batman v superman trailer

Odds are you already watched the leaked version that hit the Internet last night, but the first Batman V. Superman trailer has now been officially released in HD.

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dc collectibles top

When I had the chance to take a look at play around with three brand new figures from DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series line, you’d best believe I jumped on it. I mean, look at these suckers. Robin, The Joker, and Man-Bat, out this month. They’re rad as hell. But there was one thing I wasn’t quite sure on…

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She just does what cats do. Check out the full comic from Head Trip after the break…

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This Batman ninja/samurai sword was built by Etsy seller AmmnraCreations. It’s a real sword that he modified into something Batman might wield. Features include:

Hand Guard/Tsuba: Formed by four interwoven batman logos. 3D printed, black anodized steel.

Bottom Cap/Kashira: 3D printed, black anodized steel. Anodizing selectively polished off Batman logo to revel bronze infused steel base material.

Top Spacer/Fuchi: 3D printed, black anodized steel. Anodizing selectively polished off Utility Belt detail to revel bronze infused steel base material.

Handel Decoration/Menuki: 3D printed SLS nylon Batman Logos

Scabbard Gurad: 3D printed SLS Nylon section recreates Batman arm guard. Carbon Fibervinyl detail to add a modern feel.

Ninja version has a straight, non-fullered, black anodized steel blade.

It’s an expensive piece at $475, but the workmanship is beautiful. Just imagine how this would look on your mantle.

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Sony recently announced plans to release a shiny limited-edition Batman: Arkham Knight-themed PlayStation 4 bundle package. This is the PlayStation 4 console you deserve—too bad you probably already have a standard model.

The bundle features a PS4 (painted a cool silver/grey) that sports an awesome Batman: Arkham Knight faceplate, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller and a copy of the game. This package will go for $449.99 (MSRP), but if that price tag’s a little steep for you, you can go for the $399.99 version which includes a standard PS4, DualShock 4 controller and the game.

If you purchase the bundle, you’ll also have access to the bonus content before it’s available elsewhere (bonuses include in-game missions and customized skins for the Batmobile and the Dark Knight himself). These items will be available when the game and the bundles debut on June 23.

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The Batman television series is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year and both Adam West and Burt Ward will be reprising their roles in animated form. The pair announced the news at a Mad Monster Con panel:

“You can look forward to a new, animated Batman full-length 90-minute feature coming out on the fiftieth anniversary,” Ward notes. “One of possibly two, but for sure one, that Adam and I are going to be doing the voices for.”

The pair has previously played Batman and Robin in The Legends of the Superheroes, The New Adventures of Batman, and Superfriends. It’s not yet known if any other actors from the series will be reprising their roles.

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We recently features the new Guardians Of The Galaxy Dorbz line by Funko and now they’re adding to the line with the new Batman Dorbz. I”m torn between which one I like best. Batgirl is super cute, but The Penguin’s monacle may be putting him over the top.

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That’s the real Heath Ledger as Joker along with a miniature that’s so good you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. It’s the work of DeviantArtist Xiang Zhang aka NightT47, who resides in Shanghai, China. He works with 1/6 scale models, painting them and adding hair that is incredibly realistic.

In addition to Joker, he’s created versions of Scarlett Johansson, Christian Bale and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki that hold up to the masterpieces created by Hot Toys.

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The biggest ever British Quidditch tournament was held over the weekend at Wayne Manor, but Batman was nowhere to be found. There were 24 teams who gathered at Wollaton Hall and Park where scenes from The Dark Knight Rises were shot.

The host team was the Nottingham Nightmares who fought teams like the Bangor Broken Broomsticks, Durhamstrand and Kent’s Flying Chaucers. Although they don’t fly, they do run about with broomsticks between their legs and play a game that’s part handball, part dodgeball, and part rugby.

Southampton Quidditch Club won the event and even got a trophy for their efforts.

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batman saber

Back in November, we posted this epic Batman vs. Darth Vader Super Power Beat Down video that imagines what the ultimate showdown between Batman and Darth Vader would look like.

Many of you weren’t happy with the ending.

So, Bat In The Sun has returned with an alternate ending to that first video, which the director calls “the definitive ending”.

Me? I just like the idea of watching Batman and Darth Vader cross paths.

Check it out after the break and let us know which version you prefer.

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