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These beautiful dioramas were created by Wuppes who has taken the art of papercraft to an amazing new level. He specializes in arcade and console games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong but has also done titles Super Mario World and even Legend of Zelda.

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A ginger cat battles a paper army. A battle for the ages. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you had a cat and some paper army men.

They want to tell you that no one was harmed during the making of this. But…I have my doubts.

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At first glance this looks like origami, but it’s a different paper craft and one that’s just stunning. This is paper sculpture and artist Cheong-ah Hwang has been working at it since she was just a child in her parents’ South Korean printing shop. Her subject matter ranges from superheroes, to fairy tales to every day objects and she recreates them, sometimes as whole scenes, with unbelievable detail.

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Most kids get paper with snowmen or reindeer or even happy little penguins, but not your kids. They’re going to get presents wrapped in Krampus paper that will scare them but good so they’ll be sure to behave over the next year.

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…unless you guessed paper, in which case you’re not only correct, but obviously have a sixth sense for identifying papercraft.

A guy named Charles fashioned this 1:6 scale badassery over a 3 month period and equipped it with an LED in the chest which distributes light to the eyes and palms via fiber optics.

Job extremely well done.

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Jacques Pense has struck the perfect creative/sick bastard balance with this award winning stationery designed for 13th Street, the German horror network. Sadly it’s only a concept at this point, so it’s a crap shoot whether you’ll ever be able to use impaled heads on your letters to grandma.

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Space Origami

When your thousandth origami crane has been completed and you have had enough, step up to the new wave of paper folding. This origami set includes all the instructions you need to create objects from space including an astronaut, a rocket and a lunar lander. A fresh new take on an ancient Japanese art form.

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The bathroom can be a lonely place. You spend a lot time there and having anyone join you is just a little too weird. Luckily a robot doesn’t count as a person so the two of you can sit there with your pants around your ankles and a magazine in your hands. And absolutely no talking. Guys do not chat in the bathroom.

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