It’s a pretty good time to be a Harry Potter fan right now. Fantastic Beasts is in theaters, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will likely come to Broadway and Barnes & Noble has announced that they will be hosting “Magical Harry Potter Holiday Balls” across the U.S. on December 9th at 7pm local time.

All stores are said to be participating and the festivities will include crafts, games, dancing, giveaways and more. The are also encouraging attendees to cosplay for the event.

All-in-all, it seems like a fun way for Harry Potter fans to spend and evening. Check out more details in the press release below. [click to continue…]


Some Harry Potter fans like to decorate their Christmas trees with a couple of Potter-themed ornaments—but not Kathryn Burnett. This superfan created an entire Harry Potter-themed tree, complete with a sorting hat on top. This is the second time that Kathryn’s decorated a tree like this. I wonder how she’s going to top it next year?

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A Japanese artist known on Twitter as @kirikawa_juu created this wonderful anime-style piece dubbed “Hero, Change” that depicts Harry Potter “passing the baton” to Newt Scamander. The artwork was shared online and, before long, J.K. Rowling herself took note. She got kind of emotional about it. [click to continue…]


In this version of Harry Potter, the Sorting Hat is one of those stupid pointed nightcaps with a fuzzy ball on the end. Hogwarts classes take place in your dreams (you are constantly late and panicking because you can’t remember where to go for some reason) and Voldemort is Freddy Krueger.

Comforters are available in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin styles in Twin/Full or Queen/King sizes. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Given the loss of Alan Rickman this year, I don’t know if I could handle this decorative Snape’s Patronus lamp. I mean, I would rather not get choked up every time I entered a room. The Triwizard Cup lamp is more my speed right now. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Study by the light of the Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp and you will always be victorious. Drink from it and you will fail harder than you have ever failed before. [click to continue…]


A Harry Potter yoga class happened at the Circle Brewing Co. in Austin, Texas this past weekend and it turned out to be a real hit. Shocker!

Conducting yoga classes in a brewery is nothing new, but the Harry Potter twist is the brainchild of instructor Isabel Beltran. The class centered around Deathly Hallows and included such embellishments as wands and custom Harry Potter-themed poses inspired by Fawkes the Phoenix, the Hogwarts Express, the Nimbus 2001, Professor McGonagall, and more. During the class, Beltran read passages from the book and the class cast the Expecto Patronum spell together.

There were also Harry Potter cookies, a mandrake garden, a photo booth, a potion station, and of course beer. In this case a pumpkin juice beer made by Circle Brewing Co.

Beltran is looking to make Harry Potter yoga a regular event, and Mashable has learned that the next class will happen on Sunday, Nov. 20 with a “Magical Creatures” theme.

Head on over to Mashable for more info on the event along with loads of photos. All in all, it looks like a lot of fun.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan with an Android phone, you’ll love this – as a promotional tie-in for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Google has partnered with Warner Bros. to add a dash of magic to your device. [click to continue…]


There’s a new movie set in the Harry Potter cinematic universe due out in just a few short weeks, so naturally there’s a flurry of new Potter merch being shoved out the door to capitalize on that fact. Some stuff, like the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit expansion, is a little disappointing – the questions are insultingly easy, even for someone like me who doesn’t functionally understand the difference between Harry Potter and The Worst Witch.

Then there’s stuff like these Moleskine books which, frankly, are bloody amazing. Not only are the covers gorgeous to look at – one features the Marauder’s Map while the other features Harry’s Patronus silhouetted above an embossed Harry casting Expecto Patronum – but the pages themselves feel like the parchment paper that Harry and his school chums would use in class. Y’know, if it were all real, that is (sorry to break the illusion, Richard).

The books also contain an exclusive set of stickers, as well as a paper band designed to be used as a bottle koozie. You can snag these at Moleskine’s website or at Barnes & Noble, priced $24.95.

Check out more photos of these cracking little notebooks below. [click to continue…]


Curious about which spells in the Harry Potter universe appeared in which books? Want to know which spells were used most frequently, or in what order they made their debut? Well, good news! Skyler Johnson has knocked together a handy-dandy interactive chart on Tableau detailing everything you could ever need to know using data points which can be easily sorted. The chart contains only specified uses of spells rather than, say, implication or inference, but is pretty comprehensive. The chart doesn’t necessarily carry over to spell uses in the films, mind, though that’s another chart we wouldn’t mind seeing.

Check out Johnson’s magical chart below. [click to continue…]