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Action figure designer and artist CHOGY has created the most unique (and possibly the coolest) R2-D2 and C-3PO figures I’ve ever seen. The resin figures are super limited with only 20 hand-made sets for sale. [click to continue…]


Author and droid builder Kurt Zimmerman built this R/C “Artoo Deco” robot complete with magnificent retro styling and a built-in sound system that can make all sorts of cool boops and beeps. Surprisingly, Artoo Deco can’t help you keep those rugs and carpets clean.

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We knew that Sideshow was preparing to launch a life-size R2-D2 figure, and that dream is now a reality. A very, very expensive reality.

The Limited Edition R2-D2 Life-Size Figure features a brand new sculpt of our old friend. More realistic than ever before, this representation features screen accurate lights and sounds. The lights and sounds can be triggered with the included remote control that stores in a hidden compartment just next to the speaker. For those wishing to add even more depth to the story of R2, his dome can be rotated to the right and left, along with the holographic projectors. R2 is standing atop a Millennium Falcon themed base, to give an added air of presence to your collection.

I know it’s not something everyone can afford, but if you can, now’s your chance to have an R2 just chillin’ in your house. Meanwhile, I’ll start playing the lotto. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


SaberForge is well known for their custom lightsabers, but this R2-D2-esque piece named “Frost Lotus” may be their finest work yet. The description from their Facebook page reads:

Interchangeable blue lit acrylic claws, highly detailed crystal chamber with four windows, polished crystal holders, and 8 support rods. Powder coated white body with silver accents. Custom quad cree frost blue led *2x white 2x deep blue dies*.

It should be noted that their Facebook page doesn’t specifically say that it was inspired by ol’ lovable Artoo, but…come on.

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Cosplayer and all around awesome geek girl Victoria Schmidt aka Scruffy Rebel is at MegaCon this weekend and spotted this utterly adorable R2-Fett. Or is it R2-F2? Fett2-D2? Whatever you call him, he’s cute. See him in action below. [click to continue…]


Star Wars made us want our own sassy droids. The Roomba, classy and helpful though it may be, is no R2-D2.

But it will soon be able to cosplay the part.

Bel & Bel have unveiled a vinyl skin for the Roomba that changes its appearance to more closely resemble everybody’s favorite snarky Droid.

Unfortunately the only thing they haven’t unveiled yet is a release date and price, so we’ll just have to wait patiently. Honestly, I’m surprised official versions weren’t released ages ago.

(via Gizmodo)


Aerial cinematographer Don Melara and the aerial photography company Air Cam Shots decided that they wanted R2-D2 to be a flying droid, and made it happen by transforming a DJI drone into “Arturo”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a flying R2-D2, but this version definitely kicks it up a notch.

Although the addition of four propellers is unusual, the remainder of the character’s features were recreated with painstaking detail, including a moving head, LED jetpack lights and a speaker that can emit whistles and beeps. The device also features a DJI GPS autopilot navigation system and a ccd camera built into his eye.

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It’s common knowledge that Sith Lords generally despise a warm, inviting home. These Star Wars R2-D2 Luminaria sets are perfect for keeping the Dark Side at bay. They feature five mini R2 units with lightbulbs inside, and they’re good for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Good lord. R2-D2 builds don’t get any better than this. Fortunately, smokeysunrise has put together a detailed gallery that explains how it was done.

And it only takes a ton of skill and a billion man hours to complete! Check out the gallery after the break…

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star wars shower heads

Remember those T-Rex showerheads? Even that isn’t as awesome as these new Star Wars versions.

Both the R2-D2 and Darth Vader showerheads have three different spray settings, but the Vader version is handheld (and significantly creepier).

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