I know I agreed to go to the Christmas party, but I had a few drinks at the time and was in a particularly good mood. When it comes time to actually do that thing it will be the last thing that I want to do. Just gimme a glass of whiskey and a book.

This ornament is perfect for people like me. Hey, the back of the tree needs decorations too.

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light up lawn tardis

The Doctor has another tiny TARDIS problem—only this time it’s festive. He had another run in with Santa and, well, things ended badly. It’s a long story.

While the Doctor sorts things out, you can use this light-up TARDIS to decorate your lawn for the holidays. We only hope that the bow can be removed so you can use it year round.

Of course, the Doctor is liable to get a bit antsy if he’s in one place for too long. Don’t be surprised if he snaps and asks you something like this…

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Oh Hallmark, thank you for this festive new Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ornament. It plays “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” quote—and that gives me an idea.

I’m going to put up a second “despair” tree this year, complete with this ornament, a Weeping Angel topper and tentacles.

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I know it may be a little early for Christmas stuff, but is a TARDIS topper that lights up! I mean, come on.

It’s also a limited edition exclusive of only 1440 pieces, so waiting until Christmas might not be an option.

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death star fire pit

This is what redditor Bandia5309 got from his grandfather for Christmas this year. Word is that they have him working on one that looks like Vader’s funeral pyre.

Super Secret Santa [Comic]

Secret Santa Final JPG

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batman wreath 1

Last year, Kat and Cam of Our Nerd Home posted instructions for a wonderful DIY multi-fandom wreath for the holidays. They made another wreath this year, and they were inspired by ThinkGeek’s Batman wreath t-shirt. Behold, the Bat-Wreath! The relatively simple build was made from garland (it’s going to be on sale at this point in the year), a cardboard Batman symbol template, glue, and a few other basics. The finished wreath looks awesome and might scare away anyone with ill intentions.

Get complete instructions at Our Nerd Home.

Zombie “Missiletoe”


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Poor, Thanos. In this video from Marvel, all Thanos wants to do is rule the world, but his simple plan to impersonate Santa goes horribly wrong. Now he has to sit there while superheroes sit on his lap and share all their Christmas wishes. A villain’s got to do what a villain’s got to do.

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groot tree

What to do with a Groot costume after Halloween? The Guardians of the Galaxy character isn’t exactly small enough to be hidden in a corner. Will Brattain has one solution that will get you through the holidays: a Groot Christmas tree! We’ve seen a Groot tree topper, but this method turns the whole tree into Groot. He doesn’t seem to mind the garland or the star on his head, and the lights sort of match a scene in Guardians. Happy Geekmas, one and all!

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