Artist MichaelO has created the droid that every man is looking for but none will find. It was inspired by the R2-D2 bathing suit in the Black Milk Clothing line and it’s the sexiest droid this side of Coruscant.

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This officially licensed R2-D2 USB Car Charger fits snugly in your cup holder to keep your gadgets charged while you’re on the move. He even makes happy little droid sounds, his dome spins and he has a projection light that glows blue or red to show the USB port power status. The sassiest droid in the galaxy has two USB charging ports that each put out 2.1 amps which is enough for a smartphone or tablet.

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r2-d2 chair

When a chair looks like R2-D2, I don’t need it to be comfortable. This beautiful adirondack chair by Paul Ryan of Xtinct 3D Design in Canada would make any patio extra awesome. It doesn’t have arm rests, but do you really need them? I can’t get over all the details from the dome to the legs. I don’t care what the text on the chair says, it is the chair I’m looking for.

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This isn’t some crazy photoshop idea but an actual product from Manly Art. They’re going to be selling them for $50 on Friday at New York Comic Con, Booth #208 from 4:30 to 5:30 and you’ll know they’ll be gone in seconds.

Can’t make New York Comic-Con this year? Fear not! Nerd Approved will be at the con all weekend bringing you all the action right here.

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This might be the most beautiful and fragile version of R2-D2 ever created. It’s made of countless little pieces of glass that look like they’ve been handmade and then put together while they’re still hot enough to stick. Look closely and you’ll see it’s not just the overall shape of the little droid, but even the patterns of metal on his body that have been carefully duplicated.

(Team Death Star via technabob)


One of the downsides of most vehicles is that, while you may have GPS or Tom Tom, you can’t have an astromech navigator like the rebels do in Star Wars.

Until now.

Thinkgeek has created an officially-licensed Lucasfilm Star Wars R2 Navigator Vehicle Graphic that you can put on top of your car and show every one just what a well-equipped nerd you are.

This decal includes R2-D2, an optional arm extension, a blast mark to reveal the open wiring of your own ship car, a control panel, and the Star Wars logo. All you need to do is play some R2-D2 sounds through your car stereo and you’re good to go.

Product Page ($29)


The little droid that could found his way into Star Trek back in 2009 and now he’s officially been spotted in Star Trek Into Darkness. You’ll see him flying out a gaping hole and out into space when Vengeance shoots the Enterprise while the ships are in warp. Don’t worry, this is R2-D2 we’re talking about so I’m sure the droid is just fine.

(Rafael Oca via io9)

Kenny Baker figure

You know a franchise is popular when fans not only buy thousands of action figures of characters but also fork out cash for an action figure portraying one of the actors. Case in point, you can purchase a Kenny Baker toy. Yep. He played R2-D2 and has authorized these limited edition figures. It’s not posable nor does it come with accessories, but that doesn’t really matter in this case. Star Wars fans and collectors will be clambering to add this to their collections.

You can order one on the Kenny Baker Figure Facebook page; it’s $25 for an unsigned version and $50 for a signed version. I’d roll over there in a hurry if you want to nab one.

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lego portrait r2

Miniature marker sketches are a great and affordable way to support an artist and get a neat piece of work for your collection. Several illustrators offer these at conventions and on sites like Etsy and LEGO builder Chris McVeigh was inspired to make his own version of the tiny sketches (12″ x 16″) with LEGO bricks – and just look at the results!

He posted one just to see what feedback would be like, and it was overwhelmingly positive. He’s dubbed the designs Brick Sketches and has challenged himself to do more. The line-up so far includes Batman, R2-D2, Jake from Adventure Time, and a Stormtrooper among others. My favorite part of the brick art is the LEGO markers besides the portraits that makes it look they were just drawn.

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Geeks can be found in all walks of life and that includes the surfing scene. At the recent 2013 Surf Expo in Florida, Katie Graef spotted and photographed a R2-D2 surfboard and a board with a design from The Walking Dead. Both were airbrushed by Josh DelRocco of Ricky Carroll Surfboards. They both look too cool to take in the water.

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