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james bond


The Empire Strikes Back is arguably the finest entry in the entire Star Wars saga, building perfectly upon the promise set by its groundbreaking and captivating predecessor. There’s virtually nothing we’d change about that movie. This is probably also true for lifelong fan and New York School of Visual Arts student Kurt Rauffer, but that hasn’t stopped him from re-imagining the opening titles of the film in the style of another enduring film franchise with a number of wonky entries – Ian Fleming’s James Bond.

Set to the Radiohead song “Spectre” – a song considered for the theme to the most recent Bond outing, but ultimately rejected – it’s a beautiful take on meshing the Star Wars universe with the aesthetic of a Bond title sequence.

“I really wanted to play on the concept of Luke trying to find himself and true purpose,” writes Rauffer, “so the music and inspiration felt fitting.”

You can watch the entire video in the player below.

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golden farcry

Back in the day when I was younger and had more free time, my sister and I were obsessed with playing GoldenEye 007 on her N64. I was lousy, but I always had fun. This video by YouTube user William Kjellgren takes me back to those days. He took the Facility level (yes, that one) and modernized it using the FarCry 3 engine. Now I just want to hunt down a N64 on eBay.

Watch the new version of GoldenEye after the break.

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lego casino royale

The 2006 Casino Royale is a fine specimen of a James Bond film. It’s my favorite. If you like Bond and Lego, this video is made just for you. Builder Duncan McConchie took the opening of the film and spent about two to three months filming a re-creation in Lego, and it’s awesome. I didn’t know super spy action could look impressive in brick form, but it does.

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Goldeneye remote 4

Raise your hand if you also played Goldeneye on the N64 all the time. I knew I wasn’t alone. If you adored the game, you’ll recognize this remote mine prop. It was designed by ComradeQuiche on Thingiverse, and he provides the files so you download and print your very own. It blinks, it beeps, and the back is conveniently magnetic so you can stick it to everything. I’ll take twenty!

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Apparently it’s becoming a thing to create a single composite image from the faces of many actors who play the same character. We recently saw all the on screen Batmans as one person, and now it’s every actor who has played James Bond squished into one. I can definitely pick out Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Roger Moore but I don’t see any of Daniel Craig. I think I like my Bonds in separate doses.

(Imgur via io9)

Do you own a tailored tuxedo and know your way around weapons? Then you could apply for the 007 position that was recently advertised on the United Kingdom’s officially sponsored job site.

The posting for a Target Elimination Specialist says you need an undergrad degree and that you should have undistinguished features. As they state, the basic role of the job is “to remove people whose continued existence poses a risk to the effective conduct of public order.” The funniest and most concerning part of this phony posting is that it got through the various approval steps to be advertised by the UK government. Actually, maybe no one was reviewing the submitted jobs. I bet several pairs of eyes are looking over them now.

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Bond girls are famous for being gorgeous and sexy and often deadly, but they’ve got nothing on the women of Marvel. DeviantArtist BillWalko has created some amazing retro-style movie posters that re-imagine the women of Marvel as Bond girls. He’s even picked movies that match up with the characters. Who better for From Russian With Love than Natasha Romanov?

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Rejected Bond Movie

(via SBB)

I wonder if they have a theme song for Skyfall yet? If not, I think the perfect choice is in the video after the break (NSFW language).

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This letter from Sean Connery to Steve Jobs is blowing up Twitter—only it’s a terrible and incredibly obvious fake. Still, the story peddled by scoopertino about an exasperated Sean Connery refusing to take part in an iMac advertising campaign back in the ’90s is fooling a lot of people—even pros that should be hardened to this sort of thing by now.

Because Sean Connery would definitely type a letter on personalized 007 stationary to Steve Jobs proclaiming “You are a computer salesman-I am f*cking JAMES BOND!”

(via Scoopertino)