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It’s always nice when you discover a new artist and I’m really lucky to be able to share my discoveries with other people. The delightful mermaids pictured below were my introduction the work of Ashley Taylor.

So, if you were a fan previously, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the round-up. If not, enjoy the new discovery and keep an eye out for her Mermaid Mondays on Instagram.

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Take a break from Fallout‘s virtual playground and explore a more tangible post-apocalyptic wasteland with this highly detailed Fallout 4 action figure of the game’s male default character. It stands at a whopping 14.5-inches and features 35 points of articulation. The armor can also be removed.

The figure will be available for pre-order tomorrow, January 28th from ThreeZero for a whopping $398.

Check out more pics below.

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il_570xN.707479946_g0xtIf there’s one thing I know as a woman with long hair, it’s that you can never have too many hair accessories.

Take, for example, these two owl and Mortal Kombat-themed hairpins by Etsy seller MankID. If you get invited to a Harry Potter party or, uh, attend a gaming convention you’re covered.

I know, I’m pulling at strings to justify my need for these things, but you have to admit, they’re very pretty.

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game developer course

Master Construct 2 and start bringing your game ideas to life without writing a line of code! The Complete Game Developer Course is on sale in our Nerd Approved Deals Store for only $39. That’s 87% off the list price!

Construct 2 is an incredibly useful game development engine that allows you to create games without writing a line of code. Learn to master Construct 2, and you’ll be in the company of top-rated games on Steam and the App Store that were also created with this engine. Plus this course will have you building games from scratch, so by course’s end you’ll have 60 real operating games under your belt.

-Learn practical, employable skills w/ over 423 lectures & 34 hours of content
-Start making games from scratch w/ Construct 2
-Create 60 real-life games to add to your portfolio
-Make art & game design in Photoshop
-Watch the courses at any speed you want
-Build a variety of different types of games
-Learn from John Bura, a professional game developer who has released over 40 games

The Complete Game Developer Course ($300 $39)

death_star_grill_1Let’s be honest, the Death Star is silly—and ridiculously expensive.

Fortunately, we’ve found a more practical and economical use for the destructive power of this complete and operational battle station – a grill! That’s right, you can now cook your favorite meats on a barbecue shaped just like the Death Star. Whether you’re in the mood for some pork sausages or Ewok steak, this grill has you covered.

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It seems as though redecorating the office is part of the job when it comes to being a member of the creative team at Viking (a UK subsidiary of Office Depot).

A few months ago, they plastered their walls with Star Wars Post-It murals, and now they’ve built a giant cardboard castle (with a fully functioning drawbridge) in the middle of their office.

As they note on their blog, this project came as part of an initiative by their boss to beat the “January blues” by decorating their desks.

The castle was meticulously crafted using 500 pieces of waste cardboard and 80 hot glue gun sticks, and the team reportedly stayed all night building it.

Oh, and they didn’t tell their coworkers what they were doing. See their priceless reactions in the video below.

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Mantic Games and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment are teaming up to bring you a new miniatures game called “The Walking Dead: All Out War”.

“All Out War” will feature Rick, Shane and other characters from The Walking Dead comic book series cast. You can play head to head or play through the included The Walking Dead storyline.

Check out more pics below.

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We’ve added lots of new designs to our Nerd Approved Media Shirt Store and everything is on sale for just $14 for a limited time! In fact, hoodies, tanks, iPhone cases and more have all been discounted:

-T-Shirts – $14
-Tanks – $18
-Kids Tees – $14
-Hoodies – $35
-Crew necks – $30
-Baseball Tees – $17
-Long Sleeve Tees – $15
-Prints and Canvas 25% Off

Head on over to the store and grab your favorite designs at a discount while you still can!


Nerf has unveiled two new new foam-firing weapons that will be added to their anti-zombie arsenal this fall. The first, a Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster, not only features eight darts fired from either side of the barrel, but also includes a foam chainsaw blade that actually rotates.

Here’s hoping those zombie heads are really, REALLY soft.

The second, a Doomlands Double-Dealer Blaster, is capable of shooting 12 darts which are loaded into magazines sticking out on either side. It also features a double barrel for simultaneous firing.

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The Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster is expected to sell for $30, while the Doomlands Double-Dealer Blaster (pictured below) will reportedly go for $40.

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narwhal light

If you don’t think you need a night light, Nari the Narwhal might change your mind.

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This adorable Narwhal comes in white, pink, or purple light and has a one hour turn off feature to save energy.

If they ever figure out how to attach this to a scent oil, I’d have them all over the house.

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