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Indiana Jones is a pretty confident guy. I mean, you would have to be when you’re taking on Nazis and ancient booby traps. But what if Indy wasn’t so confident? What would the famous archeologist be like if he was more like… well, Charlie Brown?

Chris Thornley, aka Raid 71, has the answer. He recently created some amusing illustrations of the Peanuts gang as key characters from the Indiana Jones universe and it works really well.

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If you’ve wondered what ever became of Charlie Brown after spending his childhood as the ultimate underdog, Deviant Artists Max Dunbar, Vitali Iakovlev and Sean Ellery have given us a glimpse – and it’s a pretty good bet that nobody’s going to screw with him now.

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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a classic that likely brings back all sorts of childhood memories of Halloween. Now, it’s gotten the RiffTrax treatment and the sarcasm meter has been turned way up. This is not the version you’ll want to share with the kiddies, but it may end up being your favorite.

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charlie brown guardians of the galaxy

The characters from Charlie Brown fit right into any environment, and the art featured in Dorkly’s list of the best Charlie Brown mash-up pieces proves it. The illustrations feature Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang in well-known television series, comics, and movies. The above image by Matthew J. Fletcher putting Charlie Brown into the role of Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy is perfect.

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peanuts movie

I feel like a bad nerd, but I had no idea there was a Peanuts movie in the works, so if you did, I grant you 50 extra points to your geek card.

Yep. A new teaser trailer dropped today that let us know that Fox Entertainment and Blue Sky Studios are working together with director Steve Martino, producer/director Paul Feig and writers Craig Schulz (Schulz’s son), Cornelius Uliano and Bryan Schulz — and it seems to be in good and loving hands.

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the doctor is in

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batman and robin snow

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charlie brown green lantern

Feeling pressure is part of being a superhero. People who are in the business of saving other people or planets have to make hard decisions. It’s not for the fainthearted. So what if Charlie Brown was chosen to be the Green Lantern? A reader of Comic Book Resources asked this question and artist Nick Perks illustrated the above response. Given Charlie Brown’s nature, I don’t think he’d fare so well. I’d probably have the same problem.

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Charlie Brown has gone badass in this mash-up created by Justin Hillgrove for the “Icons and Influences” show coming to the Ltd. Gallery next April. All of the 30-40 pieces at this Seattle, Washington show will be pop culture tributes and parodies. These three images are a preview and include mash-ups of Peanuts/Evil Dead, Where The Wild Things Are/Studio Ghibli and Where The Wild Things Are/The Usual Suspects.

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Lego Charlie Brown

This Lego Charlie brown figure from Legohaulic is absolutely fantastic. You can’t help but smile.

(Legohaulic via Super Punch)