iron throne

rabbit castle

Wallace the rabbit is a cute bundle of fluff who has an owner that is a big Game of Thrones fan. He previously built a carrot Iron Throne for his bunny (which he ate), but this time he went with a whole Red Keep (which he ate).

Wallace’s rule over the Red Keep began with great promise. He surrounded himself with wise and vigorous advisors (almost exclusively comprised of his turds and hairballs) and effectively crushed the Raisin Rebellion soon after becoming king.

However, Wallace almost immediately spiraled into madness when he realized that his castle was made of cardboard and his throne of carrots. He experienced vivid hallucinations, hearing voices in his head that told him to either chew on or fully eat every object in his presence. Rumor was that he had hidden “wildfire” around our apartment in order to transmute into a dragon through a fiery baptism but I am pretty sure that didn’t happen.

In the end, when Wallace looked around and saw what his insane hunger had wrought, his joy definitely turned to ashes in his mouth.

Crazy or no, he’s just adorable.

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Iron Throne

This toilet is worthy of a king thanks to the folks at Super-Fan Builds who have turned it into the Iron Throne. It is now the most impressive toilet in California and it belongs to Game of Thrones fan John Giovanazzi of Glendale where it can be found in the bathroom at his bar. It incorporates over 250 fake swords and even has a built-in toilet paper holder.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will probably have to make due with Iron Throne toilet wall graphics.

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guitar iron throne 1

Gibson made quite the splash at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this week. How does a guitar manufacturer make waves at what a technology convention? They built an Iron Throne from Gibson axes. Yes, it’s the prickly throne from Game of Thrones made from guitars. The Verge spotted the piece of art at CES and snapped a couple of pictures, and in case you’re wondering, yes, Gibson is letting people sit on their musical throne.

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jareth iron throne

Forget rooting for Daenerys Targaryen to take the Iron Throne of Westeros. Tumblr user Doodleholic has a much better king in mind: Jareth. You’ve got to admit that David Bowie looks right at home on the pointy chair, and hey, the character from Labyrinth couldn’t be any worse than Joffrey.

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The Iron Throne Air


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pallet iron throne

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ikea iron throne

Comic by Noitego.

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bean bag throne 1

Want to bring a little taste of King’s Landing into your home? Nerd by Night has come up with a way to turn the Iron Throne into the most epic bean bag chair ever. You’ll have to put in time and effort to create this throne and steps include painting the fabric, sewing it into place, and stuffing it with foam and bean bag beans. But at the end of the day, all the sweat and tears are going to be completely worth it.

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iron throne made from toys

You know what Westeros? Keep your Iron Throne with thousands of pointy swords; I’d rather have this striking version made from toys. The creative folks at Happy Garaje are huge fans of Game of Thrones and were inspired by the series to create their own version of the monstrous chair. Instead of using weapons, they forged the seat from toy soldiers, teddy bears, action figures, toy cars, LEGO bricks, and more. You can see them take shape as you get closer and closer to the throne, and it’s stunning.

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cardboard iron throne

Forget turning to bloody wars and deadly battles to win the Iron Throne of Westeros – just use a cardboard version to make any chair the most important one in all of the land! NOW TV and The Telegraph made the faux “throne of swords” pictured above, and it can be attached to any seat you wish with minimal effort. They hosted a giveaway to bequeath the throne upon one lucky person.

Sadly, that means you can’t buy one. If you wanted to acquire the fake throne in true Game of Thrones fashion, you’d find the winner and steal it, but it might be easier to buy some cardboard and get to work on your own.

(Dorkly via GAS)