The Paleontological Research Institution has come up with a unique way to raise funds for its outreach program. They’ve launched a Kickstarter where a pledge of $15 or more can get you this adorable 8″ plush Devonian trilobite. It’s a unique and very fun way to raise money in the name of science.

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Just stop it right there with all the cuteness. Heroes and villains alike, Etsy shop owner Handmade Stuffs wants you to “embrace your nerdiness” with these adorable plushies. I think she’s covered nearly every major fandom too: Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Supernatural, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, TMNT, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Firefly, Sherlock, He-Man, Deadpool, Batman, and I’m sure I probably missed a few. Phew!

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How bad to you just want to squish this sweet unicorn zebra hybrid right now?

There are four different adorable plush Zoonicorns named Valeo, Promithea, Aliel, and Ene and they are on a mission to “Enrich youth with life adventures.” The characters also appear in storybooks where the colorful friends visit zoo animals (in their dreams) to help them learn valuable life lessons.

The Zoonicorns made their debut this year at New York International Toy Fair. Since then the official website has launched and the magical toys can be purchased for $15 each. The first companion book, Buffy Meets the Zoonicorns, is available for $17.

I hope these cute plushies are a hit. I love when great toys are paired with great stories. And hopefully they won’t ever have to worry about sketchy encounters with Grundles.

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Remember that 18-inch Serenity plush that QMx unveiled last year? Well, now you can have a mini that clocks in at a very portable 6-inches.

Mama and Baby Serenity races, anyone?

Product Page ($14.99)


These adorable and very snugly plush characters are designed to look like the classic 8-bit versions of Link, Mario, and Luigi. They’re sold as a set of three and will be shipping in July.

Product Page ($54.99 via technabob)

ghostbusters plush

These cute Ghostbusters 9-inch plush figures will help keep you safe from things that go bump in the night. There’s Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston all as snugly plush figures include a sound chip loaded with the theme song and dialogue from the films.
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The first time I saw “The Neverending Story, I knew what I wanted for my birthday that year (and every year after)—Falkor The Luck Dragon.

The wonderful Laura at Game Guardians makes a plush version of Falkor. It’s not on sale at the time of writing, but it’s worth keeping an eye out because she opens orders once a month.

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Pikachu is ready for the boardroom in the business suit with glasses and a briefcase. He even comes with three different business card designs. The plushie celebrates the start of Spring in Japan and the time most Japanese companies have new hires begin work.

Unfortunately, Pikachu might not get far in the business world if he insists on not wearing pants.

He’s the first in a year of seasonal Pikachu designs that are planned. A new one will be coming out each month. In April he’ll be celebrating Boys’/Children’s Day with a helmet and carp streamers like the ones that decorate Japanese homes for the day.

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There were a lot of reveals during Toy Fair and they were definitely exciting, but the products I was clutching my wallet over were the new items from Funko.

Not content to take all of our money with their POP! line, Funko debuts new additions the Fabrikations plush, Mopeez, Legacy figures, Re-Action figures, and more POP!s in exciting new franchises like Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, The Fifth Element, The X-Files, Breaking Bad, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jaws, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Garbage Pail Kids, and more.

A lot of these new items have been listed for pre-order, so we thought we’d give you product links on some of the stuff we posted about previously along with some new items.

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If you’re looking to snuggle up with Benedict Cumberbatch then here’s your chance. These plush dolls are handmade by Amagurumi and feature all your favorite characters. There are the boys from Sherlock, the characters from The Hobbit, the Sailor Scouts and even Jareth the Goblin King and Hannibal. Each measures 10″ x 6″ x 3″ and is made from cotton stuffed with poly-fill.

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