If Greek sculptors had sci-fi movies as their muse, then these Star Wars statues would have lined the streets of Athens.

Actually, this Darth Vader statue isn’t a statue at all, but an impressive image created by French artist Travis Durden.

Durden has reimagined Star Wars characters as ancient sculptures: “Darth Resurrection,” “Storm Reader,” “General Niobides,” “Gladiator Boba,” and “Angel Yodea”.

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We were told that there would be no more Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers until the movie debuts (save for some television spots). However, this new Japanese trailer is completely loaded with new footage – maybe even too much.

That having been said, if you are satisfied with what you’ve seen up to this point, you may want to avoid the video that awaits after the break. For everyone else, check it out quickly in case it disappears. You know how these things go.

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Transport yourself to a whole new, virtual world through your smartphone with the Homido Virtual Reality Headset. It’s on sale for a limited time in our Nerd Approved Deals Store for only $69.95. That’s 30% off with free shipping!

Immerse yourself in the virtual environment of your dreams with just your smartphone and the impressive, high-quality Homido Virtual Reality Headset. This futuristic gadget transforms videos and games on your screen into full interactive experiences. Watch 360° spherical videos to see in any direction, enjoy 3D movies, and full freedom of movement thanks to the wireless connectivity. You can take down the bad guy in your favorite game with your own hands, or sit in the center of the crowd for a live concert. Never play games or watch movies from afar again, live the experience with Homido.

-Watch your favorite 3D movies w/ binocular-vision-mode & two stereoscopic lenses
-Immerse yourself in the middle of a crowd, underwater, or wherever your heart desires w/ 360? videos
-Combine 3D & 360? head-tracking for a whole new gaming experience
-Customize the vision w/ farsighted & nearsighted settings
-Use it wirelessly as you maneuver about
-Immerse yourself in virtual reality w/ 100% Field View
-Adjust the distance between the two lenses & change out the face contact foam for a custom fit
-Attach your smartphone w/ the locking clip for safety
-Find a new game to play or an exciting environment to explore in the Homido Center w/ 300 app options

Homido Virtual Reality Headset ($100 $69.95)

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Based on this image and a tweet, it looks like Tamashii Nations is adding Marvel to their Movie Realization line. Spider-Man is going Samurai and the figure is, well—pretty out there. In our opinion, the samurai theme doesn’t work nearly as well with Spider-Man as as it does with Star Wars.

No pricing or release date has been announced thus far.

(via Toyark)

star wars tfa poster top

Kudos to Disney and J.J. Abrams for lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens to make a fan’s dying wish come true.

In recent weeks you may have heard about the plight of Daniel Fleetwood. He was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma and recently given the news that he had only months to live. The #ForceforDaniel Twitter campaign was was created in an attempt to convince the powers that be to grant Daniel’s wish to see The Force Awakens early. The campaign gained traction quickly thanks to support from the likes of Mark Hamill and John Boyega—and it appears to have paid off. Daniel’s wife Ashley announced the news

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With the release of Fallout 4 imminent, one gamer got so excited that he decided to throw a few Disney characters to the Wastelands in these fun illustrations.

Artist Peter Slavik imagined Snow White, Alice, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle as well-adjusted Vault Dwellers. In fact, Snow White is still trying to talk to the animals (although I wouldn’t dare go near a mole rat for a friendly chat) and Belle is nose deep in a book passing right by a super mutant Gaston.

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Good lord. R2-D2 builds don’t get any better than this. Fortunately, smokeysunrise has put together a detailed gallery that explains how it was done.

And it only takes a ton of skill and a billion man hours to complete! Check out the gallery after the break…

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The Monster Project was created as a way to encourage kids to pursue their artistic creativity and to show them what a drawing can inspire in other artists. Kids are encouraged to draw monsters and then adult artists take those drawings and reimagine them. It’s a great way for kids to see the potential of their own creativity.

Seriously though, these monsters are amazing. You simply can’t beat a child’s imagination when it comes to raw, boundary-free creativity.

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ue boom

Best-in-class sound. Incredible waterproof design. Critically-acclaimed wireless perfection. The Logitech UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker is on sale for $149.99 (25% off with free shipping) for a limited time in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

The BOOM shows up in a big way—packing incredibly powerful sound quality and a flawless design that blows away the competition. There’s no wonder BOOM constantly tops the list of great Bluetooth speakers: it’s amazingly loud inside and out, lasts for 15 hours on each charge, and still fits easily in your bag. Give yourself or a loved one the gift of top-notch wireless audio this holiday season.

“Shaped like an energy drink and named like one, the Ultimate Ears Boom has some kick to it — and that kick lasts all day long.” CNET

-Get 360-degree bold, immersive sound w/ dual-performance drivers & dual passive radiators
-Take BOOM on-the-go thanks to its versatile design
-Bring BOOM on every adventure worry-free; water & strain resistant plasma coating included
-Switch songs, adjust volume & take phone calls from up to 50 feet away w/ Bluetooth capabilities
-Pair w/ your favorite devices via NFC
-Get 15 hours of playback per charge
-Connect two UE BOOMs together for stereo sound
-Also available in red

Logitech UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker ($200 $149.99)

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The limited edition Halo Needler replica from NECA looks amazing in all its motorized glory, but it comes with an intimidating price tag of $300. However, it does have some pretty spectacular features:

Complete your Spartan armor with a colossal 1:1 replica of one of Halo’s most iconic weapons! From the award-winning video game series, the Needler is now available as a limited edition, full-size 1:1 replica featuring LED lights and over a dozen motorized “crystal shards.”

When you squeeze the trigger, the crystal shards retract in sequence to simulate being fired. To reload, simply travel to the Sanghelios moon of Suban for extra crystals (or press the reset button located in the grip).

This replica is also 100% accurate to its game counterpart since NECA Toys partnered with Microsoft and 343 Studios (formerly Bungie) to create the gun directly from the 3D model used in the game.

I really just want to hold one. Forever. But yeah, $300 is pretty steep. Fortunately, you do have the BOOMco Needler option, which is only $40 (and probably a lot more fun).

Check out more images and videos of the NECA Needler in action after the break.

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