super soaker

Last summer, former NASA engineer Mark Rober unveiled the world’s largest NERF gun. This year he topped it with a 7-foot long Super Soaker that’s capable of firing water at 272 miles per hour. In fact, the gun can be pressurized to 2400 PSI, which is eight times the pressure of a fire truck. As you’ll see in the video below, that’s more than enough power to shatter glass and obliterate watermelons. [click to continue…]

The latest Super Soaker from Nerf is going to make hot days a lot more entertaining. Their Lightning Storm model was released at Toy Fair and holds a whopping 35 ounces of liquid. That reservoir clocks in at the largest yet. You can shoot opponents from as far away as 25 feet. It will be ready for attack in spring of this year.

View a few more photos of the water gun after the break.

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