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While perusing the exclusive items that will be available at Star Wars Celebration Orlando later this month, we came across this Sarlacc plush with a mini, removable Boba Fett. Also? The Sandcrawler and Jawa plush pictured below. [click to continue…]

Ein the data dog from Cowboy Bebop is now available as a 9.5-inch plush! Can you think of another genius that’s this cuddly? Not even Albert Einstein could compete. [click to continue…]

If you’re a Labyrinth fan, there are some things you absolutely need to have: [click to continue…]

Back in December we featured an amazing poseable Vulpix Pokemon plush from Etsy seller MalinaToys. Well, we have an update. The Vulpix is now listed in her shop along with Eevee and Umbreon versions! [click to continue…]

Funko has debuted Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Pops (which includes Mantis and Taserface) and HeroPlushies because the people at Funko never sleep. [click to continue…]

Just when you thought Funko couldn’t find more ways to separate you from your money, they go and introduce the new SuperCute Plushies line. [click to continue…]


When you think of lovable and huggable things, Big Daddy probably won’t come to mind. Yet here we are. This Big Daddy plush measures a whopping 17-inches and it’ll drill straight into your heart. Can’t wait for the Little Sister version that you know is coming.

BioShock Big Daddy Plush ($59.99)

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Say it with me. Tauntaun Tsum Tsum. Yep. Disney is releasing ten new Hoth Tsum Tsums including Leia, 2-1B, a wampa, Luke, Han, and a Tauntaun.

But it gets better. I think you can see why. [click to continue…]


This year marks the 25th-anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Build-A-Bear Workshop is all over it with plushes and accessories.

Sonic is available for order online as part of a limited-edition Sonic the Hedgehog set which includes a 17-inch Sonic, gold ring accessory, and an exclusive poster. In addition to the Sonic, they’re also offering a 13-inch Tails, a special Sonic the Hedgehog tee that’ll fit your other bears, and a sound chip with music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

The Sonic bear (sans bundle), Tails, tee, and chip will be available in stores starting December 3rd. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Black Hole Plush, won’t you come and devour my Celestial Buddies?

If you aren’t familiar with Celestial Buddies, they are adorable plush characters based on planets in our solar system. I know, you already want to collect them all.

Fortunately, you can put them all in the new Black Hole, which is basically a plush bag with eyes that can hold your collection. But the best part is that you can actually retrieve the planets from this black hole, though you may end up in a different universe. Check out a pic of the buddies below. [click to continue…]