Have you ever wondered what Harry Potter would look like as 1980′s cyber punk anime? Well, wonder no more because the crazed minds at Nacho Punch have created this brief video to show you. It not only pokes fun at Harry Potter, turning Hogsmeade into a whole new kind of town, but spoofs anime, too. Enjoy a little time in a world that J.K. Rowling never imagined.

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Harry Potter reading list

Thanks to some amazing and very resourceful Harry Potter fans, you can now study at Hogwarts through a new website called Hogwarts Is Here. The website is a mix of an RPG and a MOOC (massive open online course). So, it’s a RPMOOC, which I’m pretty sure is a first.

There’s no Sorting Hat here. You get to pick your own house and then it’s off to school with you.

Here’s a snippet from the site, specifically the Academics page:

Students are now able to enroll at Hogwarts, beginning as a first year taking necessary courses like Charms and Potions, and progressing through years until you complete all seven years of academics. All textbooks required for your courses have also been digitized and are now available for online reading, such as A Standard Book of Spells and A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration.

Each course is divided up into nine weeks (lessons), where you will study the material provided and complete the work pertaining to that week’s lesson. You will have actual homework assignments, essays, quizzes and tests all graded by Hogwarts professors who have been fully trained on this new muggle technology.

You can write for The Daily Owl, sign up for the Quidditch Club and even get a vault at Gringotts which you can fill with money from doing assignments.

In other words, it’s amazing and I’m hoping it gets a lot of new students.

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disney hogwarts 1

Though I like Harry, Ron, and Hermione plenty, seeing Disney characters in Hogwarts school uniforms makes me feel giddy. Disney has its own kind of magic and combining it with the world of Harry Potter means sparks! DeviantArt user Eira1893 came up with this crossover and created illustrations featuring over 20 characters in the school setting.

My favorite part, other than seeing the cute couples, is noting which house the artist sorted the characters into. Anna and Kristoff from Frozen are both in Hufflepuff while Ariel and Prince Eric are in Gryffindor. She goes into detail about her process for choosing the houses on some of the pieces at DeviantArt.

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sonic wand 1

Calling all Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans! This post is for you because it features a sonic screwdriver wand in a TARDIS-inspired wand box. I think both Harry and the Doctor would consider this creation a magical mash-up.

Both designs are by Instructables user CabbitCastle. He was asked to make a wand fashioned after the Tenth Doctor’s sonic. He created plans in Photoshop and used a lathe to fabricate the wand while the wand box was made from poster board and foam pads. He wrote thorough tutorials for each project so you can create a sonic wand and case of your very own. This craft is definitely going onto my to-do list!

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News that J.K. Rowling was writing a Harry Potter spinoff movie based on the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sent fans into a happy swoon. Well, better get ready to catch them again because it looks like it won’t be just one movie, but a trilogy of films. According to a New York Times interview with Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara:

…his deft touch became clear to Hollywood’s creative community last September. That is when Warner announced that Ms. Rowling had agreed to adapt for the big screen her “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” a 2001 book billed as one of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts textbooks. Three megamovies are planned. The main character will be a “magizoologist” named Newt Scamander

The article goes on to say that the films will be set in New York City 70 years before the first Harry Potter novel and that although the films will be set in the same universe as the original movies, they won’t be prequels, but an entirely new story that will stand on its own.

(Digital Spy via The Mary Sue)


Japanese inventor Jun Rekimoto and his colleagues at the University of Tokyo have invented a HoverBall that’s just one small step away from the golden snitch in Harry Potter. The little plastic ball is embedded with a 90 millimeter wide drone and can hover for 5 minutes at a time. It’s controlled by remote control, but could be programmed with specific routes. From Buzzfeed:

“This ball has an ability to stay in the air, and change its location and behavior according to the sports game contexts,” the team said.

“With this technology, physical dynamics of a ball can be re-programmed by sports designers, and new ball-playing vocabularies, such as hovering, anti-gravity, proximity, or remote manipulation, can be introduced to extend the way people interact with balls.”

Yes, yes, all those things, but also Quidditch!

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harry potter locations

Harry Potter has its share of fictional locations, but like other works of fantasy, they have some basis in reality. In fact, some locations aren’t made up at all. King’s Cross Station exists, and even though platform 9 3/4 is only real in the Harry Potter universe, King’s Cross has added it as a photo spot.

If you’d like to learn more about other locations in the series, Tumblr user ofabeautifulnight made a map showing the spots in the United Kingdom.

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history of the quidditch world cup

J.K. Rowling decided to surprise fans and publish the first half of her new 2400 word essay History of the Quidditch World Cup over on Pottermore for free, which means Harry Potter fans have new reading material about one of the best fantasy sports ever.

That is, if you can actually access the website. As you might expect, Pottermore has been slammed.

You have about a week to catch up because part 2 will also be published on Pottermore for free on Friday, March 21.

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harry potter and his kidney stone

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harry potter video top

It may be hard for witches and wizards like you and me to believe, but there are muggles out there who have never seen or read Harry Potter. I know. BuzzFeed rounded up some individuals who are in the dark and asked them what they do know about the Harry Potter story.

As you’d guess, the results are hilarious. One guy thinks Harry got his forehead scar from a dragon, another guy thinks Ron’s name is Jacob. Even with all their silly ideas, I’m surprised by how many terms they do know. Just goes to show how much Harry Potter has permeated society.

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