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Ever dream of playing Quidditch the way it was meant to be played? These skydivers lived that dream.

Check out the video below.

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Harry Potter fan Meredith McCardle had a brilliant idea for decorating a wall in her home.

Did I mention that she’s an author? Because that fact begins to put this project into perspective.

Using a projector she borrowed from an elementary school, McCardle traced the first page of Harry Potter on her wall then painted each letter with a high quality paint so she wouldn’t have to do a second coat.

Simple. Genius. I love everything about this idea.

Check out more pics below.

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The cast of the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play are getting new wands, and J.K. Rowling was kind enough to give fans a sneak peek.

No word yet on if these will be available for sale down the line, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see fans making their own if nothing else.

Head after the break to see the rough sketch.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is being re-released as an illustrated edition with art by award-winning illustrator Jim Kay. This comes after the release of Kay’s version of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone last year.

Pottermore notes that all seven books will get the Jim Kay treatment in the coming years.

This edition features 115 new images and will be published in 21 languages, so readers all over the world can enjoy both the story and the art.

Take a peek inside this gorgeous book below.

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The latest installment of the popular Harry Potter coloring books series has emerged from pre-order and it’s on sale for only $9.87 (38% off). Grab Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters at a discount while you can (they’re great for adults too).

Explore the many places and characters of the Harry Potter films through the magic of color. From the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall at Hogwarts to the garish tones of the Dursley’s living room, this deluxe coloring book is filled with intricate images that bring fan-favorite wizarding locales to life. With pages of designs inspired by the characters themselves, this coloring book has something for every Harry Potter fan.

Expect additional books in the series to arrive in April and June, though they can be pre-ordered now.

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Daniel Radcliffe (wizard, wrestling fan, Google Plus user) shared this delightful image of himself with Matthew Lewis at a WWF match just days before the first Harry Potter movie started filming. He did it as a plug for Lewis in Season 2 of Happy Valley on Netflix, so you can add “good friend” to the list of attributes listed above.

The caption reads:

Found this and thought I’d share it with you all. Two days before the start of HP1 our producer, David Heyman, took Matthew Lewis, Rupert Grint and me (in my super-cool lime green zip-top!) to WWF INSURRECTION in Sheffield (this was prior to it becoming WWE). Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the whole group. Judging by the sign behind us I think William Regal was making his entrance! And judging by our faces we weren’t quite brave enough to boo him.
It was very good night! Go watch the brilliant Mr. Lewis in season 2 of Happy Valley on Netflix! Happy Friday everyone! – Dan

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Tiffany and her husband are Harry Potter fans who are about to have a baby named Carlisle. Carlisle will be their fourth and final child, so they realized that it was now or never if they were going to make a Harry Potter-themed nursery.

Their work paid off because this is clearly THE BEST NURSERY EVER.

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Seriously. The details are amazing. Potions and wands and Quidditch sets and Hedwig, and pictures of all the great wizards and and and…

Just look at the pictures below. This is just too awesome for words.

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potter top

The first time Harry, Ron, and Hermoine met, they were onboard the Hogwarts Express on their way to becoming some of the most famous wizards and witches ever.

It seems only fitting that Funko has decided to mark that event by releasing these Harry Potter Hogwarts Express vehicles with an engine for Harry and a train car for Ron and Hermoine.

Set them up on your display shelf all in a line and you can practically hear them talking away. Plus, they’re super cute. Check out more pics below.

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setup wizard

Tumblr is as random as Bertie Botts Beans, and like those beans, you may need to eat a few that taste like vomit before you get to the good stuff.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to the diary of one Jonathan Dart aka a Muggle I.T. Guy working at Hogwarts. It may have taken the well-known wizarding school until 2016 to get their I.T. department up and running, but it looks like Jonathan’s got it well in hand.

Check out some examples of his daily life at Hogwarts below.

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Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the comic series Cerebus the Aardvark is probably aware of artist Gerhard, whose beautiful backgrounds defined the comics for most of its run. Now Dark Hall Mansion has announced a series of officially-licensed Harry Potter prints by this amazing artist.

Take a look at the finished print, as well as the pencils, below.

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