death star fire pit

This is what redditor Bandia5309 got from his grandfather for Christmas this year. Word is that they have him working on one that looks like Vader’s funeral pyre.

Super Secret Santa [Comic]

Secret Santa Final JPG

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batman wreath 1

Last year, Kat and Cam of Our Nerd Home posted instructions for a wonderful DIY multi-fandom wreath for the holidays. They made another wreath this year, and they were inspired by ThinkGeek’s Batman wreath t-shirt. Behold, the Bat-Wreath! The relatively simple build was made from garland (it’s going to be on sale at this point in the year), a cardboard Batman symbol template, glue, and a few other basics. The finished wreath looks awesome and might scare away anyone with ill intentions.

Get complete instructions at Our Nerd Home.

Zombie “Missiletoe”


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Poor, Thanos. In this video from Marvel, all Thanos wants to do is rule the world, but his simple plan to impersonate Santa goes horribly wrong. Now he has to sit there while superheroes sit on his lap and share all their Christmas wishes. A villain’s got to do what a villain’s got to do.

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groot tree

What to do with a Groot costume after Halloween? The Guardians of the Galaxy character isn’t exactly small enough to be hidden in a corner. Will Brattain has one solution that will get you through the holidays: a Groot Christmas tree! We’ve seen a Groot tree topper, but this method turns the whole tree into Groot. He doesn’t seem to mind the garland or the star on his head, and the lights sort of match a scene in Guardians. Happy Geekmas, one and all!

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2014 Maihack Supergirl Batgirl Comic

Illustrator Mike Maihack has made the holidays more festive for a few years now by giving us adorable Batgirl and Supergirl Christmas comics. Supergirl is more enthusiastic about Christmas than Batgirl, and she tries to drag the reluctant superhero into her joyful celebration every year.

This year Supergirl confuses Christmas with Halloween, but a surprise appearance from Batman validates her mix-up. It’s adorable.

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star was xmas light show

There are Christmas light shows, and then there are Christmas light shows. This amazing display by YouTuber Tom BetGeorge is one of the latter. His house and yard are covered in props and lights that are synced with several pieces of music from Star Wars. Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like the music of John Williams.

BetGeorge’s display has been featured on shows such as ABC’s Good Morning America, and it’s easy to see why they would highlight it. BetGeorge sequenced the show himself and even made all of the massive props you see in the video. All in all, there are about 100,000 lights in the display.

Enough of me talking about it. See the incredible display in the video after the break.

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Supernatural ornament lost my shoe

The Winchester Brothers don’t have the best track record when it comes to Christmas, which may be why I love the idea of these Supernatural ornaments so much. They’re made by an artsy gal named Denise and she sells them in her Etsy shop.

She also showed me some very cool upcoming designs for next year, including an idea for a painted wine glass, so I’d say it’s a good idea to check back on her stuff from time to time.

I know it’s probably too late to get these Supernatural ornaments for this year’s decorating, but there’s no reason you can’t get yourself something for next year, right?

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bb8 ornament

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