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Business cards are often the kind of thing that get handed out and never thought of again, but that won’t be the case with Saar Drimer’s. The Engineer’s Emergency Business Card comes packed with all sorts of stuff that an engineer could use to fix things on the fly. It also lights up when electricity is applied.

When all hope is lost, the MacGuyver engineer could snap out one of the components and save the day. Recall the countless times you desperately needed a 1 KOhm resistor to fix an amplifier at a party, only to see the girl you were trying to impress slip away with an OCaml programmer? Never again with this little kit. You even have 2 cm of solder in there to make sure the connection’s electrically solid!

MacGyver wishes he was lucky enough to have something like this in his back pocket.

(Hack a Day via Neatorama)

The Star Wars heros have pretty complicated bios, so it’s easy to understand why they would need these business cards. These were actually found in a collection of trading cards and were recently sold on Etsy. Apparently, seller frommntoyou received them from her sister when she was just a kid, so it’s unclear whether they were a fan created product or something official. Either way, they’re fantastic, although Luke may be overselling it a bit after being stuck on Tatooine for so long.

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Superhero business cards aren’t a new idea, there are entire companies out there devoted to making these kinds of cards. However, Joe Martin’s designs are clearly superior and you can commission him to create something similar for you with prices that start at $15.

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From CubicleBot: If you have a potential client that happens to be a gamer, you will definitely earn points when you whip out this business card holder based on the original PlayStation.

These aluminum cases come in grey or a brushed metal finish and are available for sale in Japan, but you might see them arrive in the US via Strapya-World sometime in the future.

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From CubicleBot: We all know how important networking is, and by the looks of things you know some of the biggest names in fictional industry.

Actually, this is a limited edition print from Fro Design Co entitled “Day Jobs.” The poster is printed on card stock and features the business cards of normal people who work at some of our favorite fictional companies. It’s ideal for decorating your office—or cutting out the cards and pretending your in with some dude at DHARMA.

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Available in mini MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air versions, these pocket-sized business card holders also feature a compact mirror to ensure that your hipster hairdo is optimally tousled.

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throwing star business cards

If you make your living as an assassin, it’s probably not a good idea to distribute business cards with your contact info around town. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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If you are looking to draw attention to your business cards, a game of foosball is definitely one way to do it.

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