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white tree of gondor

You don’t have to travel to New Zealand to add a little Middle-earth to your life. You can do what Lord of the Rings fan Mehmet did and install a geeky stain glass door in your house. The glass features the White Tree of Gondor in all its glory, and I wouldn’t mind having one just like it in my house.

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Hawkeye stained glass 1

Clint Barton’s often misunderstood and beat up in the current comic series by Matt Fraction and David Aja. You can’t help but like this version of Hawkeye, and Tumblr user panovanator is definitely a fan. She recreated an image from the comic featuring Barton drinking straight from the coffee pot in beautiful stained glass. If you’re near Berkeley, California, you’ll be able to see the piece in person at Fantastic Comics.

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This chandelier was handmade by Mason Parker of Mason’s Creations. It’s simply huge, measuring 4′ across with tentacles that would each be 30″ long if you set them out straight. You can light up just the body, just the tentacles, or the whole thing for a freakishly beautiful centerpiece for your room. This one is sold, but he’s making another if you have the cash. Once it’s ready, the chandelier will retail for $18,000.

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hellraiser glass 1

Stained glass normally has words like “elegant” and “beautiful” associated with it – not this time. This scary piece by artist Nicole Cantú features Pinhead from Hellraiser with the mysterious puzzle box – and it’s 3D. The head and box come off the flat surface. It gives me chills. The artist created the piece for the “Something Spooky” art show at Guzu Gallery in Austin. I think it lives up to the show’s title.

If you happen to be located in Austin, you purchase this treasure for $8,000.

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These gorgeous stained glass decals feature Link in various scenes from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. There are eight different scenes in all. Each measures 22.5″ x 42.5″ and is sold individually.

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The uber talented Michael McClane is at it again with a gorgeous stained glass design. He’s created a lovely panel featuring the ever popular Mandalorian, Boba Fett. It’s 30″ tall and 8″ wide, and it was cut and assembled so it looks like a Tiffany Lamp. Yes, it does match his stained glass Boba Fett helmet lamp to a tee. If I were rich and less of a klutz, I would cover my house in panels like this!

(McClane’s Memories via OW)

This amazing Tiffany-style stained glass lamp was made by DeviantArtist mclanesmemories. He built Master Chief’s helmet in 40 hours over the course of two weeks and has put it up for sale at a fairly reasonable $840 (given the work put into it). The lamp features a full-sized helmet shade that measures 9″ tall x 9″ wide and 14″ front to back. I think Master Chief would approve.

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It feels silly to call a piece of glass armor, but this stained glass does show off Iron Man’s armor in beautiful detail. Etsy seller Martian Glass Works says it’s the most complicated piece he’s ever built. It includes 334 pieces of glass and took over 100 hours to put together. At 9.5 square feet, the crafter will have to build a special crate just to ship it.

You can bring this gorgeous Iron Man home for $4,500.

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I want these Lord of the Rings stained glass images in my house so badly. The designs by Jian Guo are breathtaking and capture the essence of the story to a crazy degree. They actually only cover events in Fellowship of the Ring for now; I hope the artist makes many more and that someone more creative and resourceful than me figures out a way to translate them to real life windows.

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A lot of moms are crafty, but I’m betting not many of them could make something this cool for their sons. Redditor krypton1an asked his mom to make him a stained glass with Freeman, and after a month of hard work, this is what he got. It is absolutely gorgeous right down to the Half-Life logo on his chest. I think even Dr. Freeman would have a few words of praise for her work.

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