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Remember when we posted news that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be on Sesame Street? Well, PBS just posted a video of him facing off against Murray-arty.

What should you do now?

“Well, act like a super sleuth and figure it out!”*

*That means head after the break and check out the video (warning: it’s slightly spoilery for the finale of Sherlock).

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jenna and lindalee

Remember when Lindalee aka the Internet’s most famous 5-year old Doctor Who fan interviewed Matt Smith for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary?

Well, it turns out she also interviewed Jenna Coleman and even gave her a really neat little present.

It’s adorable. Check it out after the break.

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A Chewbacca dog would be cool as well.

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Parenting For Nerds 101: When a child refuses to wake up in the morning, make his life a living hell. Make it his Doom, if you will.

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From Fashionably Geek: The secret is finally revealed.

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These Tineez figures are so cute, you might overlook lil’ Benders excessive drinking, Zoidberg’s disgusting habits, and the fact that Robot Devil is evil incarnate.

Each figure in the set stands around 3 to 4 inches tall and is available for pre-order now with shipment slated for later this month (June 2011).

Product Page ($17.99)

Math has never been this cute. Choose from the following adorable statistical distribution plushes:

  • Light Green Standard Normal Distribution
  • Baby Blue t Distribution
  • Light Yellow Chi-Square Distribution
  • Light Pink Log Normal Distribution
  • Lilac Continuous Uniform Distribution
  • Tan Weibull Distribution
  • Olive Green Cauchy Distribution
  • Slate Blue Poisson Distribution
  • Maroon Gumbel Distribution
  • Gray Erlang Distribution

Product Page ($18-$140 via J-Walk)