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This Gaming Dice Soap Set includes 3 individually wrapped citrus-scented soaps (a d20, a d10, and a d8) with a Chessex Gemini die of the same type inside. Because of that I worried that rolling with these would result in a critical chafing, but the dice are apparently loaded safely inside little capsules. Dropping the soap has never been more fun! [click to continue…]

Okay, so you may not be able to make a custom D&D table like this, or a badass game room like this, but a glorious DM screen like the one pictured here might be little more approachable as a DIY project. It was built by Dave Henning as a gift for a very lucky friend.

It was made almost entirely from foam board and includes dice storage shelves with lighting, a place to hang reference material, a dice tower and additional storage for writing implements and NPC miniatures. Check out some additional angles below. [click to continue…]


Man, I wish I had these D20 String Lights when I put up my tree the other day. Part of my brain is like “there’s still time!” while the other part is like “re-stringing lights would be a pain in the ass!”.

Okay laziness, you win this round.

If you’re more ambitious than I am, now is the time to grab them. These are the kind of string lights you can have fun with year round. The bulbs can be easily replaced and the lights can be used indoors or out. [click to continue…]


This wild D20 is full of tentacles and beaks, but it actually rolls. And by “roll” I mean you can toss monstrosity across the table and it will rotate on its tentacles in a very creepy manner. It’s cool and weird, and totally unique.

The Kraken D20 comes in eight different metal finishes or eight plastic colors. Check out more images and a video of the roll in action after the break.

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Designer Miguel Zavala has been modeling all of the D&D Monster Manual monsters in 3D and putting them up for download so you can print beasties for your next dungeon crawl.

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The models are free to download and include the likes of Owlbear, Ettin, and Tiamat in alphabetical order so you can easily find the ones you want to print. Zavala has even painted a few of the figures which might inspire you to break out those old brushes and paints.

(via TechCrunch)


Traditionally, DMs use a pre-made mat or a carefully drawn paper version to create dungeons for their players to investigate. Redditor Silverlight did one better by creating a digital map projected from his laptop right onto the table. He explains:

I recently ran a group of newbies through the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set. I wanted to do something really fun to get them engaged in the game and capture their attention, so I decided to set up a “hybrid” tabletop. The battle mat (map, drawings, etc.) is digital via a projector that I already owned, and then players had physical minis to represent themselves and the monsters they encountered.

Silverlight happens to be a developer for the digital tabletop gaming platform Roll20, so blending technology and D&D is nothing new for him. In fact, Roll20 powered the map. The rest is just an Epson projector and an Apple TV.

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Sometimes it’s nice to carefully craft your character for Dungeons & Dragons, but you don’t have to do all that work. Instead, you can head over to Who The F*ck is my DnD Character and it will automatically generate a hilariously random bio.

Ryan J. Grant created the site and says that there are 409,415,040 characters. Be warned, there some very colorful NSFW language used in the descriptions generated, which makes it even funnier.

See more examples of the output after the break.

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Instead of random papers and dice and miniatures shoved into a bag, Mitch Barchi has designed this absolutely beautiful Adventurer’s Kit to hold it all. As a lifelong roleplayer, he made it to hold everything a person needs to get started in an RPG. The laser-cut box holds a moleskin notebook, a pencil, a set of polyhedral dice, some vintage unpainted Heroscape monsters, and even a pamphlet for the World of Dungeons RPG system.

Unfortunately, this kit isn’t for sale, but it maybe it will inspire you to create your own version for your favorite RPG.

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Those of us in the real world like to kick back, relax, and pretend we’re Orcs and Wizards and Elves while playing Dungeons & Dragons. All those fantasy characters need some downtime too, and when they break out the dice, their game of choice is Cubicles & Careers where they must deal with horrible perils. They face foes like incompetent bosses, challenges like getting to work on time despite hitting every red light, and convincing that incompetent boss that they didn’t forget the report that they forgot.

This series of videos explores the perils of Cubicles & Careers in order to promote FantasyCon which happens July 3-5 in Salt Lake City Utah. Roll the die and see if you have any luck convincing your boss to give you the time off to attend.

See the videos after the break.

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Image: Mashable Composite: Wizards of the Coast; Scott Swigart

Yes, it’s been forty years since Dungeons & Dragons made its debut, and the logo is getting a face-lift for its birthday. The updated logo features a larger ampersand that is now very clearly a fire-breathing dragon. Although the logo gets an update with every new edition, this is the first time they’ve focused on the ampersand. Players will also be getting new rules which have already been tested by 175,000 players. Expect to see starter kits July 15 and a new core rulebook and adventures from Tyranny of Dragons on Aug. 19.

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