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Merry Sithmas card-resized

We just wanted to take a moment to wish you a Merry Sithmas from everyone here at Nerd Approved. Once again, our own Amy Ratcliffe has come through with some nerdy holiday cards for you to enjoy.

We’ll be back bright and early tomorrow. In the meantime, collect the rest of our holiday cards on Fashionably Geek and That’s Nerdalicious.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a welcome addition to any tree, especially when they come in the form of adorable and creative ornaments. Dollar Store Crafts put together a fun and easy project to create the heroes and it only takes a few supplies: green ornaments, googly eyes, and ribbon. If you don’t feel like buying ribbon in four colors, you can just make one of the gang. Any ninja turtle is better than no turtle. Go read the full tutorial and make your tree more awesome!

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dalek christmas

The mind that brought us this Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover is back with this little holiday message.

It seems Dalek’s celebrate Christmas. Maybe not quite the way we do, but…

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Here’s a geeky version of the classic Christmas song Baby It’s Cold Outside by The Doubleclicks and Kirby Krackle. This time it’s Han and Leia singing about the merits of going out to rescue Luke on Hoth. I think Luke may be in trouble this time.

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12 daleks

Watching the Doctor Who Christmas special has become part of many fans’ holiday traditions. It’s nice to gather ’round the television after a day of opening presents and being around family to watch the Doctor’s newest adventure. So, it’s only appropriate that Dorkly change out the familiar “12 Days of Christmas” to include Doctor Who and his friends and enemies. I want to put all of these on an advent calendar.

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Artist Mike Maihack has given us a cute Supergirl and Batgirl Christmas comic before, and this year he’s at it again. Supergirl is decorating everything in sight and it’s wonderful, but it’s possible Batgirl thinks she’s gone one step too far.

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Sure, this is CGI, but we all know that Chuck Norris could do this because, Chuck Norris. Delov Digital created this parody of Van Damme’s Volvo ad as their Christmas card. It has Norris doing a split balanced on the wings of two Air Force cargo planes in flight. Meanwhile, 11 soldiers stand balanced on his shoulders in the shape of a Christmas tree, and they even have lights. Really, Norris could so pull off this stunt for real.

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The bromance continues with this latest fantastic picture of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. It was cool when they posed with Spock, but posing with Santa ups the ante. They’ve been good this year. I bet Santa gives them everything on their lists.

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the time of the doctor

The extended BBC America Trailer for The Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Time of The Doctor is here. It looks Moffat gathered all sorts of Who baddies to herald the end of Matt Smith and the 11th Doctor.

In addition, BBC America will be showing an all new BBC America Original Special Doctor Who: Farewell To Matt Smith so make sure you’re all set to start watching Wednesday, December 25th, at 8/7c.

Can I just tell you how hard it is to talk about any of this stuff without spoilers? Either way, I’m pretty sure there will be feels involved.

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