QMx started making Firefly merchandise because the owner, Andy Gore, is a bonafide Browncoat. They keep making it because they love the show and because we need our Firefly goodies.

I know I needed this Serenity Plush, so I’m just pleased as punch that they went and made it. I’ve seen her up close and this 18-inch Firefly Serenity Plush is quite shiny, with awesome detail (it even has little plush shuttles!).

You can sign up for the mailing list now to be notified when it’s available to order.

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Now you can know exactly what it’s like to be Ash with your very own life-size Pikachu plush. He’ll weight 6 kg and measure 40 cm tall which Japanese department store Beams says is a one-to-one scale replica of the real deal. This chubby, first-generation Pikachu also comes with his own little tote bag so you can easily carry him along at all times. He can be preordered now with availability set for this November.

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adventure time plush 1

Before the characters in Adventure Time head out for their escapades in the Candy Kingdom and beyond, they need to be properly clothed. Graphic designer Lorena Rodríguez is here to help Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum out with that. She’s made insanely cute and tiny plush versions of the characters that come with different outfits. Guys! Dress-up Adventure Time dolls! We wants them, precious!

They are sadly not available for sale in her Etsy store, but you can always try requesting a custom order.

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avengers oct 1

Got a problem? Don’t worry, the Octopus Avengers are here to save the day! The cute little plushies were made by Darcy, and they are over-the-top cute. Captain America is my favorite with his little wings and “A” symbol, but Thor is a close second. I love the colors and all the little touches she’s added to the toys – for example, Loktopus (Loki) has a cape. Awesome.

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Aw, look at the little Xenomorph! He’s just so darn cute, right up until the moment he destroys you. The Half-Bishop plush at his feet should serve as warning of your fate. These are officially licensed Aliens products that are sure to bring a smile to your face. The Xenomorph even has an inner mouth that sticks out to get you when you press his tummy.

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These officially licensed Doom plush pose no risk, other than distracting you from the things you should be doing rather than hugging them to bits. Each measures 7″ tall to the tips of their horns and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

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One of the trademarks of geek parenting is intriducing your children to your favorite things in the early stages of development. Star Wars onesies, Marvel crib sheets, we’ve seen it all.

Well, now we have a perfect way for you to wrap your child in the arms of Cthulhu nice and early with this giant plush.

Granted, it’s approximately $461 and ships from the UK, but there’s no price to high when it comes to teaching your child love of the Elder Gods.

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Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 6.19.37 PM

The characters from Archer look absolutely huggable as 12″ plush dolls. You can choose between Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, Wee Baby Seamus or even Pam’s Dolphin Puppet. All are available for preorder now with delivery slated for this September.

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The fire swamp won’t seem nearly as deadly when the Rodents of Unusual Size have been turned into huggable plush animals. Each R.O.U.S. measures 27″ long and is an officially licensed The Princess Bride collectible.

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Need some Marvel cuteness? Have a Deadpool Pony by KelseyKetchum

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