We recently features the new Guardians Of The Galaxy Dorbz line by Funko and now they’re adding to the line with the new Batman Dorbz. I”m torn between which one I like best. Batgirl is super cute, but The Penguin’s monacle may be putting him over the top.

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That’s the real Heath Ledger as Joker along with a miniature that’s so good you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. It’s the work of DeviantArtist Xiang Zhang aka NightT47, who resides in Shanghai, China. He works with 1/6 scale models, painting them and adding hair that is incredibly realistic.

In addition to Joker, he’s created versions of Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki that hold up to the masterpieces created by Hot Toys.

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The biggest ever British Quidditch tournament was held over the weekend at Wayne Manor, but Batman was nowhere to be found. There were 24 teams who gathered at Wollaton Hall and Park where scenes from The Dark Knight Rises were shot.

The host team was the Nottingham Nightmares who fought teams like the Bangor Broken Broomsticks, Durhamstrand and Kent’s Flying Chaucers. Although they don’t fly, they do run about with broomsticks between their legs and play a game that’s part handball, part dodgeball, and part rugby.

Southampton Quidditch Club won the event and even got a trophy for their efforts.

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batman saber

Back in November, we posted this epic Batman vs. Darth Vader Super Power Beat Down video that imagines what the ultimate showdown between Batman and Darth Vader would look like.

Many of you weren’t happy with the ending.

So, Bat In The Sun has returned with an alternate ending to that first video, which the director calls “the definitive ending”.

Me? I just like the idea of watching Batman and Darth Vader cross paths.

Check it out after the break and let us know which version you prefer.

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Etsy shop owner Burnt Pixels knows that no ordinary votive holder will do for the nerd home. These super unique light boxes are really made just for us and are available in a wide variety of fandoms. You can find light boxes etches with emblems of Iron Man, Batman, Super Mario Bros. and more.

For daylight presentation, each 3″ cube is laser cut and then painted a brilliant metallic color to stand out on your shelf. Then for the wee hours of night, you can place the box over a flameless battery-powered tea light or any kind of LED to display the awesome glow of the cut-out design. Each side of the box is carved and your order will arrived gift wrapped with a flameless tea light included.

Click below to see more fantastic boxes.

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50 Shades Of Wayne [Video]


50 Shades of Wayne is the perfect mash up. I would actually watch this movie. Youtuber Josh Meeter notes:

“When my wife told me what Fifty Shades of Grey was all about… this is EXACTLY what I had imagined.”

It’s not what I imagined, but now I can’t unsee it.

Click below to watch the video.

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Etsy seller ShortysCreations01 is selling everything you need to turn your bedroom into a Batcave. The beds and dressers can be customized to any size and, as you will see after the break, he even makes tiny Batbeds for pets too.

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Behold, the wondrous mashup that is CybeRex. This toy is straight out of the Batman Unlimited animated series and is a dinosaur with a cage for a stomach that holds the bad guys. On his back sits Batman with a disk launcher that actually shoots. From the press release:

Get exciting play right out of the package with the gargantuan CybeRex™ and Batman action figure! As seen in the Batman Unlimited animation series, the beast features colorful, iconic details, 5 points of articulation for major action and offensive attack and an awesome transformation: just squeeze the trigger on his tail and a disk launcher, disguised as exoskeleton, slides up and forward! His neck lowers and his jaw opens as Batman™ slides up with it to take aim. Pull the trigger behind his seat, and the disk launcher fires in quick succession! Villains don’t stand a chance. When you bring them down, lock them up in the CybeRex™ belly jail. The streets of Gotham City are safe again!

There’s also a matching blue and gold Batmobile that you can check out after the break. There are no release dates or prices yet, but you know you want these on your desk.

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warner brothers vault

When a movie is finished, some props and costumes may be given away, repurposed, or auctioned off. However, some of the most important ones are tucked away and become part of some geeky version of Harry Potter’s Room Of Requirement.

Warner Brothers has such a warehouse in London and has tucked away all sorts of treasures from the Batman and Harry Potter franchises as well as Gravity, Edge Of Tomorrow, and many more.

CNN’s Max Foster must be living under some kind of lucky star because he was allowed to go into the warehouse and bring along a camera crew.

From The Tumbler to Wonka Bars, to the Golden Snitch, it’s a treasure trove of geekdom and I want to go there right now.

Check out the video after the break.

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NANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANA cool toyyyyyyys. For all the DC fans with a love of collectibles and limited funds, New York Toy Fair 2015 was a pretty crappy place, because it introduced all these things that you’ll probably want to buy, but can’t. To people with a little money in their bank accounts: Congratulations! Come this October, you can buy the Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile, which fits two 6″ action figures, lights up in the front and back, and has actual moving wheels.

Also debuting from DC Collectibles at the Diamond Comics booth: A new 6″ action figure line called “Icons” and new Batman: The Animated Series figures, including a deluxe one of Roxy Rocket, out this August. Some truly amazing upcoming statues were also on display, like four new additions to the Bombshell line (Lois, Batwoman, Harley and the Joker, and Catwoman), Arkham Knight figures, and a Black & White statue of Harley Quinn based on Paul Dini’s original character sketch. Check out pictures behind the cut.

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