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Disney fans can be fanatical about the theme parks, but one fan took his love to the next level. While you or I might struggle to get through the Magic Kingdom in one day, park lover Christopher Wing visited every Disney theme park on the planet in just 75 hours.

Kicking off his journey on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland, Wing booked it for the red-eye flight to Walt Disney World in Florida, before taking off for the parks overseas.

Check out his entire journey below.

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download-14-e1460760529925Just look at this Goku by Jannetincosplay.

It’s kickass. It’s badass. It’s sexy. It’s got an epic wig. I’m seriously just blown away. I got nothin’ else.

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The BFG 9000 from Doom is, well, a big freaking gun. So it’s not surprising that it took YouTuber ZaziNombies well over 5,000 LEGO bricks to make this impressive recreation.

Unfortunately, if this BFG were to overheat and explode, the resulting LEGO minefield would be devastating.

See it from all angles in the video below.

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moon globe top

Oscar Lhermitte and Kudu are behind a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of MOON, which is described as “the most accurate lunar globe”.

The globe dispenses with traditional 2D photographs or illustrations, and instead utilizes “NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter topographic data combined with electronic and mechanical engineering alongside careful craftsmanship in mold making”. The result is “a truly accurate 1/20 million (6.8″) scale replica of the Moon featuring all the craters, elevation and ridges in accurate 3D.”

It can even recreate lunar phases using a ring of LEDs that revolve around the globe.

MOON can be had for contributions beginning at $427. A larger 1/11.5 million scale globe (11.8″) is also available for $641. Shipping will reportedly begin in November.

Check out the project video and additional pics below.

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Okay, this hovering StarWars Death Star Bluetooth speaker is pretty fantastic, providing you with about six hours of streaming along with the novelty of Star Wars, levitation and glow-in-the-dark effects.

But that’s not the whole story. Oh no, not in the least. Some of these Photoshopped product photos are pretty bloody spectacular. Check them out below.

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4-2Cafe DALA 100%-CHOCOLATE in Busan, South Korea has taken food art to a whole new level with their giant chocolate dinosaur egg dessert.

The chocolate egg is positioned on top of a nest of shaved chocolate ice cream and contains a chocolate dinosaur sitting atop a chocolate ice cream yolk mound.

Chocolate, uh, finds a way.

Getting inside the egg can be accomplished via two methods: pouring warm chocolate syrup over it in order to melt the shell, or simply cracking it open with a silver mallet.

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It’s funny, between them Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen have voiced about a million-billion characters. LaMarche’s voice can be heard in shows as varied as FuturamaThe Real GhostbustersRick and MortyKim Possible and The Tick. Paulsen’s distinct vocal stylings have been heard in Ben 10Danny PhantomLilo & StitchThe Mask and Mighty Max.

But they were both in the insanely popular animated show Animaniacs where, among other characters, the pair lent their voices to rodent world domination obsessives Pinky and the Brain.

A few years ago the duo got together at the SF Sketchfest where they read a particular scene from Pulp Fiction in the voices of the aforementioned planet-conquering mice. The video has just resurfaced—which is actually pretty timely since Animaniacs was just added to the Netflix lineup.

But which scene did they perform?  Well, it’s that scene. You know the one. Of course you do.

Click on to watch the video (NSFW – duh).

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merida-topI mean…come on.

Kudos to living Disney Princess Anna Berten for this amazing cosplay. Photo by Egor Demidov.

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A memorial event was recently held in England to note the first anniversary of beloved fantasy satirist Terry Pratchett’s death. A lot of news came out of the event, including a film adaptation of the Discworld novel Mort and another film based on Wee Free Men being helmed by Rhianna Pratchett, the late author’s daughter and writer of the recently-rebooted Tomb Raider series.

But perhaps the most exciting news is that Good Omens, the pre-apocalyptic comedy Pratchett co-penned alongside Neil Gaiman, is being adapted as a six-part TV miniseries – and Gaiman himself is personally overseeing the adaptation.

It’s a huge change of heart for the American Gods author. Previously, Gaiman had told Pratchett’s assistant Rob Wilkins that he would not be involved in an adaptation:

Terry and I had a deal that we would only work on Good Omens things together. Everything that was ever written – bookmarks and tiny little things – we would always collaborate, everything was a collaboration.

However Gaiman changed his mind when he was presented with a letter, written by Pratchett, intended to be read after his death.

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lego love story

Animator Kevin Ulrich is getting married this week! To mark the occasion, he decided to tell the nerdy love story of his relationship with his fiancé, Celina Frenn in LEGO. The video manages to break down two years of courtship in less than 73 seconds.

“I wanted to do a Lego video of my love story to surprise Celina,” Urich said during an interview with BuzzFeed.

Kevin highlighted his reluctance to date a coworker, before ultimately caving in thanks to Celina’s geeky prowess.

“Obviously a 73-second video can’t really sum up a two-year relationship,” said  Ulrich. “But both myself and our friends and family feel it does a great job at painting a charming cute little picture of what our love story looks and feels like.”

Check out the video below.

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