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DC Comics is launching a shiny new batch of variant covers in March, and they’re all about movie posters. The fun designs insert DC characters into posters from movies such as Free Willy (yep, you read that correctly), The Mask, Gone With the Wind, Beetlejuice, and Purple Rain. Heroes and villains on the covers include Aquaman, Batgirl, the Joker, and so many more. I can practically hear the money falling out of the wallets of collectors.

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gravity poster top

Movie posters often feature a small quote from a critic two (usually something along the lines of “brilliant!” or “film of the year!”), to entice you to see the flick. But these movie posters by @AwfulReviews are on the opposite end of the spectrum: each poster features quotes from the movie’s 1-star Amazon reviews. And, wow, they’re pretty brutal—but also entertaining.

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Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles consistently release lifelike figures. Their sculpts are top notch and often look like sixth scale clones of the characters they were modeled on. One collector and artist has leveraged the high level of details and precision by using the statues to recreate movie posters. Romain Vendrell lights and poses his toys just right and then adds fitting backgrounds. The finished products are amazing.

The Avengers poster he did blows me away. It looks like a photograph from the film – not like toys surrounded by CGI effects. I clearly have a lot to learn about posing my figures.

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Made by TT Games for the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game.

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The folks on the Marvel movie poster design team have got to make some changes. If you put the posters for Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 side by side, they look a lot like prom pictures. The guy has his hand around the girl’s waist and is looking all protective. Revolutionaren teased that based on this, she hoped the Captain America 2 poster would feature Cap clinging helplessly to Black Widow. Because the internet is amazing, someone took on the challenge. Electric Alice came up with the image after the break, and it so freaking perfect. Take note, Marvel!

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The Daleks are one of the most recognizable evil aliens from Doctor Who, and now they’ve invaded the movies! These posters for classic films like The Shining, Singin’ in the Rain and Mary Poppins have lost their famous leads only to have them replaced by Daleks. They’re the work of artist Anthony Naylor aka Tone who puts up a new Dalek themed comic everyday on his Daily Dalek blog. It’s not just the images, but the title and text that have been redone to make these Dalek movie posters perfect.

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It’s not unusual for movies to have strange working titles, and one look at these posters designed by redditor daidalos5 gives us a pretty good reason why. Sometimes it’s because they’re trying to keep the existence of a particular movie under wraps, but you’ve got to wonder how often the working title was a possibility that, thankfully, wasn’t the title that stuck. Keanu Reeves as The Burly Man is just the most laughable thing ever.

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avengers comics san clip art

A recent meme sweeping the internet results in hilarious images (as the best memes do). All you have to do is recreate a movie or game poster or cover with only clip art and Comic Sans. It looks like the genius idea may have started on Reddit, but it’s spread. The interpretation of The Avengers poster pictured above may be my favorite. I especially adore the clip art representation of Mjölnir.

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Firefly poster

Pop culture art prints that include words and quotes alongside graphics tend to be my favorites. These designs by illustrator Chet Phillips shoot right to the top of my list. He’s taken a show like Firefly and created a print with the best quotes and iconic images from the series including dinosaurs and Kaylee’s parasol. It’s colorful, fun, and a constant reminder of your favorite lines. I need all of these prints!

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In case you’re out of the loop, posters from Mondo have become a thing. Their striking, limited edition prints go lightning fast, and these Iron Man 3 designs are sure to fly off the internet shelves in a hurry. The 24 x 36 inch screenprints were designed by Martin Ansin and Phantom City Creative. They are $45 and up, and they’ll be available sometime on Friday. You’ll have to watch the Mondo Twitter feed for the exact time. If you’re not lucky enough to get any of the Tony Stark art, don’t forget to check eBay in a week or so.

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