Fans of Harry Potter are leaving heartfelt notes hidden within book pages for future fans to read. #PotterItForward, a campaign started by MuggleNet, encourages current fans to share what the series truly means to them and how it’s changed their lives.

It’s a wonderful way to help inspire new fans and to let them know that they will always have friends in Hogwarts.

Read on for more beautiful hidden messages for future HP fans after the break…

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A middle school special education teacher went all in with Harry Potter this year and it sounds like her class is going to be super fun. She explains on a reddit thread:

“I plan to implement fun activities as we go along in the book (one chapter per week). For example, when Harry gets his wand, we will make wands in my classroom. When they get sorted in the book, we will get sorted in real life. It’ll be fun activities so it’s not just another boring core class.”

Every square inch of her classroom is decorated and it’s as close to Hogwarts as most students will ever get. Check out all the wonderful images after the break.

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The day your acceptance letter arrives from Hogwarts is monumental. You’re on your way to an amazing, wondrous place that will give you a top notch wizarding education. But what about the tuition fee? Do wizards spend decades under crippling debt like us muggles?

According to an estimate by Mic, it would cost $43,031 plus another $1,031 for supplies.

However, J.K. Rowling chimed in on the matter saying that a Hogwarts education is free thanks to the Ministry of Magic (save for wands, robes and books of course).

So it’s free AND you learn a skill that you can actually use. Maybe I can still attend and learn enough magic to erase my student loans and/or the four years I wasted.

See the tweet after the break.

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Daniel Radcliffe may have been a brilliant wizard in Harry Potter, but he’s a lousy receptionist in real life. The actor spent an hour manning the desk at Nylon Magazine and he was hilariously terrible. He has no idea how to use the phone, doesn’t know which packages are for which couriers, and barely manages to find one poor woman the key to the restroom. There must be some sort of spell for that.

See the video after the break.

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Are you sad that you never got a letter from Hogwarts? Silly, you were there along with J.K. Rowling and all the rest of us. Did you forget? Perhaps you were under the influence of magic.

If you don’t believe me then check out the tweets from J.K. herself after the break where she explains how we were once all classmates in Hogwarts’ hallowed halls.

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These fantastic lamps are handmade by MaladeeMakes out of wood. The Harry Potter lamps feature a different house on each side with a decoupaged color paper interior to represent the color of each house. You can choose either a stained finish, brown paint, or gold paint for your 7″ square lamp.

The Zelda version includes Link’s shield, the Hyrule crest and Majora’s mask with Navi, Ciela, Tati and Tael along the edges of each image.

See more pictures after the break.

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Okay so maybe it’s not exactly charmed, but it does look way bigger on the inside. In fact, the Lotus Belle tent is 172-270 square feet of glorious camping space.

“Exceptionally weatherproof & portable. Use it as a guest-house on your land, for weddings, “glamping”, music festivals and more. You can have it up for months at a time so It’s great throughout summer!”

Or it would make a great tent for an extended camping trip finding horcruxes. But you might need some serious wallet charming spells because this giant tent comes with a giant price tag.

Check out the massive inside view after the break.

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Your baby can dream of worlds far away or worlds full of magic and wizards with these wonderful mobiles. LittleWrensNursery hand makes wonderful crib mobiles for the Doctor Who and Harry Potter fans. The TARDIS mobile includes little wooden clocks and gears and of course a pair of hearts. The Harry Potter mobile butterflies are keys with wings made from pages of the novels.

There’s even an Alice in Wonderland set. Take a closer look at these nerdy mobiles for nerdy families after the break.

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Sideshow Collectibles did an interesting take on Beauty And The Beast by releasing a Black Cat statue and The Monster Book of Monsters prop on the same day.

The Black Cat Polystone statue is part of the J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Collection and it definitely captures Campbell’s sensual style.

The Monster Book Of Monsters replica is, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want it in a dark room with me — but it’s pretty cool looking. It also comes packaged with a limited edition of Harry Potter: The Creature Vault which has detailed profiles of each creature, and some interesting hidden goodies.

Head after the break to see more pictures of both collectibles.

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