A Rick and Morty version of Clue is dropping in August, but we have your first look at the game right here. [click to continue…]

A version of Clue based on The Golden Girls is on the way, and it amuses me to no end. It isn’t a joke though—this is serious, official, business. USAopoly announced the news, and the game is already available to pre-order. The “crime” that you have to solve really gets me: [click to continue…]

Sooner or later, everything gets its own version of Clue or Monopoly wether it makes sense or not. Given the success of Breath of the Wild on the Switch, the time is right for The Legend of Zelda Clue Collector’s Edition. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]


Hasbro recently unveiled a Star Wars-inspired version of their popular board game Clue, but with a big twist. Instead of the old school murder mystery theme, players of Clue: Star Wars Edition have to figure out how to escape the Death Star. [click to continue…]


If you guessed “Game of Thrones Clue” would become a real product after”ThinkGeek announced their April Fools items” last year, you’re a winner!

The folks over at HBO are offering the official Game Of Thrones Clue with a double sided board that lets you play in Mereen or The Red Keep while you try and figure out who kills who, with what, where.

Personally, I think Tyrion will have them all kill each other and be the last one

Check out more pics below.

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This playable Lego version of clue was created by Ian Spacek for the MocOlympics which challenges builders to come up with their own, one-of-a-kind creations. In this round, competitors had to make a game that you’d play on a rainy day when the power is out and you don’t have any of the usual gadgets like phones and tablets as entertainment.

Spacek used a real board as reference to get the scale and patterns just right. He also selected a few items to recreate in Lego for each room like a table and turkey for the kitchen. There’s also one unique component that’s even better than the original. To keep track of who did what, there’s a Lego scorecard to track the weapons, rooms, and suspects.

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sherlock gifts

One of the things about being a Sherlock fan — you have to learn how to get through the dry spells in between seasons. So here are some gift list ideas to appease the Sherlock fan in your life.

And, yes, if you get something for yourself it still counts 😉

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This probably goes without saying, but if you didn’t know, Cluedo is a game similar to Clue. In fact, it’s the same game but it just goes by a different name in the U.S. It’s a fun, classic board game no matter what you call it, and the latest special edition is making it even cooler. The Sherlock edition is inspired by the BBC series (which I recommend you watch if you haven’t yet), and the objective is to find out who killed Moriarty.

Pre-order now for shipment at the end of October.

Product Page (£29.99 or approximately $50 via Geek Alerts)


Don’t let one whiny and skeptical kid ruin Christmas for all the other children. If one kid tries using a little too much common sense to question the existence of Santa, all you need to do is leave a bunch of clues around to counter it. That kid will have no reason to believe there is no Santa when he finds all this stuff left behind: glasses, a torn piece of red suit, a large coat button, a boot prints, a sleigh bell on a red ribbon, a toy list, reindeer hoof prints and Santa’s glove. Get yourself a little red and green crime scene tape to complete the illusion.

Product Page ($14.95)

Clue: The Office Edition


Rather than playing whodunit with a bunch of people you have never heard of, play a game where you know both the deceased and the suspects since they are all characters on The Office. All you have to do is figure out who killed Toby, with what weapon and where. The question of who should be easy: it has to be Michael. Nobody hates Toby as much as Michael. Check out some of the amusing weapons after the break including “The World’s Best Boss” mug and a George Foreman grill.

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