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firefly top

It looks like Redditor daandruff’s wife is quite the Browncoat. He posted the above pic of his wife’s painting of everybody’s favorite Firefly-class transporter, Serenity (look closely: does it look like the primary bumper panel fell off? No? Good. Mal will be happy), and I have to say that she did an awesome job.

However, as commenters pointed out, the only problem is that the stars are visible in front of the planets. The good news is that fellow Redditor jaxspider saved the day with Photoshop. See the corrected version after the break…

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GoT fan art 1

Game of Thrones may be on a long break, but we won’t forget about it. If anything, looking at fan art helps fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in my heart. This minimalist character art by Jerry Liu definitely helps me get through. He’s created simple and lovely illustrations of Oberyn Martell (with a wine glass of course), Jon Snow and Ghost, Arya Stark, Melisandre, and more. A couple of the images are even animated.

See more of the series after the break. There are very mild spoilers if you’re not current on the television show.

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benedict doctor

Today’s entry in “Things That Will Never Happen But Should” comes from Wayne Dorrington in the form of this a fan art mashup of Sherlock and Doctor Who.

It’s Benedict Cumberbatch as The Doctor against The Master as played by Andrew Scott.

You’re welcome.

anti hero mario

If you’ve ever wanted to see Mario as the anti-hero, it’s a good bet that you and DeviantARTist Sebastian von Buchwald share a brain cell because he’s done an entire series based on just that concept.

Mario seems to have gone Turbo and dropped into a bunch of other games through history, all the while getting into fights with anyone and everyone.

Head after the break to see more of the rage-fueled Mario action.

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pokemon x animal

If you’ve ever wondered what a mashup between Pokémon and Animal Crossing would look like, your wait is over.

Thanks to DeviantART artist Turtle-Arts, we have a pretty good idea.

Here’s a hint. It’s kind of awesome.

Check out more after the break.

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jessica rabbit slave leia

While he’s no slouch in the art department overall, DeviantArtist FitzOblong has a real knack for drawing Jessica Rabbit. Naturally, he’s put her into some really great crossover fan art like Star Wars, TRON, Alice In Wonderland and more.

Check out more of his work after the break.

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Admit it, you’ve closed your eyes and tried to imagine what Star Wars: Episode VII is going to look like with an older Luke, Han and Leia. We’ve seen one artist’s idea of an older Luke and now we have the whole cast thanks to illustrator Alan Schickling. He’s created an incredible movie poster done in the style of the iconic Star Wars posters originally made by artist Drew Struzan. We can only hope what we actually get looks as good as Schickling’s work.

(via The Awesomer)

This beautiful piece of Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword fan art was created by deviantArtist ThaL-DAWB. It’s similar to this piece that celebrated Zelda’s 25th, but with a softer more whimsical style. As you look down the full-sized banner, you’ll see he managed to incorporate just about every Zelda image possible.

See the full piece after the break…

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When I’m bored, I doodle smiley faces and stars. When Malyasian artist The Durrrrian got bored in class one day, he drew unbelievable sketches of The Avengers as though they all lived in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. They’ve even got Loki and Nick Fury in there to make it complete. Everyone has lost their modern weapons but gained much better things like magic bolts of lighting, vicious looking blades and glowing eyes.

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I, for one, am sick to death of Charlie Sheen right now. However, when Marvel Comic’s Editor-in-Chief puts the question of Deadpool and Charlie Sheen teaming up out there on Twitter and then Ben Christian and Cory Smith of the Independents answer the call with a one page comic, it’s hard to ignore.

Check out the comic after the break to find out which one of these crazy bastards is really winning.

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