Japan is well known for dispensing anything and everything through vending machines, so it’s increasingly difficult to find one that truly surprises you. This origami vending machine represents one of those rare moments. [click to continue…]

Origami artist Tadashi Mori is back with another Star Wars-themed tutorial. Making an origami Princess Leia isn’t easy, but the design is fantastic. Working on it can also be something of a meditation on a woman and a character that will be dearly missed. [click to continue…]

origami millennium falcon

Are you bored at work right now? Well, do we have a time waster for you! Check out the infographic below to learn how to make an origami Millennium Falcon. [click to continue…]


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Something we love works wonderfully in two dimensions, but once it expands out into the third it doesn’t quite mesh. Whether it’s a video game or a live-action adaptation of a beloved cartoon. Whenever it happens, our hearts break a little.

So imagine our delight, then, when we saw that Hong Kong-based fanart collective Pepasweet has not only done the transition justice, but they’ve pulled it off in the most unlikely of mediums—papercraft.

Spotted at a fan event in Hong Kong, these papercraft characters originate from RPG Shironeko Project, a mobile game available in Japan. At first glance they might not look like papercraft at all—in fact in some photos I was certain I was looking at figurines or toys—but they are made of paper, and they’re stunning. Check out more of Pepasweet’s amazing work below. [click to continue…]


Joe_Tutorials has posted a video that teaches you how to fold a piece of paper into a teeny-tiny little X-Wing, which may appeal if you’re the sort of person who likes folding pieces of paper so that they resemble other things. Or if you’re a Replicant.

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Check out the demonstration video below.

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Origami expert Tadashi Mori made the above pint-sized Sith Lord, and he also posted a great how-to video that walks you through the entire process. You’ll have your very own tiny lightsaber-wielding villain in no time!

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MIT researchers have developed a tiny origami-style robot that folds itself up, does a bunch of cool moves, and can be dissolved in acetone.

This amazing robot premiered at the 2015 ICRA Conference in Seattle, Washington. It represents the first time a robot was able to demonstrate a complete life cycle like this, and the hope is that one day it will be able to perform these actions inside a human body.

IEEE explains:

“…we present a novel single-sheet structure that self-folds into a centimeter-sized mobile robot that subsequently walks, swims, and dissolves. The robot is controlled using an external magnetic field exerted by embedded coils underneath the robot. Equipped with just one permanent magnet, the robot features a lightweight body yet can perform many tasks reliably despite its simplicity. The minimal body materials enable the robot to completely dissolve in a liquid environment, a difficult challenge to accomplish if the robot had a more complex architecture. This study is the first to demonstrate that a functional robotic device can be created and operated from the material level, promising versatile applications including use in vivo.”

Check out more photos and the incredible video of the robot in action after the break.

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This velociraptor called KitRex started out as a wearable costume for Lehigh University grad student Lisa Glover, but she got so much interest in the project that she started a Kickstarter campaign to create a 3-foot version for mass production.

“KitRex began as a homework assignment where I was asked to research a manufacturing process and demonstrate it in a unique way. I decided to research Industrial Origami, and over the course of 50 hours I designed, cut, and built a wearable 15-ft long velociraptor out of cardboard. I took him to a costume ball, and when I tromped into the room, literally everyone stopped to stare. He was the star of the evening, and everyone wanted one. I knew I had to do something.”

That Kickstarter was successfully funded and now, after lots of prototyping and kid testing, the KitRex is nearing the final manufacturing stages.

If you want an origami velociraptor and you don’t feel like waiting, you can click here to download a free pattern to tide you over until the KitRex is ready to ship.

You can see more pictures and the project video after the break.

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Until now, napkins were only a tool for face wiping and spill cleaning. However, thanks to these origami napkins, they’re also an artistic medium which can be used to create, among other things, a birdy, an elf shoe and a t-shirt while finding an excuse not to eat your host’s horrible food. Each pack contains 40 napkins (1o of each design), and has the pattern and easy to follow instructions printed right on them.

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origami soy sauce jar

Only the greatest origami masters can successfully fold ceramic into a soy sauce-dispensing crane.

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