Mezco’s 6.5” tall Dark Knight Returns Batman figure is getting an upgrade for this year’s SDCC. They’re recreating the fight scene between Batman and the Mutant Leader with a new boxed set. The Mutant Leader gets several hands and fists to hold a crowbar and an accessory of Batman’s Knock Out foam that slips over his face.

Batman comes battled damaged with bloodied gauntlets, a tattered batsuit and a beaten up face. There’s also a junkard base for you to pose the characters and set the scene. The boxed set will be available at SDCC with online preorders starting today in limited quantities.

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sw display

What do you do when you’re a hardcore Star Wars collector who’s gone to the trouble (and expense) of collecting the entire first run of the original 1977-85 Kenner Star Wars characters (including the Blue Snaggletooth, Yakface, Double-telescoping lightsaber Luke Skywalker, and the very rare Vinyl Caped Jawa)?

You get a custom display case made and put that bad boy up on the wall. Gorgeous.

The case is six feet wide and two feet tall, with UV protected glass and shelves that are framed by a dimmable backlit LED tube. All of the wires and tech that makes that happen are tucked behind it, so all you see is the glory of the collection.

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play arts figs

Square Enix is adding to their already amazing Play Arts Kai Action Figure line with a Marvel Universe Spider-Man and both Harley Quinn and Robin from Batman: Arkham Knight.

Of the three, I like Robin best, but they’re all pretty frickin’ fantastic. The detail is, as always, stellar and the poseability and additional accessories seem to be worth shelling out the extra cash for.

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Hot Toys has revealed a special two-figure set that features Batman and Bruce Wayne as seen in the Tim Burton movies featuring Michael Keaton.

In the second installment of the Batman series directed by Tim Burton, Michael Keaton reprised the role of the caped crusader to protect Gotham City again from a terrible fate. His amazing portrayal of the iconic character in this darker take on the superhero set the high standard for the future appearances of the dark knight on the silver screen!

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are very excited to present the much-anticipated Batman Sixth Scale collectible figure from the classic and fan favorite film Batman Returns!

The movie-accurate Batman figure is specially crafted based on the image of Michael Keaton as Batman and features a newly developed masked head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs and interchangeable lower faces, a specially crafted Batsuit, detailed Batman gadgets, and LED light-up figure base.

Separate rolling eyeball action! Yes!

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This looks a lot like what that one really mean and crazy kid did in Toy Story. Yamaguchi Katuhisa took an R2-D2 figure and mashed him up with other characters. Now, R2-D2’s rage has been unleashed.

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That’s the real Heath Ledger as Joker along with a miniature that’s so good you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. It’s the work of DeviantArtist Xiang Zhang aka NightT47, who resides in Shanghai, China. He works with 1/6 scale models, painting them and adding hair that is incredibly realistic.

In addition to Joker, he’s created versions of Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki that hold up to the masterpieces created by Hot Toys.

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Dan Polydoris specializes in making custom action figures, and a few years back he decided to create some figures that were inspired by old school Atari 2600 console games. Now he’s back with four more designs.

Even if the games didn’t have “characters” per se, he would use the box art as inspiration. This round of figures were sourced from existing Kenner Star Wars line figures (which is why the Space Invader’s alien has a certain Greedo look about him), and I have to say that Dan really did a stellar job. What do you think?

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The new wave of Avengers Marvel Legends action figures includes six figures with additional pieces to complete a Thanos build-a-figure. Hulk, Captain America, Fierce Fighters Spider-Woman, Fierce Fighters Hellcat, Batroc, and Iron Man Mark 43 round out the lineup.

The figures are estimated to arrive sometime this month, but the case is available for pre-order now.

Product Page ($159.99)


Legends of Cthulhu Action Figures are something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. I’m betting more than a few of you will feel the same way.

These 80’s Kenner style action figures based on the writing of H.P. Lovecraft have five points of articulation and come with character specific accessories. Each of the four figures is sold separately. They are:

  • The Professor (includes revolver and Cthulhu idol)
  • The Deep One (includes spear)
  • The Cultist (includes staff, dagger, and removable ceremonial mask and robe)
  • The Spawn of Cthulhu (includes Necronomicon and rubbery, removable wings)

Best accessories ever.

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black series

The newest wave of Star Wars Black Series action figures is out and they look great. This set includes Commander Cody, IG-88, and Leia in her Boushh disguise (she looks like a totaly BAMF). The detail on all of them is pretty awesome.

If you missed it, Wave 8 looks pretty great as well. Stormtrooper Han and Luke, Emperor Palpatine, and a Clone Captain make up that case.

Wave 8 is estimated to arrive in April, Wave 9 is expected in June.

Entertainment Earth has both waves, plus past Black Series figures in cases and broken into single figures available to order or pre-order now.