Chuz0r over on deviantArt came up with these delightfully retro Pokemon ads. My personal favorite has to be the wild Pokemon repellant. It’s for sale at your nearest Pokemart!

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If you desire state of the art technology presented in a retro package, check out these skins from Killer Duck Decals that will provide your 2nd or 3rd gen Apple TV with an NES-esque console appearance. Although they look cool, the manufacturer felt compelled to explain that they do not offer your device any extra protection – so don’t think that the 8-bit power of NES will protect against liquids or slapshots with hockey sticks.

Product Page: ($10)

I played hours of the original Frogger in arcades and on my neighbor’s Atari and turned countless frogs into roadkill. Ever wonder what might happen if that poor, hapless frog was plopped down in New York City? No doubt taking a little inspiration from George Costanza, Tyler DeAngelo decided to find out with his updated, real-time version of the game called Fifth Avenue Frogger. He got his hands on a classic Frogger cabinet, installed a web cam over Fifth Avenue, and then wrote the code to transfer the traffic data directly into the game. They’re hoping their creation will get them into the Art of the Video Game Exhibit at the Smithsonian if enough people ask them to add the game show their support.

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It’s hard to image what a classic arcade game like Pac-Man would look like today.  Not so if you’re the folks at Steelehouse Productions. They’ve put together a short movie with an updated version of the little yellow guy. He’s now part of a secret government experiment and his name is short for Polymorphic Autonomous Compound Manipulator. It’s not clear exactly what he’s for, but with a name like that he’s got to be some kind of super-weapon that is destined to run out of control, gobbling all our precious energy and depleting the world’s supply of bananas. And possibly cherries.

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If you stop and think about it, the progress we’ve made in technology over the last 20 years or so has been staggering. It really wasn’t that long ago that we were all using landline phones playing Atari games. Maybe things have moved a little too fast and you miss the days when you actually wrote things down and could hang up on a telemarketer with authority thanks to a thick rotary receiver.  If so, the following gadgets might make you feel a little nostalgic.

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Vintage arcade nostalgia courtesy of Axel Pfaender. Hopefully, he will sell prints some time soon, but in the meantime you can click on the image for larger bigitude.

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GoldenEye for the N64 is one of my favorite games of all-time, but the graphics on this fan-made update take it to a whole other level—especially if you found escort missions frustrating.

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The Floppy Disk iPad Case

The floppy disk case. It’s kind of like wearing a fur coat made out of a wooly mammoth—only this fur is felt and it’s made to protect your precious iPad.

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If you are old enough to appreciate shows like Masters Of The Universe, the original Thundercats and the original My Little Pony you are going to love Space Stallions. It’s an homage created by students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark—and their plot summary should put things into perspective:

As darkness is covering the multiverse, far away in the galaxy of the wild stallion, a spark of hope is born. Guided by the light of Mother Mustang, the Space Stallions must defeat the Demon of darkness, Destructo.

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