Coming soon to the Nerd Approved Shop is this Dalek bobble head that sits on top of your computer monitor. Daleks aren’t so scary when they’re only 4.5″ tall and wobbly. Still, you’ll be reassured to learn that it comes with a safe adhesive pad that ensures it will stay on top of your monitor and not roaming about your house.

Pre-order now and you’ll receive your new friend in January.

Doctor Who DALEK Monitor Mate Bobble Head – $9.99

Coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop is this wibbly wobbly TARDIS Monitor Mate Bobblehead!

This 4.5″ tiny TARDIS is made to sit on top of your monitor and make your travels through the internet more fun. It looks like manufacturer has really captured every detail of the little space ship. The bobblehead will be available in July!

Doctor Who TARDIS Monitor Mate Bobble Head—$9.99

NECA Online just released photos of new extreme Head Knockers for The Dark Knight Rises that are slated for release in June. They’re essentially hardcore bobbleheads. Bane is much less scary when he’s wobbly.

Check out the Bane Head Knocker after the break.

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Who says a toy has to have a head in order to be a bobblehead? Well, if that rule exists, the TARDIS is cool enough to break it. The Eleventh Doctor’s spaceship is not only bobbly, but it also includes the signature sound effect. I’d carry it around just for the noise. You can pre-order your time traveling machine; it will arrive in the future (around July 2012). Geronimo!

Product Page ($19.99)


My suggestion is to only ask the mystic seer bobblehead “yes” questions. Apparently, all your dreams will come true.

Product Page ($13 / July Pre-Order)