Some Kickstarter projects take off in a way that’s truly mindblowing. Such is the case with Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5. The campaign set its original goal at $100k, but skyrocketed to over $5 million in a matter of days.

The original game Kingdom Death: Monster is an epic tabletop miniatures game that conquered Kickstarter back in 2013 but has since sold out. Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 is not only an expansion but an upgrade on the original game. [click to continue…]


Hasbro recently unveiled a Star Wars-inspired version of their popular board game Clue, but with a big twist. Instead of the old school murder mystery theme, players of Clue: Star Wars Edition have to figure out how to escape the Death Star. [click to continue…]


Earlier this year we talked quite a bit about the official Labyrinth board game from River Horse, but getting the game out to eager fans has been a bit problematic. The good news is that ThinkGeek currently has it in stock for a reasonable price. I’m thinking interested parties should jump on it quickly.

Now, board game fans can honor Bowie’s memory and their favorite 80’s fantasy puppet opera, with a cooperative board game by Alessio Cavatore. In Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Board Game, you can play as Sarah, Hoggle, Lugo, or Sir Didymus, and work together to rescue baby Toby from the Jareth, the Goblin king.

Cavatore designed the cooperative game for one-to-four players, but a fifth player can act as Jareth himself, and work against the others to keep the baby for himself.

The pieces are beautifully sculpted 3D models of the characters. Gameplay involves 13 turns – one for each hour that Sarah has to find her brother – and an assortment of magical adventures through the labyrinth and then through the castle itself.

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Board Game ($49.99). Check out more pics and a gameplay video below. [click to continue…]


Starting this September, you’ll have the chance to fight the Battle Of Hogwarts with a new cooperative deck-building game called Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (how convenient!).

Two to four players can play either Harry, Ron, Hermione or Neville and use their own personal deck to fight to build more powerful decks that feature Wizarding World characters, spells, and items in an attempt to take down Voldemort.

I wanna be Neville. [click to continue…]


Described as “an adaptable, intelligent, purpose built system of bags, cases and accessories for tabletop gaming enthusiasts,” the Gamefolio System is designed to store and transport all of your books, cards, dice and various other accoutrements for tabletop games. They’re even padded and water-resistant to keep your stuff safe.

They’ve also announced the Game Vault, a larger bag for putting your individual Gamefolios into. So that’s nice. [click to continue…]

legend of zelda chess set

This chess set is your chance to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in a whole new way.

It includes 32 highly detailed sculpted vinyl pieces with a metallic finish and pits our heroes against the villains. The Heroes side has Link/King, Zelda/Queen, Impa/Bishops, Epona/Knights, Darunia/Rooks, and Navi/Pawns.

The Villains include Ganon/King, Twinrova/Queen, Iron Knuckle/Bishops, Phantom/Knights, Armos/Rooks, and Dekunuts/Pawns. It comes in window packaging with a magnetic front closure and has a classic black and green game board with a spot UV finish.

The Legend of Zelda Chess Collector’s Set $74.99


Yes, it seems dangerous, but that’s part of the thrill. Sometimes you have to stand at the edge, take that step and risk it all.

I’m talking, of course, about Jenga, the action packed brick-stacking game for ages whatever-and-up that’s been played since its creation during Biblical times (probably). YouTuber April Jennifer Choi hit upon the novel idea of playing the game with a whip instead of her own actual hands like a normal, rational person, and managed to nail it on her first try.

God, what a rush it must be.

Check out her swift whip action in the videos below.

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labyrinth board game

A little while back, we revealed that Labyrinth: The Board Game, was coming out later this summer from River Horse.

People were very much into it.

If you were one of those people, you’ll be happy to know that game developer Alessio Cavatore from River Horse will guide you through the game in the video below. It’s long, but you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the attention to detail. The game has no set release date, but should be arriving in stores over the summer.

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Being the awesome folks that they are, Geek & Sundry have been doing a series of D&D character sheets for some of your favorite fandoms.

This time around, they’ve dipped into the ‘Verse and made character sheets for Firefly characters Malcolm Reynolds, Inara, Kaylee, and Jayne. Mal’s a rogue, natch. Kaylee is a sorcerer which I find fitting. You can see what Jayne and Inara are below.

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You wouldn’t think a successful video game franchise like Dark Souls would need to turn to Kickstarter for a tabletop board game adaptation, and yet that’s exactly what Steamforged Games did

Not surprisingly, the officially licensed game managed to surpass the $70K goal in a whopping three minutes. At this point, the project has secured well over $1 million.

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