A New Wave Tarot deck exists and I absolutely love it. Amanda Lee Stillwell of Last Craft Designs has gone full ’80s here and has replaced the usual Cups, Wands, Disks, and Swords with tea cups, eyeliners, LP records (yay vinyl!), and microphones.

The Major Arcana cards, however, are the true stars here.

The Major Arcana is made up of New Wave idols like Siouxsie Sioux as the High Priestess, Grace Jones as Strength, Morrisey and Robert Smith as Judgement, plus cards for Nick Cave, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Marc Almond, and more. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Author and droid builder Kurt Zimmerman built this R/C “Artoo Deco” robot complete with magnificent retro styling and a built-in sound system that can make all sorts of cool boops and beeps. Surprisingly, Artoo Deco can’t help you keep those rugs and carpets clean.

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A classic that went on to define the first-person shooter genre, 1997’s GoldenEye 007 was a masterpiece on the Nintendo 64.

If you were obsessed with the game and wondered what a modern version would look like, you’re in luck. YouTuber user Jude Wilson used Unreal Engine 4 to give the Facility Map level a modern facelift. The end result is both nostalgic and new.

Check it out below.

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Holy minifiggin’ crap, Batman! In honor of the 50th anniversary of the ’60s-era Batman series–which premiered January 12, 1966–LEGO officially announced the release of a new, 2,526-piece LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave set.

The $270 set, which will hit shelves on March 1st, features all of Batman’s favorite vehicles, including the Batmobile, the Batcycle and the Batcopter. The set also includes nine minifig-versions of the TV series’ most memorable and beloved characters, including Batman, Robin, Alfred Pennyworth, The Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin and, of course, The Joker. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love all the details that have gone into the set’s design: from the Bat Lab to the Batpoles, it’s all there.

Check out more pics along with details about the set below.

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Inspired by the classic “Legoland Space” line of the ’70s and ’80s, artist Love Hultèn recreated the accessory bricks into actual working devices in a collection he calls “Brixsystem”.

“Like most people, I was raised by Lego. For this project, I chose to work with a set of decorated bricks from the iconic 79-87 “Legoland Space” line, mainly because of nostalgic reasons. These were bricks that would trigger my imagination as a kid. 25 years have passed, and they still trigger”

He built each device from wood at a scale of 6:1 and made them functional in some way. For example the block phone has a working receiver, outlet and working push buttons. And since some of the other bricks’ functionality wasn’t clear, Hultèn created fun uses for them, like making this computer into a retro gaming console.

Check out more photos and the neato video of the devices in action after the break.

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funko alien set

Well, I’m going to call this retro 70’s Alien Egg Chamber playset by Funko and Super7 the must-have SDCC Exclusive of this year’s Comic-Con (at this point anyway).

Limited to 250 pieces total and costing $100 bucks, I suspect that people are going to be willing to kill to get to the booth to pick one up the first day. From Super7’s Facebook page:

Look kids! Now you can relive the excitement of the Nostromo Crew’s journey into the Derelict Alien Spaceship! Venture with Kane deep into the mysterious Egg Chamber ReAction Playset and pose your sturdy ReAction Figures on the detailed, egg-covered base. Inspired by the playsets of the 1970’s and packaged in an era appropriate photo box, the playset provides the perfect backdrop for all of your ReAction Adventures. The playset comes complete with classically styled action base made from durable hand-cast resin and corrugated cardboard, full-color Alien Egg Silo backdrop that slides into the base for display.

Well played, guys. Well played.

(via Topless Robot)


Chuz0r over on deviantArt came up with these delightfully retro Pokemon ads. My personal favorite has to be the wild Pokemon repellant. It’s for sale at your nearest Pokemart!

Check out the ads after the break.

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If you desire state of the art technology presented in a retro package, check out these skins from Killer Duck Decals that will provide your 2nd or 3rd gen Apple TV with an NES-esque console appearance. Although they look cool, the manufacturer felt compelled to explain that they do not offer your device any extra protection – so don’t think that the 8-bit power of NES will protect against liquids or slapshots with hockey sticks.

Product Page: ($10)

I played hours of the original Frogger in arcades and on my neighbor’s Atari and turned countless frogs into roadkill. Ever wonder what might happen if that poor, hapless frog was plopped down in New York City? No doubt taking a little inspiration from George Costanza, Tyler DeAngelo decided to find out with his updated, real-time version of the game called Fifth Avenue Frogger. He got his hands on a classic Frogger cabinet, installed a web cam over Fifth Avenue, and then wrote the code to transfer the traffic data directly into the game. They’re hoping their creation will get them into the Art of the Video Game Exhibit at the Smithsonian if enough people ask them to add the game show their support.

See the little frog in action after the jump…

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It’s hard to image what a classic arcade game like Pac-Man would look like today.  Not so if you’re the folks at Steelehouse Productions. They’ve put together a short movie with an updated version of the little yellow guy. He’s now part of a secret government experiment and his name is short for Polymorphic Autonomous Compound Manipulator. It’s not clear exactly what he’s for, but with a name like that he’s got to be some kind of super-weapon that is destined to run out of control, gobbling all our precious energy and depleting the world’s supply of bananas. And possibly cherries.

See Pac-Man take on the ghosts after the jump!

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