After seeing Griffon Ramsey in action, I’m fascinated with chainsaw art.

Ramsey created a sculpture of Groot using a variety of chainsaws and Easter Red Cedar along with her skills and plenty of imagination.

Then she went and filmed the work in progress so we could all see Groot come to life.

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Gun Blade 2

The latest creation by Man at Arms: Reforged is Squall’s Gunblade from the game Final Fantasy VIII. This joins a long list of other cool weapons they’ve made like a sword for Iron Man and a lightsaber katana. It looks fantastic and has a wicked blade that they use to slice and dice fruit and a few unlucky bottles of soda that explode in a glorious splash of carbonation.

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destinytrailer copy

Destiny, while still a fun game, was a bit of a let down. Why? Well, I’ll let the latest Honest Trailer sum it up for you.

“The storytelling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft and the co-operative fun of Borderlands — may eventually get patched in.”

Yeah, Smosh Game’s Honest Trailer has a pretty good point about all of things that Destiny seems to be lacking. Whether or not you agree that the shooter is “gaming’s hottest 7 out of 10″ as HT so mildly put it, I guarantee that you’ll at least get a kick out of this video.

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Michael Rooker shares a moment with James Gunn’s dog Von Spears (who was the inspiration behind the movie version of Groot). Check out the important reason why he shared it after the break…

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All other dioramas pale in comparison to this one built by Polish Lego artist Michal Kazmierczak. He used 60,000 bricks to recreate the Separatist headquarters on Mustafar. This didn’t come together overnight of course. In fact, it took him a whopping four months to build. The end result measures 50″ x 70″, is almost 5-feet tall, and weighs in at 140 pounds.

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You just never know where smart science types are going to turn up, as this clip from the animated show Gravity Falls demonstrates. The episode aired this weekend with Neil deGrasse Tyson as the computerized voice of Mabel’s pig, Waddles. Normally Waddles just makes squeaks and grunts, but after eating brain goop he gets superhuman intelligence, which of course is voiced by the real-world super intelligent human we all know and love.

Needless to say, you should definitely be watching this show. Check out the clip after the break.

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Marvel is officially bringing back Squirrel Girl in her very own comic titled Unbeatable Squirrel Girl which will debut this January. The comic will be written by Ryan North who writes the webcomic Dinosaur Comics and has also written many of the Adventure Time comics. Artwork will be by Erica Henderson whose work is shown above and after the break.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the story of Squirrel Girl will begin as she enters college, and if these images are any hint, it looks like it’s going to be a fun, wacky series.

See another picture by Henderson after the break and a variant cover by Art Adams.

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twinpeaks copy

Now this is damn good coffee… and some damn good news for Twin Peaks fans too! The Internet has been abuzz with chit-chat about a potential Twin Peaks revival for some time now, and Showtime finally announced today that it’s given the official go-ahead to do a nine-episode revival of the cult favorite show from the ’90s. As a quick note, this isn’t a reboot, but  a new present-day continuation (along the same line as TNT’s Dallas).

David Lynch and Mark Frost, the original creators of the show, will write all nine episodes, and Lynch will direct each one. Showtime will also re-air the first two seasons of the original Twin Peaks prior to the debut of the new episodes, which will air in 2016.

Lastly, Lynch and Frost released a video on Twitter early today, and it will definitely get you excited for the new show.

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pikachu thor

Calm down and don’t fret because The Wiivengers are here to save the day. YouTuber James Farr has created a version of The Avengers starring heroes from the Nintendo universe. Link is a great Captain America (I want to see that cosplayed!), Pikachu is Thor, Mario is Iron Man – you get the idea. They have to stop Loki from ruining everything, and the animation is cute and fun.

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You’d think you could sit in this chair and relax—that is until you see the shadow it casts. It was designed by Yaara Derkel and it’s called the “Coppelius” chair. The idea was to make a chair in the design of cabinet maker Michael Thonet who created furniture during the industrial revolution. His works looked ordinary until the they were lit just the right way when they’d suddenly take on a whole new character. This chair definitely fits the bill, and there is no way I’m sitting in it ever.

(Kadrey via Boing Boing)