survival batman

DC Collectibles has unveiled their “Survival Suit Batman” Designer Series figure based on Greg Capullo’s artwork in Batman: Zero Year.

While this version of Batman looks like he’s ready to kick a grizzly’s butt, he also looks a little petulant. I mean, what’s with the giant frown? Why so serious, Survival Batman? Maybe he had to drink his own pee.

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Dragon Ball Z already allows for the fusion of characters to create more powerful characters, so it’s not surprising that French artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir gave some thought to what would happen in a fusion between DBZ and some of your favorite comic book characters.

His Behance project, aptly titled “Fusions”, does just that. Batman, Robin, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Conan all go into the mix.

Check out the results after the break.

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So maybe the Batplane was down for maintenance and Bruce really needed to fly. Either way the TSA confiscated four batarangs this week from a flight leaving Boise. What the hell was Batman doing in Boise?

We may never know, but it isn’t the first time Batman has been busted. The TSA has uncovered concealed batarangs several times in the past. And just so we’re clear, TSA doesn’t care what masked superhero you are, bat weapons are still weapons and not allowed on commercial flights.

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Check out more bat gear that didn’t make it out of the airports, after the break.

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Steampunk Batman

The last Timeless Batman figure in the Play Arts Variant line was Wild West Batman. This time out, we get a Steampunk Batman, which imagines our hero’s Batsuit with 19th-century Victorian flair.

I like the goggles. I wish I had a picture of the back so I could see if the cape had any additional mechanics.

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There’s more Pop! Vinyl cuteness from Funko in the form of BioShock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Knight.

New Batman: Arkham Knight Pop!s are available for Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Batman, and Arkham Knight. BioShock Infinite has Booker DeWitt (both with and without the Skyhook), Elizabeth, Big Daddy, and Little Sister.

I’ll admit, the Little Sister freaks me out.

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Batman v Superman looks like it’s going to be a very somber movie. YouTuber Albert Lopez has made it a heck of a lot lighter by setting the trailer to the song Dayman from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We don’t know if this is the superhero movie we need, but it is the one we want.

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batman inside out

Of course, Anger does most of the work.

Comic by soletine.

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This incredible Batman and Joker sculpture titled “My Better Half” is made entirely from sand. The height alone is mind-boggling, but the sharp detail and perfect texturing of this sand statue is really unbelievable.

Plus they’re playing footsies.

Marielle Hessels of the Netherlands and David Ducharme of Winlaw, B.C., created this amazing sculpture and it won them first place in the doubles division at Parksville’s annual Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition. Yay Canada!

It’s amazing and should be bronzed. Check out more pics after the break.

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This November, Batman will finally have a chance to meet–and maybe even fight–everyone’s favorite heroes in a half shell. DC noted in a press release that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman will meet up in a new crossover comic.

The plot involves Krang hurling both the Turtles and Shredder into an alternate reality with the hopes of finally defeating them. The alternate reality just happens to be Gotham, and Batman–once he hears that armed giant talking turtles and a guy covered in blades are walking about the city–decides to go and investigate. DC and IDW have placed Freddie Williams II and James Tynion IV at the helm of this new spinoff, and it sounds like it’s definitely going to be an entertaining one.

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The UK’s Red Bull Soapbox Race brings about the most creative hand-made machines every year, but this Lego Batmobile has already won in my opinion. Team You Gotham Be Kidding Me (genius) was able to nail the up-scaled vehicle version with help of a team lead Kristian Howson, who happens to be a professional package designer. So the team had access to all the cardboard and materials they needed to bring their idea to life.

Check out more pics of this badass Lego Batmobile after the break.

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