Sometimes, you just have no idea what the answers are when you’re faced with a test. This leaves you with a couple of choices. Generally you leave the question blank or you take a guess. Dorkly has collected examples from people who took another route: giving some of the most wonderful nerdy answers. They may be wrong as far as their teachers are concerned, but in our world, they’re perfect.

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If talking dirty is your thing, then this video is not for you. On the other hand, if you’re a nerd, then this parody of Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty is going to make you very happy. Same song, new lyrics, and nerdy video to match.

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Yeah, he did all that and he didn’t care. Because he was a badass nerd then and he still is today. No matter what cool things you and your nerd friends have planned, Dad did it better. All hail Nerd Dad!

(Geek Universe via Geeks are Sexy)


Fangirls celebrate Christmas just like everyone else, but with more starships and police boxes decorating their trees. This video from Only Leigh has fangirls singing about Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly and the failure of S.H.I.E.L.D. They said it, not me!

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Portlandia released a PSA about nerds. They say that if you aren’t one, you shouldn’t call yourself one. The gentlemen giving this advice says (among other things):

“I’m not wearing a nerd costume for Halloween, this is how I dress.”

He says nerds are not sexy ladies who just saw their second screening of The Avengers. It’s funny, but it hits too close to debates I’ve seen come up in real life over the past six months.

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Are you technically a nerd or a geek? Surely, both can enjoy trashing this for inaccuracies.

(9GAG via GAS)

Nerd Domo Plush

Looking at this nerdy Domo just made me laugh. He’s got a bow tie for frak’s sake.

Product Page ($10)

Jazwares and Cartoon Network have announced the first figure in the Robot Chicken toy line—and it just might be the nerdiest action figure ever created.

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Using this Venn diagram as a guide, would you classify yourself as a nerd, dork, geek or the increasingly rare species called dweebs?

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