death of batman's parents

Batman’s origin story is practically a tale as old as time. Nearly every on screen appearance of Batman is accompanied by a flashback showing the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. A mugger approaches them in Crime Alley after a night at the theater, death and vengeance follow. Vulture took it upon themselves to compile a supercut of the various takes on the Waynes’ death. No wonder Bruce became Batman.

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hunka junk in LEGO

Remember that beautiful Millennium Falcon fly-by that Bad Robot posted last week? It not only showed off a tiny glimpse of Episode VII, it had a glorious Batmobile easter egg. YouTuber Chris Lankford has recreated the scene with LEGO and Batman’s Tumbler is much easier to spot in this version of the video.

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batman key organizer 1

No one can keep your jewelry, keys, or coats safe like Batman can. Etsy seller 2D23D has appointed the best person for the job by making acrylic Batman symbol racks. The wall mounted racks feature different versions of the Batman symbol and come with different types of hooks so you can hang anything you please on them. You can either stick the Bat-racks to the wall using sticky pads or screw them into place.

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Ancient Mayan Batman


Yep, you’re looking at Mayan Batman. I’d love to tell you that this piece of art is actually an ancient Mayan relic, but alas, that’s not true. It’s a piece of modern art that was made by Behance user Kimbal. Warner Home Entertainment Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design commissioned 30 artists, including Kimball, to create unique pieces of art to celebrate the Dark Knights’ 75th Anniversary as well as highlight Mexican art as a whole. Each artist was given a simple, plain-white Batman bust and was told to have fun. Kimbal’s take was based on the Mayan god Camazotz and, as you can see, it’s incredibly awesome.

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There were sneak peeks of the Batmobile, and then rumors that it had been stolen, but this time it’s video of the car in action. Not only do we see it during filming as it drives down the street, but it’s chasing bad guys and there’s gunfire, too!

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batman falcon

J.J. Abrams has given us another sneak peek at the Star Wars set. This time it’s a look at the Falcon with an awesome Batman crossover.

Could it be his answer to Snyder’s recent Stormtrooper arrest in Gotham? Snyder has been teasing Star Wars/Batman crossovers for a while now, so here’s hoping they keep this up.

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The first episode of Gotham is set to premiere on Fox on September 22nd, but you can take a closer look at what’s in store thanks to a new 360-degree interactive site set up to promote the show. WitnessGotham is a interactive site that let’s you virtually explore the Wayne murder scene with clues, clips, and backstory on the characters. There are whole sections of the site that aren’t unlocked yet, so this will likely continue to evolve as episodes air.

You can take a look right now, but fair warning, if you don’t want to know anything until you see the show, this might be a bit spoilery.

(via Mashable)


On Friday, a rumor began making the rounds (beginning with Bleeding Cool), that a Batmobile had been stolen while filming in Detroit. Never fear Bat Fans, because the safety of the Batmobile was later confirmed by Detroit police spokesman Sgt. Michael Woody who was quoted in the Detroit Free Press saying:

“The Batmobile is safe in the Batcave where it belongs.”

Zack Snyder also confirmed that the Batmobile is safe through a hilarious tweet involving a wayward Stormtrooper.

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batinder frame

In keeping with the spirit that superheroes are just like us and remembering that Batman has his own version of pretty much anything, artist Frank Macchia has created a perfect late night glimpse into the life of Batman.

Late night searches on Batinder. So many choices!

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bat-signal candle 1

Get ready to turn your house into the safest version of Gotham City ever with these small Bat-Signals. Made by Geekhex, the 3D printed Bat-Signals are built to be inserted into a candle with prongs; you’ll be able to summon a tiny Batman in a heartbeat. You can order the signal in various types of metal and choose from Bat-Signals over the ages including designs from 1992, 2001, 2003, and 2008.

See the other eras of Bat-Signals available and see them in action after the break.

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