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Owen James of Maven Industries usually builds and restores custom motorcycles and cars, but James also has a love for all things Doctor Who.

As such, he created this steel Dalek chimenea. It’s cool looking just as a sculpture, but it’s even more beautiful and eerie when it’s fired up. See that in the images below.


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CES brings out all the coolest gadgets, and these wireless speakers from Massive Audio are no exception. They work with an iOS or Android app and can be paired together so you could have a small fleet of Daleks playing your favorite tunes. The design is wonderfully detailed and even includes a glowing blue Dalek eye and a lit TARDIS light.

Even better, there are sound effects so you get 6 TARDIS noises and the Daleks will yell “Obey!” and “Exterminate!” jut like the real deal. There are also two different TARDIS-themed headphones and, if you were at the show, there was a life-size Dalek roaming about the booth blasting tunes.

According to Mashable, Pricing will be $120 for the TARDIS speaker or $150 for the Dalek with a “Dalek Sec” variant that’s black for $120. Headphones will run for $60 wired or $120 wireless. Expect to see them go on sale in late spring.

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dalek - sailor moon

I’ve yet to be scared by Daleks in Doctor Who. They’re clunky, and unless there are large quantities of them closing in, I’m not impressed. I do appreciate their iconic design though, and Kelly, a.k.a. egyptianruin on DeviantArt, has mashed the Doctor’s enemy together with some cute characters – like Sailor Moon! Daleks look good with blonde hair. Who knew?

This and other 2.5 inch Dalek figures by Kelly were made from polymer clay and hand-painted. She created them for MAGFest a few years ago.

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You will absolutely have the cutest earbuds of all your friends with these little Doctor Who Adipose stuck in your ears. There is also the TARDIS, Daleks, and Weeping angels to choose from, but expect people to stare at your ears without blinking if you go for that last one. All are currently available for preorder with delivery expected in October.

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steampunk LEGO Doctor Who

Playmobil member Emma J saw a Steampunk Dalek and decided to make her own. In doing so, I’d say she topped whoever made the Dalek by adding a TARDIS and the 4th Doctor.

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Sure, it’s just one but you know his brethren are just lurking in the shadows ready to exterminate us all. This Dalek was built by car speaker company Massive Audio for display at their CES booth this week and is actually a giant speaker. He measures 6′ tall and was built from 32 woofers on the bottom, a big subwoofer in the head and 5,000 watts of amplifiers.

It also works. No, it doesn’t exterminate people. Instead it plays music streamed through your smartphone or tablet. The whole thing weighs 926 pounds, cost $25,000 to construct and will be auctioned off on eBay for the BBC’s children’s charity sometime this summer.

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dalek christmas

The mind that brought us this Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover is back with this little holiday message.

It seems Dalek’s celebrate Christmas. Maybe not quite the way we do, but…

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There’s a lot happening in the Whoniverse this year between the 50th Anniversary of the show and the pending arrival of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. Help the Whovian in your life celebrate with one of these perfect Doctor Who gifts!

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Coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop is this Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head!

This 7″ tall version of Mr. Potato Head has been turned into a Dalek and he’s hear to exterminate you before you can say “french fry.” Best keep him away from the other Mr. Potato Heads in the toy box because he’ll surely think they’re inferior life forms and destroy them all when you’re not looking. That is, unless your Mr. Potato Head happens to be a Doctor.

Preorder now for delivery in November 2013.

Doctor Who Gold Dalek Mr. Potato Head ($24.99)