We’ve seen some bad political decisions in the past, but few can compare to this.

Springfield, Illinois mayor J. Michael Houston just handed over the key to his fair city to Cobra Commander. Residents can all rest well with that little bit of knowledge.

It was done to promote the upcoming JoeCon being held April 9-12—or that’s the story at any rate.

As many of you probably know, Springfield was the location of a secret Cobra base in the cartoon and has been a part of G.I. Joe lore ever since. At one point in the series the whole town was filled with agents in disguise – wait a minute. Now it all makes sense. The mayor is in on whatever Cobra is plotting!

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The latest installment of Whitney Avalon‘s Princess Rap Battles pits Cinderella against Belle and it features an actress we’re more used to seeing with a stake in her hand. Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets all dolled up in a fancy blue ballgown, but she’s definitely not on her best behavior.

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This is the Hybrid Metal Figuration Scar Predator Figure from Herocross and he’s the most adorable lethal alien in the universe. It looks like they took this little Predator cosplayer and brought him to life.

He measures 5.5″ tall and is made of metallic alloys and plastic. It’s based on Scar from Alien vs. Predator and has 20 points of articulation.

It also comes with a whole bunch of accessories like a maskless version of his head, wrist blades, combi-sticks, plasma caster, shuriken, ceremonial dagger, and 6 different hands to hold it all.

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Even if she has no idea what Studio Ghibli is, she can’t deny that these mini flower pots are super cute.

Two designs are available—one based off Totoro and another based on Jiji the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service. If you (and your mum) live in Japan, you can have the planter and a special flower arrangement delivered for a cool 5,780 yen (or $48.00).

The planters will be available to order from Donguri Kyouwakoku starting on March 13. Also, as a quick side note, the planters stand at roughly four inches tall, so once your mom’s done with her flowers, she can use the planters as a home for all the Soot Sprits that live with her. What? You mean you don’t have Soot Sprites in your house? Weird.

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Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a light-hearted web series about convention life called Con Man. It was seeking to raise $425,000 and it surpassed that goal (and then some) in mere hours.

Tudyk has already written 10 scripts for the series which will guest star the likes of Sean Maher, Gina Torres, Amy Acker, Seth Green, Felicia Day, and James Gunn. Funding was to film the first three episodes of the series which Tudyk describes on Entertainment Weekly thusly:

“It’s about the convention world,” says Tudyk, who is also the show’s creator, writer, and director. “My character, Wray Nerely, was on a science fiction show called Spectrum, that was canceled too soon, and now he goes to conventions, to sign head shots, and meet fans, and do panels. Nathan’s character, Jack Moore, who was the captain of the spaceship on Spectrum, has gone on to incredible action-hero stardom, like Matt Damon. My character is frustrated with his situation and frustrated by Jack’s stardom. We follow Wray’s story as he goes to the conventions and does video game voiceovers and we are going to populate it with sci-fi actors and people that you will find at conventions. Zany hi-jinks ensue!”

Sounds awesome.

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This bit of gaming wizardry is the work of Jimmy Boswell who pulls off an incredible shot in Halo. It ricochets off of no less than six different surfaces before killing the enemy with a headshot. If that wasn’t enough, the shot was also part of a double kill.

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If you’ve wondered what ever became of Charlie Brown after spending his childhood as the ultimate underdog, Deviant Artists Max Dunbar, Vitali Iakovlev and Sean Ellery have given us a glimpse – and it’s a pretty good bet that nobody’s going to screw with him now.

(DA via Neatorama)


I was never much of a Disney princess person. My favorites from the Mouse House were more along the lines of Aladdin and The Lion King than Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty. This isn’t one of those horribly misogynistic Not Like Those Other Girls rants–“Disney princesses are for girly girls who only care about dresses and makeup and hair, ewwwwwww“–just a simple statement of where I was coming from when I went to a screening of Disney’s live-action Cinderella, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring IRL Disney princess Lily James. The story of Cinderella, my inner child told me, is OK if you’ve misplaced your Mulan* VHS, but it’s kind of bland and, really, I’m only watching for Gus Gus.**

Thank you, Cinderella, for opening my eyes. Spoilers follow…

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…And it was everything you thought it would be. Of course, I’m pretty sure you’ve never considered a Dinosaurs / Notorious B.I.G. mashup before. This level of randomness is out of the reach of most.

Thankfully, YouTuber Benjamin Roberts is on another level than most of us. Experience the magic he has given the world after the break.

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Now you can play Cards Against Humanity whenever you like without hauling around a bunch of cards. It’s called Cards Against Originality and it’s a web app with all the original cards and even five expansion sets. Since the original game is licensed under Creative Commons and CAO is being offered freely it’s totally legit.

You can access the game on your phone, tablet, or computer at the Cards Against Originality website. A link will be generated that can be shared with other players. One click gets you in the game.

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