DC has been celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary by declaring this Bat Month and part of that celebration includes giving us Darwyn Cooke’s Batman Beyond short. It follows the Bruce Timm short “Strange Days” from earlier this month.

The video features Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle and is sure to make your Monday bat-tastic. Check it out after the break…

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strange days batman

As part of an ongoing celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary, DC Entertainment released a new Batman short film by Bruce Timm (co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series) called “Strange Days”, which pits Batman against Dr. Hugo Strange in a gorgeous 1930′s style. It debuted earlier this week on Cartoon Network, but is now available online.

We’ve included the new short, along with a video of Bruce Timm discussing its development on an episode of “DC All Access” after the break.

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batman dvd review

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deadpool fabrikation

Need more adorable toys? Of course you do! Funko’s just announced their Fabrikations collection and it offers a different kind of toy: a plushie that has the qualities of an action figure. The soft sculpted figures stand on their own, have rotating heads, and come with vinyl accessories. For example, Deadpool gets swords and Yoda gets a lightsaber.

The toys are definitely cute, and I like the idea of putting stuffed figures on my shelves next to my other collectibles. So far the Fabrikations line includes characters from Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics. You can pre-order Deadpool, Yoda, Batman, and more for an estimated ship dates between April to August.

Check out more of the collection after the break.

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batman work out

I’d like to call Neila Rey a fitness guru or something encapsulating, but she eschews any kind of label on her site and the closest thing I could find was “Accessible Fitness & Active Lifestyle” on her twitter.

Whatever you call her, I call her a genius when it comes to making workouts geeky and easy to understand thanks to her poster series.

You can see more of her posters after the break.

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Cats try to look all cute and cuddly, but most seem to be counting the days until they can kill you in your sleep and make it look like an accident. BaneCat goes a step further. He’s going to scare you half to death, break your stuff, and then he’s going to kill you in your sleep and make it look like an accident.

See the video after the break…

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batman true detective

HBO’s shows often have memorable opening credits, and True Detective is no exception. As great as they are though, they’re improved by replacing the characters of the series with heroes and villains from the Batman universe. Redditor beard_guy thought of the title “The World’s Greatest True Detective” and ran with it until this video came about. He did a wonderful job selecting images to represent the likes of Joker, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and more, and it’s beautifully edited and manipulated.

Watch the updated intro after the break.

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Iron Bat

Iron Bat by BossLogic.

lego batman revealed

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poop batman

You know that collector in your life who has everything, and is impossible to buy presents for? No need to stress any longer because you can buy him or her superhero poop! No one will see this gift coming.

Etsy seller Antoni’s Art Asylum makes fake turds from polymer clay and puts them in a special, labeled jar. They’re extra fancy because they’re created to match the colors of superheroes like Batman, Hulk, and Spider-Man. So many poop choices! Each pile of colorful crap is made to order so no two will be alike, just like real poop. Leave it in the jar or put it on a friend’s floor or bedside table for laughs.

Check out Hulk and Spidey droppings after the break.

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