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We’ve had our first official look at Harley Quinn and The Suicide Squad, but this fan art of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is far more effective at getting us amped for the film.

Kudos to @Bosslogic on the amazing work. Harley looks mischievous and deadly and ready to cause all kinds of trouble.

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on your left

(via Robert Downey, Jr.)

blade runner poster

Art by Casey Callender.

(via Twitter)

iron man

Pause for a moment and think about all the superhero films and television series in the works, currently airing, and already in your DVD/Blu-ray collection. You’re making out like a bandit whether you’re a fan or Marvel or DC. YouTube user Alex Luthor took that happy feeling we all get from seeing our favorite heroes and villains on screen and turned it to 11 by making a trailer that imagines what it would be like if Marvel and DC characters played in the same universe.

It pulls from both movies and television, and Luthor did a tremendous job editing together battles from The Avengers, The Flash, Man of Steel, Thor, and more to make it appear as though Marvel and DC characters are facing off.

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doctor strange

Doctor Strange director caused quite the stir on Twitter a couple of days ago when he shared an image of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange with the words “‘Strange but not a stranger’ – Talking Heads.” The actor was officially confirmed in the role on December 4th, but this image is not official. The lovely illustration is actually fan art by Don Franco. Let’s hope Derrickson labels any future pictures he shares more clearly.

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The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has only just made its debut and already there is some beautiful fan art inspired by just 88 seconds of footage. There are plenty of designs featuring that new lightsaber as well as some potential poster art in the traditional Star Wars style. Can someone please make next December get here faster?

Top Image via bosslogix

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bargaining with bounty hunters

If all you did was look at this piece of fan art by redditor dvsdesigner as concept art featuring a desperate Empire once again bargaining with bounty hunters, it would already be a killer piece of work. But, this is fan art on more than one level. The artist based the image on a scene from Once Upon A Time in the West because “Lucas was inspired by Leone’s work for the original films, and I wanted to recapture that.”

Well done, sir. Seriously. Check out the image from the film after the break…

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charlie brown guardians of the galaxy

The characters from Charlie Brown fit right into any environment, and the art featured in Dorkly’s list of the best Charlie Brown mash-up pieces proves it. The illustrations feature Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang in well-known television series, comics, and movies. The above image by Matthew J. Fletcher putting Charlie Brown into the role of Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy is perfect.

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little golden rocket and groot

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket and Groot fan art has been one of the best things that’s come out of people’s love for the movie. Dorkly put together a list of their top 12.

The piece by shared by James Gunn earlier this week made the list and we thought we’d share a couple more because, well, they rock.

Top image by Joebot.

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Pokémon fusion (otherwise known as Pokémon splicing) is basically where you take two Pokémon and combine them to make a new, and all-together very unique critter.

Josi, a 19-year-old artist (she calls herself a “wannabe concept artist,” though I think she’s way too talented to be a “wannabe”) excels in this arena, as you can see from these Pokémon creations.

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