After a hugely successful Wave 1 release, Hasbro’s X-Men Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures are back with a new series that features Cyclops, Dazzler, Sunfire, Polaris, Colossus, Shatterstar, (2x) Old Man Logan, and Warlock build-a-figure pieces. Check out the completed Warlock below. [click to continue…]


Square Enix has come up with an icy new addition to their DC Comics Play Arts Variant Batman: Rogue’s Gallery series. This Batman / Mr. Freeze mashup follows hybrid figures that include The Joker and Two-Face. The figure features a cold suit with cryo tubes, a Freeze Gun, multiple hands, a Batarang and a figure stand.

The figure should be available for pre-order soon with an MSRP of 19,800¥ (approx. $174.00 USD) and is estimated for an April 2017 arrival. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]


Omigosh! Funko is doing a limited line of ReAction figures for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial! They’re releasing a 3-pack with Elliott, E.T., and Gertie (E.T. even has his Speak & Spell!). The set is limited to 5000 pieces worldwide, so I have a feeling it’ll go fast.

They also announced a variant E.T. with a chest and finger that glow in the dark. He has a little flower pot. I’m dyin’ over here. That figure is exclusive to Entertainment Earth and EE has both up for pre-order with shipping slated for February 2017. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Tamashii Nations’ Marvel Manga Realization is getting new addition in the form of this Samurai Captain America. Like the Manga Realization Spider-Man and Iron Man figures before it, Cap looks really frickin’ cool.

I love the star on both his chest and shield, plus the wings on the helmet. Actually, the whole thing looks awesome. Right now, we only have one picture and no pricing, but the previous Marvel figures in the lineup hovered around the $90 mark. Take a look at the entire figure below. [click to continue…]


If there’s one thing I can say about the new Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man, it’s got poseability up the wazoo. I mean, look at this thing. The figure is roughly 6-inches tall, comes with interchangeable eyes and hands, and a variety of webbing types. It even has a mount that lets you post him on a vertical surface for climbing action.

The figure is scheduled for a January 2017 release with a price point of 6,372¥ (approx $62 USD), but no word yet on when pre-orders will begin. See what else this thing can do in the pictures below. [click to continue…]


We’re a week away from Rogue Friday and Hasbro just revealed five new Star Wars Rogue One retailer exclusives for Walmart, Target, Amazon, Toys R Us, and Kmart.

Of the five, I’m definitely eyeballing the Black Series Shadow Trooper electronic helmet and the programmable R2-D2, but all five look pretty solid.

There’s a slight spoiler on the Jyn figure packaging/description, so if you’re trying to stay unspoiled, this is your warning. Check out all of the details on the lineup below. [click to continue…]


Here’s some good news fans of The Dark Crystal who coveted their convention-only ReAction figures. Funko is releasing ReAction figures of Jen, Kira, Aughra, The Chamberlain, and UrSol the Chanter that everyone can buy.

They’re slated for release in November, which means I have a Christmas present for myself. Yay! Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


How do you turn a $17 Jakks Pacific Batman Vs Superman Big Figs Wonder Woman into an expensive collector’s item? You give it a makeover.

Artist Noel Cruz has done that and then some.

Gone are the plastic hair, dull colors and the face of some woman that I don’t recognize. In their place, Cruz has added a styled wig, metallic shine, and a repaint that captures Gadot perfectly. He’s even added her lasso.

There are a few pictures of this figure that I was only able to identify as a figure because of the seams in the plastic. That’s how good this is. Check out those pics below. [click to continue…]


DC Collectibles has new figures coming for DCTV’s Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, all of which look cool. Personally, I’m most excited for the new Constantine and Vixen, but Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Zoom, The Atom, Firestorm, and Hawkgirl are all killer additions to the line.

These are DC Legends figures, so they all stand roughly 6 3/4″ and come with lots of articulation and accessories. Check out the rest of the lineup below. [click to continue…]

iron joker top

If the Joker ever managed to get himself an Iron Man suit… well, Batman would be in for a rough day.

Samkwok Workshop specializes in crafting custom action figures, and his latest creation is an Iron Man/Joker mashup using a Hot Toys’ Iron Man Mark V figure and a Dark Knight Joker figure. As you can see, the result is glorious. Check out more pics after the break…