Skyrim has tons of hilarious mods including one with Thomas the Tank Engine and Super Mario. They’re great on their own, but YouTuber Videogamedunkey takes things up a few notches by mashing them all together in one insane video.

Make sure to stick around until the final battle at the end. The word “mayhem” doesn’t even cover it.

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The things people can make with 3D printers never ceases to amaze me. This Nightingale Bow from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Marco Antonio Pérez Morata is a perfect example.

Using the popular design software SolidWorks, Morata created the model concept in about eight hours and then printed 12 pieces with a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer.

He explains to 3D Print it took 58 hours to complete the printing process.

“I split the model up so that it would require very little post processing. It is split up like a jigsaw so that you can take it straight from the print bed and assemble the pieces. I split the bow in half as not to lose too much detail, but kept the two end pieces as one to give the model more rigidity. I did end up gluing the two halves together just to ensure a solid build.”

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fallout skyrim

Fallout and Skyrim are two very different games that take place in entirely different worlds. Here’s what happens if you mash those two worlds together and set their characters against each other. It’s Fallout‘s Vault Boy versus Skyrim‘s Dovahkiin and it will make you wish you could actually play this battle in-game.

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dalek - sailor moon

I’ve yet to be scared by Daleks in Doctor Who. They’re clunky, and unless there are large quantities of them closing in, I’m not impressed. I do appreciate their iconic design though, and Kelly, a.k.a. egyptianruin on DeviantArt, has mashed the Doctor’s enemy together with some cute characters – like Sailor Moon! Daleks look good with blonde hair. Who knew?

This and other 2.5 inch Dalek figures by Kelly were made from polymer clay and hand-painted. She created them for MAGFest a few years ago.

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skyrim experience

Skyrim is a pretty complex game, but this video nicely and hilariously sums up the whole game in all of 25 seconds. Whatever you do, don’t pick that pretty flower.

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game of thrones opening credits

What if Skyrim had a grand opening modeled after the memorable intro from Game of Thrones? Vimeo user Brady Wold has made it happen, and it couldn’t be a better fit. The game and fantasy television series go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Wold started the project about two years ago and spent thousands of hours working and rendering the images. Wow. He used programs such as After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, and more to create the beautiful opening.

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skyrim wedding 2

There are wedding photos, and then there are wedding photos. This Skyrim-inspired picture falls into the latter category. Sam Balcomb of Rainfall (you know, the company who made the awesome Wonder Woman fan film late last year) and Kimi of Golden Lasso Cosplay celebrated their one year wedding annivesary by releasing this amazing shot of their bridal party. They both enjoy gaming so it’s a perfect fit.

The epic photo has been a year in the making and boy, was it worth the wait. As Kimi says, “Fus Ro happily ever after!”

Be sure to click the photo to enlarge and see all the glorious details.

(via Golden Lasso Cosplay)


When I finally get around to playing Skyrim, I’ll probably decide to play as a Khajiit because they have feline tendencies. And if I ever found a lonely little Khajiit like the one pictured above on my adventures, I’d adopt it in a heartbeat. Artist Darren Geers based the image on the sad birthday cat meme, but the tiny cat reminds me of Puss in Boots in Shrek 2. Just look at those big eyes! Geers keeps the story going in two more equally sad installments.

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Here’s a Skyrim mod that turns cute little Thomas the Tank Engine into a fire-breathing terror. The Really Useful Dragons mod by Pastaspace turns all the dragons into Thomas and even adds in little train whistle sound effects. It’s hilarious and terrifying at once as he swoops down from the sky. You can download the mod from Steam or NexusMods and experience the terror for yourself.

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skyrim armor header

This Dovahkiin has figured out the best possible armor to make in Skyrim. He slaves away making piles of iron daggers seemingly to improve his blacksmithing skills—but this comic by Anna-Marie Jung shows he has something bigger in mind. It’s pretty ingenius and also very pointy.

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