze incubator, Jarvis spent 10 years of his young adult life to engineer a mechanized suit using the power of steam to breathe life to his father.

Introducing Gentlemen Stark.

The story makes the image even more striking, and makes us wish Jones would illustrate the entire saga.

(Concept Art World via io9)


The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been all the rage since it debuted over Thanksgiving weekend. There are parts people love, parts people hate, and parts people can’t quite figure out, but there aren’t any gratuitous explosions or product placement. But what if Michael Bay had been helming the film instead of J.J. Abrams? This trailer imagines how Bay’s version might have looked with plenty of booms and Nerf blasters.

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Here’s a look at the Batman store that we almost saw in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. This store was included in an early draft of the film and was supposed to be a location for a scene in the movie. The idea was that Batman had become so popular that someone opened a themed store in Gotham.

The store was supposed to be destroyed in the script, but the whole scene was cut. These photos of what it looked like were posted on reddit by 1989Batman and give us a glimpse at what merchandising would look like in Gotham.

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