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Don’t you hate knocking your headphone wire out of the way while you’re on a run or in the gym? Or having to untangle a mess of wires whenever you want to just put your headphones on? These Bluetooth Sport Earbuds solve the pesky problems of wires, streaming pure, high quality sound to your ears without the wires.

  • High ambient noise reduction offers a unique listening experience
  • Sweat proof durability makes them perfect for the gym
  • Volume control & battery indicator keep you in complete control

Bluetooth Sport Earbuds ($18.99)


Square Enix has unveiled their Marvel Play Arts Variant Deadpool and it’s packed with loads of interchangeable parts and accessories. Thirteen interchangeable hands, three heads, multiple knives and swords (sheaths included), a gun, and a figure stand (and a partridge in a pear tree!). He stands almost 10.5 inches and features over 20 points of articulation. Love that armor too—he looks like something out of Tony Stark’s workshop. You can pre-order him now for $149.99 with shipping slated for May 2017.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Two posts about cars today. That’s unusual. The first was about ‘Sailor Moon’ and ‘DBZ’ Ford Fusion commercials. This is about a Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 that you can actually buy in Japan. While the marketing approach between the two companies is on the same wavelength, there are some “subtle” differences from my perspective:

  • There are many Ford Fusions, but there is only one Final Fantasy XV Audi R8 with a V10 plus engine.
  • I can afford a Ford Fusion, but I don’t want one.
  • I want a Final Fantasy XV Audi R8, but I don’t have $470,000 just lying around.

Still, some lucky bastard is going to walk away with a real-life version of “The Audi R8 Star of Lucis” when it goes on sale as part of Final Fantasy XV’s launch. Because there is only one, Audi Japan is holding a raffle where the winner is given the exclusive right to purchase the car. Interested parties can enter starting on November 21 at 10:00am in Japan. Check out more pics and a video of this gorgeous beast below. [click to continue…]


Our biggest Mac bundle of the year is back! For a limited time you can get 9 top-rated apps for only $19.99 in the Black Friday Mac Bundle. The bundle includes:

  • PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac
  • Call Recorder for FaceTime
  • MainMenu Pro 3
  • TripMode
  • AfterShot 3
  • ParticleShop
  • Total Video Converter Pro for Mac
  • RapidWeaver 7
  • CrossOver 15 for Mac

Head on over to our Nerd Approved Deals Store to learn more about each app in the bundle. Just make sure to grab it before it’s gone!


You’ve seen amazing Witcher cosplay now see the Funko Pops!

Funko has unveiled figures for Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, Triss and Eredin. They are available to pre-order now with shipping slated for February. Take a closer look at the figures below. [click to continue…]


BB-8 toys come in a wide array of sizes and feature sets, but the one thing that most of them have in common is a flat, clean look. They just don’t have the character of the BB-8 in The Force Awakens.

That having been said, YouTuber “Cosplay Chris” took the relatively inexpensive (but massive) Jakks Pacific Deluxe BB-8 and gave it one hell of an upgrade that included a gritty look and a custom base. He also made sure to record the process for those of you who might want to make one of your own. Check out the video below. [click to continue…]


Apparently, The Ford Motor Company really, really wants anime fans to buy a Fusion.

We’ve already seen “Overdubs” commercials based on Dragon Ball Z and Metal Gear, but now they’re targeting fans of Sailor Moon. They also double dipped with DBZ and released a second commercial in the series. Check them both out below. [click to continue…]


To be honest, Luc Besson’s Valerian And the City Of A Thousand Planets wasn’t on my radar until I saw this trailer… and holy crap. I am very into this now—it looks like an amazing space opera. [click to continue…]


We’re kicking off our holiday gift guides for 2016 with the best of the nerdiest stuff we found on Etsy this year. It’s a good place to start since you often need a decent lead time with made-to-order items. Check out our picks below—there’s a little something for everyone here. [click to continue…]


We came across this tea candle steam engine thanks to a video posted on Instagram by physicsisfun. It’s just one of those beautifully nerdy things that delights me to no end. I really want one for my desktop. If you have a friend or family member that’s an engineer or something, I highly suggest getting this as a holiday gift. See it in action below. [click to continue…]