Japanese toymaker Good Smile Company has unveiled the first Nendoroid figure in their Overwatch line—Tracer in her classic skin. [click to continue…]


Fans of Overwatch‘s terrifying Reaper will definitely get a kick out of this premium 12-inch collectible statue. The limited-run statues are available to pre-order now but will ship in two separate waves: one next March, and the other next September.

The price tag is steep ($150) but the craftsmanship and level of detail might be worth it. Take a closer look in the video below. [click to continue…]


Remember that video of the Overwatch voice cast hanging out at Blizzcon in character? Did you find it weird to watch the voices of the characters come out of unfamiliar faces? If so, the following video should set your mind at ease. [click to continue…]


Artist Han Seok-bum recently blended Overwatch and Pokemon characters into one illustrated mishmash that’s both adorable and and eye-catching. His instincts on which characters to combine was spot on too. Yep, I think gruff ol’ Blastoise makes an excellent Soldier 76. Check out more characters below. [click to continue…]


Well, this is adorable.

Jonny Cruz (the voice of Lúcio in Overwatch) tweeted a video of him chatting with the other voice actors from the cast while hanging out at Blizzard Entertainment HQ. They all remain in character while talking, and it’s a real fun ride (boop!). Watch it below. [click to continue…]


Ah, Amiibo. They’ll stand the test of time long after people have forgotten what the Wii U was (“Some kind of… singing toaster?” – you, in ten years). Especially with people like GandaKris going to the trouble of making custom Amiibo. One of her recent projects has been recreating characters from Blizzard’s not-a-MOBA, Overwatch, and we think they look pretty ruddy spiffy. Check out a gallery of Gandakris’ handiwork below. [click to continue…]


Artist Lily Nishita is a genius. The former Naughty Dog artist knows what people like, namely Overwatch and doggy-woggies. So what could be better than taking these two great tastes and combining them in a flavor explosion so delicious it’d take every Frito-Lay executive working ’round the clock decades to match? Nothing, that’s what.

Oh, you want proof? Sure, go ahead – check out more of Lily’s amazing work below. Then weep, as Alexander wept, for there are no more things-as-dogs worlds to conquer. Not ’til the next Blizzard game, at least. [click to continue…]


Gundam and/or Overwatch enthusiast runeblade265 has taken a Sazabi mech from the former and given it a paint job reminiscent of D.va from the latter. It looks great too, especially with those corporate sponsor logos splattered all over in an unobtrusive, tongue-in-cheek kinda way. Check out a gallery of photos of the very pink Gundam below. [click to continue…]


It’s, uh… it’s about midday-ish, isn’t it? Yeah, I think so.

YouTubesman ZaziNombies has once again brought an Overwatch weapon to life via the medium of LEGO. Last time we featured him on the site, he’d made a LEGO recreation of Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer. This time he’s turned his attention to McCree’s Peacekeeper. Built using approximately 420 bricks and incorporating a LEGO Technic gear as the spur, we think this thing looks pretty golly gosh darned good. Check out a video showing off the build below. [click to continue…]

overwatch art top

The butt pose is back with a vengeance in this fan art from NeoArtCorE. You may recognize his style from the fantastic Marvel superhero ladies series we posted a while back.

Check out the entire series below. [click to continue…]