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Samsung Develops Hybrid HDD

Samsung has developed a drive that combines the speed of flash memory with the cheap storage found in HDD’s. The idea is to simply include a 1 Gb flash memory chip with the HDD. Most of the immediate writing is done to the faster, lower power consuming flash chip. When the flash chip is almost full, the HDD spins up and the data is written. Beside the speed improvements, there is also a large power savings, quicker boot time and better reliability for systems incorporating this technology.

Samsung’s motives are not entirely on the performance increases mentioned above. As one of the world’s largest flash memory providers, it has a lot to gain if more manufacturers of HDD’s went to this type of technology. Regardless, the market will sort out whether it is really a better product. The one thing I cannot find any information on is what would happen in a power outage? Woudl you lose everything that was still in volatile storage that had not yet been written to the HDD? That’s a big deal that would be troublesome to many users.


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