r2-d2 burner 1

Incorporate the droids everyone is looking for into your backyard with a handy Instructable from doddieszoomer. He transformed an old, empty gas bottle into R2-D2.

Basically, he cut the bottle to modify it and added legs with “5mm box section.” The rest of the astromech’s pieces were welded on and eventually handpainted. And guess what? If you don’t have the Force powers or tools necessary to make your own, you can bid on this one on eBay.

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Everyone knows R2-D2, but once Star Wars Rebels arrives on our television screens, another little droid is going to make a name for himself. Chopper is actually based on some early sketches for R2-D2 and though they may resemble each other a bit, Chopper has even more attitude.

Even though the show hasn’t aired yet, Chopper has already been brought to life by R2 Builder’s Club member Michael McMaster. The amateur astromech builders club has been around for 15 years and has some pretty impressive talent. Two other club members constructed the version of R2-D2 that will be seen in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how Chopper came to life, and get a look at a typical day for an astromech hanging out at Lucasfilm.

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As far as gizmos go, this Star Wars R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Instead of projecting a hologram of Princess Leia, this R2 unit projects a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. It also boops, beeps and whistles just like R2 when you turn it on, turn it off, crank up the volume or adjust the brightness of the keyboard. It even makes sounds as you type. This little guy will be available this September and if you’d like to see how it works, watch the video after the break…

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r2-d2 figure

Are you ready for the ultimate R2-D2 collectible? Sideshow is releasing a Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure of the peppy astromech, and he looks incredible. They’re just teasing the statue for now so there aren’t any photos or details – just a video. It shows off the fact that this Artoo has several moving parts and light up functions, comes with the drink trays and cups seen in Return of the Jedi, and has Luke’s lightsaber and a little statue of hologram Leia. Yeah, I’m going to need to add this to my growing Star Wars collection.

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Artist MichaelO has created the droid that every man is looking for but none will find. It was inspired by the R2-D2 bathing suit in the Black Milk Clothing line and it’s the sexiest droid this side of Coruscant.

(Geek Tyrant via Geeks are Sexy)


This officially licensed R2-D2 USB Car Charger fits snugly in your cup holder to keep your gadgets charged while you’re on the move. He even makes happy little droid sounds, his dome spins and he has a projection light that glows blue or red to show the USB port power status. The sassiest droid in the galaxy has two USB charging ports that each put out 2.1 amps which is enough for a smartphone or tablet.

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r2-d2 chair

When a chair looks like R2-D2, I don’t need it to be comfortable. This beautiful adirondack chair by Paul Ryan of Xtinct 3D Design in Canada would make any patio extra awesome. It doesn’t have arm rests, but do you really need them? I can’t get over all the details from the dome to the legs. I don’t care what the text on the chair says, it is the chair I’m looking for.

(via Homes and Hues)


This isn’t some crazy photoshop idea but an actual product from Manly Art. They’re going to be selling them for $50 on Friday at New York Comic Con, Booth #208 from 4:30 to 5:30 and you’ll know they’ll be gone in seconds.

Can’t make New York Comic-Con this year? Fear not! Nerd Approved will be at the con all weekend bringing you all the action right here.

(Geek Sexy via io9)


This might be the most beautiful and fragile version of R2-D2 ever created. It’s made of countless little pieces of glass that look like they’ve been handmade and then put together while they’re still hot enough to stick. Look closely and you’ll see it’s not just the overall shape of the little droid, but even the patterns of metal on his body that have been carefully duplicated.

(Team Death Star via technabob)


One of the downsides of most vehicles is that, while you may have GPS or Tom Tom, you can’t have an astromech navigator like the rebels do in Star Wars.

Until now.

Thinkgeek has created an officially-licensed Lucasfilm Star Wars R2 Navigator Vehicle Graphic that you can put on top of your car and show every one just what a well-equipped nerd you are.

This decal includes R2-D2, an optional arm extension, a blast mark to reveal the open wiring of your own ship car, a control panel, and the Star Wars logo. All you need to do is play some R2-D2 sounds through your car stereo and you’re good to go.

Product Page ($29)