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Some of you may argue that buying a 6′ 2″ Arkham Knight Batman foam replica statue would be a ridiculous and frivolous purchase. Not so! It has tons of uses:

-Coat rack
-Put it in the bathroom at night to scare your roommates
-Scare intruders
-Boyfriend Batman…?
-HOV lane…?

I mean, what CAN’T this statue do!

Not only that, NECA used the files from the game to create the statue, so it’s super accurate. There’s no info on pricing thus far, but it’s worth it at any cost as far as I’m concerned. Look for it to arrive sometime next March.

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AWE me brought together some super talented artists and builders to create one helluva Batmobile go-kart for Super Gamer Builds.

After the seven-week build was complete, an incredibly lucky Batman: Arkham Knight fan named Francis won the mini crime fighting machine in a contest sponsored by Playstation. In all his squees, Francis notes:

“It’s everything I hoped for. It feels like driving a tank around, just like the game. I’m going to drive it every day.”

I would too (so jealous). Check out the complete build video after the break.

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Batman’s most trusted means of transportation has had many different incarnations over the years. From cool convertibles to heavy tanks, this infographic from showcases 10 evolutions of the Batmobile along with some interesting details about each version.

Check out the full bat-tastic infographic below.

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play arts spartan batman

This is Gotham!

We have a new Play Arts Variant Kai Batman Timeless figure from Square Enix on the way. Spartan Batman will be joining Wild West Batman and Steampunk Batman in the battle to take over your toy shelf.

Like his counterparts, this Timeless Batman comes with great accessories like a spear, sword, daggers, and shield complete with Bat insignia.

It’s estimated to release in March for approximately $123-$150 USD. UPDATE: Spartan Batman is now available for order.

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minimalist batman top

As part of a special collaboration with French Paper Art Club and Geek-Art, French artist Qui Be created four minimalist, Batman-themed mini prints using a single, continuous line.

The limited-edition prints feature some of the most popular characters from Gotham, including Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, Robin and the Dark Knight himself. The illustrations were on display at the French Paper Gallery this past weekend.

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Does this underground garage look familiar?

The massive residential renovation project was appropriately dubbed “The Wayne Residence” as the design was inspired by Bruce Wayne’s lair in The Dark Knight.

In order to maintain the integrity of the mansion and surrounding landscape, Australia-based architecture firm Molecule created an underground garage that looks just like the movie set. A hydraulic ramp hidden near the tennis court is used to access the garage while a gorgeous glass ceiling staircase connects to the historic building. On their site, Molecule describes the inspiration for the project:

“The secrecy of the underground world introduced notions of an architectural alter-ego, an alternative character that could offer the project its modern-day relevance. The indelible image of Bruce Wayne’s garage in The Dark Knight became a totem of the design approach, sponsoring the Batman-inspired naming of the project as the Wayne Residence.”

The underground lair also conceals a 12-seat theater that’s perfect for entertaining fellow superheroes. Check out more images of Batman’s pad after the break.

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joker ground breaker

The Death Of The Family arc was one of the best Joker stories ever told. But the story is far from over my friends.

The Joker is back (again) and, oddly enough, the story starts in your flower garden with this Joker Ground Breaker. This time he’s all about making trick-or-treaters pee their pants.

Clearly, the Joker has set his sights a little bit lower in this arc.

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survival batman

DC Collectibles has unveiled their “Survival Suit Batman” Designer Series figure based on Greg Capullo’s artwork in Batman: Zero Year.

While this version of Batman looks like he’s ready to kick a grizzly’s butt, he also looks a little petulant. I mean, what’s with the giant frown? Why so serious, Survival Batman? Maybe he had to drink his own pee.

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Dragon Ball Z already allows for the fusion of characters to create more powerful characters, so it’s not surprising that French artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir gave some thought to what would happen in a fusion between DBZ and some of your favorite comic book characters.

His Behance project, aptly titled “Fusions”, does just that. Batman, Robin, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Conan all go into the mix.

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So maybe the Batplane was down for maintenance and Bruce really needed to fly. Either way the TSA confiscated four batarangs this week from a flight leaving Boise. What the hell was Batman doing in Boise?

We may never know, but it isn’t the first time Batman has been busted. The TSA has uncovered concealed batarangs several times in the past. And just so we’re clear, TSA doesn’t care what masked superhero you are, bat weapons are still weapons and not allowed on commercial flights.

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