Mark Hamill has always been an awesome ambassador for Star Wars, but you know he had to be exhausted after three full days at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Still, he takes time with everyone who comes by for an autograph.

In this case, he got something in return. A custom-made Joker lightsaber made by Hampton’s Handcrafted LED Sabers. The saber was crowdsourced by fans who wanted to chip in and get Hamill something special.

He also gave the fans a taste of what they can expect from The Killing Joke movie during “An Hour with Mark Hamill” at Celebration.

It’s glorious. Check out the videos below. [click to continue…]


Everyone’s going bananas for the upcoming animated adaptation of The Killing Joke, the popular and controversial Batman comic written by Alan Moore and featuring art and coloring by Brian Bolland and John Higgins respectively.

The film adaptation has generated a much, much milder controversy of its own among fans – apparently, quite a few people are miffed that the film doesn’t match Bolland and Higgins’ visuals from the comic. And as we all know films that take creative liberties with the source material are always terrible, while films that stick rigidly to the established form are, of course, universally acclaimed.

Emil Ryderup, also known as Plan Making Mammals, has taken it upon himself to grab hold of WB’s trailer for The Killing Joke and give it a tweak and a fresh coat of paint to make it look a bit more the original graphic novel. You can check out his version, as well as a comparison of the two, below. [click to continue…]


Behold—the SDCC exclusive The Dark Knight The Joker Jack in the Box by Bif Bang Pow! in all its crazy glory.

Featuring a detailed plastic head sculpted by 3D Systems a.k.a. Gentle Giant, this Joker plays “Pop Goes the Weasel” and is limited to 3000 pieces total. It’ll be available starting July 20th, 2016 at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 and is available for pre-order online (subject to availability).

If you ask me, it’s creeeeeeeeeeeepy. In a good way. Check out more pics and details below. [click to continue…]

iron joker top

If the Joker ever managed to get himself an Iron Man suit… well, Batman would be in for a rough day.

Samkwok Workshop specializes in crafting custom action figures, and his latest creation is an Iron Man/Joker mashup using a Hot Toys’ Iron Man Mark V figure and a Dark Knight Joker figure. As you can see, the result is glorious. Check out more pics after the break…


Not content with taking all of your money with their regular Pop! line, Funko has just introduced “Impopsters” which features your favorite characters pretending to be some of your other favorite characters.

The first release has Batman and Batgirl dressed up as Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Scarecrow, The Riddler, and Two-Face.

Admit it. They’re cute.

Funko Impopsters Figures ($9.99)

lambo batmobile

“Hey, Ben!” called Sean down the hallway as Ben exited the Nerd Approved kitchen. “What do you know about the Gumball 3000 Rally?”

“Oh, gosh, um… blimey,” said Ben, nervously mimicking a mid-90s era Hugh Grant. “I know it’s a sort-of car race thing, I know the Jackass guys participated one year, I vaguely recall a very disappointing licensed PlayStation 2 game based on the event…”

“Perfect!” said Sean. “You’re just the guy I need to write a post about this Batmobile one of the Gumball teams made.”

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killing joke

The first full trailer for the R-rated animated adaptation The Killing Joke has arrived!

It stars Batman: The Animated Series alums Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in their iconic roles. Check it out below ahead of the premiere at SDCC in July.

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Designed by Encho Enchev, a senior 3D artist and designer at Ubsoft, this awesome Batmobile concept takes some of what we know and love and puts a sleeker, futuristic spin on it.

In addition to Batmobiles of the past, the design takes some of its inspiration from actual bats—as you can see in the grill design pictured below.

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Batman won’t take your phone calls, so there’s only one alternative.

This 3D printed lens designed by Dalpek can be placed over your phone’s flash, casting the Bat Signal instead of, y’know, providing general illumination. We’re assured that if the Dark Knight doesn’t show up within thirty minutes your vigilante justice is free.

You can print one out for free using the plans on Thingiverse, or you can buy one ready-made for only $6.

(via Toyland)


While people may be pondering the fate of movies adapted from YA novels, YA novels themselves are still going strong and they’re about to get an influx of DC Comics heroes.

Four new novels have been announced. Best-selling author Leigh Bardugo (Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising) will be penning a new Wonder Woman novel, which will be the first release in August 2017. Marie Lu (Legend and Young Elites trilogy) will follow WW with Batman. After that, Matt de la Peña (The Living, Ball Don’t Lie) will have Superman, and Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass) is filling out the first four with Catwoman.

Having read Marvel’s Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl (and loved it), I’m hoping DC decides to follow suit and set the books after each of the character’s origin stories.

Seriously, no more origin stories.

Top image by Stephen Byrne.

(via EW)