The humble mirror has been given a Batman makeover. Just gaze into it every morning and proclaim “I’m Batman”. It’s the only affirmation you need to get through the day.

The mirror is currently available for pre-order and is slated for release in June.

Product Page: ($50 via GeekAlerts)


Although this is just ornamental, this Batman bat house is still adorable with its upside-down bat signal. It was made by Spanish design studio Estres to show that having bats around is important. According to the Organization for Bat Preservation:

“Bats are not pests, they actually help control insect pests. An individual bat can eat thousands of mosquito-sized insects in one night. Bats are critical components to many ecosystems because they help control insect populations, pollinate flowers and fruit bats aid in seed dispersal.”

There are also plans available to build your own bat house.

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Forget stupid teddy bears and cute little bunnies. This stroller is the latest creation from Super Fan Builds and it looks just like Batman’s Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy. Sure, it doesn’t fold so it’s nearly impossible to fit in your car, but who cares? Buy a bigger car because this thing is awesome. It’ll make you want to be a kid again.

See Also: Super Fan Build’s Groot Swing And Hobbit Hole Litter Box

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This seems like it ought to be a joke, and although it sort of is, it may actually be real. Supposedly, the blurry trading card pictured above was made in 1966 by Topps employees who never intended for it to be sold. According to eBay seller clubhouse:

The holy grail of all BATMAN CARDS. A 1966 TOPPS Batman black cape BATMAN ON BAT THRONE. A family member use to work at the Topps printing plant in CT during the 1960s. That is where this card originated from. It appears some Topps employees were bored one day and made a card of Batman sitting on the toilet. This card was never released.

If Batman on the Bat Throne wasn’t enough to tempt you, keep in mind that the $3500 also includes three complete sets of cards from ’66. How could you possibly pass this up?

(Comics Alliance via Neatorama)

superhero inspirational poster 1

Superheroes keep rather busy with the day to day schedule of fighting criminals and stopping nefarious plans. It’s probably hard to stay motivated. Artist Adam Thompson reminds us and them of why being a hero is the best path with his “Heroic Words of Wisdom” series. Each poster features the silhouette of a DC Comics superhero and an inspirational quote from him or her.

Thompson explains on Behance:

My work, centered around comic book characters, comes with the challenge of reaching to an audience beyond those who are already fans of those characters. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy very much to see existing fans of these characters who enjoy my work. However, up until this project, I’ve been indulgent of being a fan, and neglectful of the challenge of reaching that larger audience.

Superheroes already have a prominent place in pop culture. Their images can be seen anywhere. As a fan I enjoy seeing the strength of these characters in the spotlight, but because I am looking to reach a new audience, I needed to find a new light. I had to consider that comic books are a series of images accompanied by dialogue, and since it’s the images that are already so prominent, I decided to focus on the dialogue.

These are the kind of motivational posters I’d put on my wall.

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Here’s the toy that you’d put on the top of your Christmas List with a #1 and a star that you would circle in several different colors of ink just to be sure your parents knew that it was something you really, really, really wanted. It’s a 1/12 scale remote-controlled Batman Tumbler that comes with a matching 6″ Batman figure.

You can control it remotely through an Android or iOS app including playing with its LEDs, opening and closing the cockpit, and even activating the spoilers. There’s also a turbo boost with light and sound that actually makes the Tumbler go faster. But that’s not all folks!

How about a voice intercom and a 480p camera with day or night vision modes for recording video and taking pictures? Batman is equally cool with full articulation, multiple heads and hands, a cape, and accessories. All this comes in a display case that looks like a Gotham city street.

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batman vs. superman lego

Batman and Superman will coming to the big screen together in 2016, but that’s awfully far in the future. Luckily, you don’t have to wait to see a fan made take on the DC Comics duo. BrickFlix posted a black and white LEGO video featuring Batman fighting Superman in a battle to the death. Yes, you read that right. This LEGO short isn’t one for children to watch.

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new 52 superman and batman

The new Medicom Real Action Heroes New 52 Batman and Superman figures definitely look good. They stand 12′ tall with standard RAH articulation and cloth capes. I really like the details in the sculpts.

They’re currently estimated to arrive sometime in August and supply is likely to be fairly limited as they’re imported. So if you want them badly enough, pre-ordering is probably the way to go if you’re willing to drop a ton of money on them.

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Who knew there were so many nerdy cats out there? First there was a landspeeder cat bed to keep cat Star Wars fans happy, and now there’s a Batman feeding bowl for cats who love the Caped Crusader. Like the landspeeder, this comes from Roxy’s Dream. It holds three bowls in a feeding station that looks like the Bat symbol. I don’t think Catwoman is going to approve.

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Finnish illustrator Jaakko Seppälä has undertaken quite the task. He chose ten different iconic characters and drew the familiar faces in the styles of ten different famous cartoonists. He really had to flex his skills to capture the varying techniques and approaches, and I think he was successful at making each drawing stand on its own.

According to Gizmodo, the characters from top to bottom are: Asterix, Calvin, Donald Duck, Captain Haddock, Batman, Heimo Vesa, Corto Maltese, Moomintroll, Garfield, and Lucy. The cartoonists are Albert Uderzo, Bill Watterson, Carl Barks, Hergé, Neal Adams, Pertti Jarla, Hugo Pratt, Tove Jansson, Jim Davis, and Charles Schulz.

Be sure to click the above image to enlarge it so you can see all the details.

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