After being inundated with requests from our original post, Etsy shop Master Glasster has put his stained glass R2-D2 lamp shade up for sale.

It isn’t cheap at $400, but I suppose that’s to be expected from a handmade product like this. Each shade is made to order, so if you were coveting one it’s probably best to jump on it before the wait times get really long.

Product Page ($400)


This is definitely the case I’ve been looking for. Ed Zarick, known for transforming gaming consoles into laptop form, fabricated this awesome R2-D2 PS4 laptop. Enlisting the help from the guys at Astromech, he used 3D printed replicas of Artoo’s parts. And it beeps and boops just like our favorite droid using sound effects he loaded onto an Adafruit WaveShield.

Check out more pics and a video of the laptop-console-droid-hybrid in action after the break…

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It turns out R2-D2’s domed head makes a fantastic Bluetooth speaker. Not only does his head function as a speaker, but he even lights up and can take calls. Features include:

-Pairs with Bluetooth®-enabled devices
-On/off button on the front conserves battery
-Plays movie sound clips when the device is switched on, when pairing is completed, and when turned off
-Speaker allows for hands-free calls or playing music
-Wireless Range: 32 ft.
-Batteries: Internal rechargeable battery
-Recharges via micro-USB cable (included)
-Dimensions: 4″ diameter

It’s the perfect way to listen to the Star Wars soundtrack over and over to get ready for Episode VI.

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flying r2

Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions has thrilled our inner child once again with his R2-D2 quadcopter.

Dieffenbach will be showcasing his wild collection of quadcopters at SDCC, including the flying Snoopy Doghouse we featured earlier this week.

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This is not a model. This is a full-size Volkswagen Bus that has been given a custom R2-D2 wrap by instructables user mimaki cg60. Using CorelDraw and Photoshop he worked out the design then had the images printed on a vinyl wrap. The layout just works.

It’s the droid every struggling touring band and hippie is looking for.

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Boba In Borderlands


For May the Fourth, @Borderlands tweeted this great mash-up featuring Boba Fett with an R2-D2 Claptrap.

It’s the work of stain-art, who created it for his friend who loves both Star Wars and Borderlands. I’d say he nailed it.

And just imagine if Artoo’s beeps and boops were translated to Claptrap’s vernacular. Oh man, I would love to see conversations between him and C-3PO!


The R2-ME2 project is a fantastic look at what happens when talented artists are officially encouraged to kitbash a figure. In this case, a blank prototype of the Sideshow Collectibles Deluxe R2-D2 Sixth Scale Figure. Over 90 artists friends and fans participated, and the results were on display at Star Wars Celebration. I had a chance to check them out and it’s really amazing to see what they came up with.

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There was so much happening at Star Wars Celebration this weekend that it was hard to take everything in. Some of the most amazing moments that happened weren’t in a room packed with people or shown on a huge video screen. Moments like this one, with a little boy in a wheelchair gleefully playing with R2-D2, are really what make these events so incredible. The little boy’s giggles will melt your heart.

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R2-D2 is such a cute little droid, but this video reveals he has quite an attitude problem. Eclectic Method went through all six films and subtitled Artoo bringing out his inner snarky droid. Hey, if you had to spend your days rolling along with Anakin, then you’d probably have an attitude problem, too.

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x-wing rocker 1

It’s never too early to let your child pilot a spaceship. That’s especially true if said spaceship only rocks back and forth and can’t actually launch into a dogfight. This Star Wars X-wing rocker by Steve’s Wooden Toys fits the safety bill, and it’s quite the sight. It’s handcrafted from pine, rimu, and macrocarpa woods and features a removable R2-D2 so your kid can take him everywhere.

It was available for sale as of October to New Zealand residents. If you could get the X-wing rocker and make this AT-AT one, you’d have the coolest toys this side of Tatooine.

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