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Bioshock patriot figure 1

News and photos are still rolling out of Toy Fair, and NECA just shared photos of a prototype they displayed there. It’s the Motorized Patriot George Washington! You could say he’s ready for aggressive negotiations.

The action figure from BioShock Infinite is still in development stages, and the design isn’t final. It’s already looking wicked though.

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These adorable Game of Thrones direwolves are part of a new line of plush being introduced by Factory Entertainment, Inc. You can also love and cuddle dragon eggs and dragons without fear of Daenerys killing you. Additional products in the line include throw pillow shields, prop replicas and sculptural miniatures.

Expect a summer 2013 release for the first wave of products.

(The Daily Blam via The Mary Sue)

Game of Thrones Blind Boxes

If Funko’s goal is to make collectors want all the things, they are succeeding. Their catalog at Toy Fair revealed new licenses, new plushies, and new blind box sets. Raise your hand if you’re a sucker for blind boxes. Raise the other hand if you like Game of Thrones. Both of my hands are figuratively up in the air.

If you’re in my area of the Venn diagram in this scenario, prepare to be a happy camper: Funko’s releasing a Game of Thrones set that features ancillary characters like a White Walker, a Dothraki, and a Stark Soldier. I saved the most squee-worthy part for last: the boxes also have direwolves, ravens, and dragons! You could get Ghost or Drogon or a White Raven that means winter has arrived. I should just buy the whole display!

If that’s wasn’t enough, they’ll also have have blind boxes for The Walking Dead, Batman and Domo as DC superheroes.

Check out the catalog page featuring the others after the break.

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This whole ten-year anniversary thing is turning out to be quite a boon for Browncoats. The latest new product announcement comes from Gale Force Nine in the form of their upcoming boardgame Firefly: The Game. It will let you captain your own ship and take on whatever jobs you can find, all while dealing with the Alliance and Reavers. Can you do better than, Mal? Of course you can’t, but you can try.

Gale Force Nine previously released Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Trechery as a tie-in with the Starz show and they did a superb job of evoking the feeling of the show. This bodes very well for all of us getting a boardgame that captures the shiny of the Firefly universe. It’s also just the first in a series of Firefly-themed tabletop boardgames and miniatures games that they’ll be releasing over the course of the year. Expect to see it on store shelves this Fall.


No, that’s not a typo. This is a two foot tall Metroplex Transformer who made his debut at Toy Fair in New York City over the weekend. He’s officially the tallest Transformer ever, just beating out Fortress Maximus and he has two different modes. You can transform him into vehicle mode or city form as long as you can swing his $125 price tag. There will be lots of other incredible figures in the Transformers Generations line including Stealth Bomber Megatron, Bumblebee, Orion Pax and Trailcutter. Expect to see these figures in stores this Spring.

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The Star Trek: Into Darkness Kre-O building sets debuted at Toy Fair this weekend with ships and figures for multiple races that will be featured in the film. There’s nothing particularly spoilery in the images, but if you want to be completely surprised when the movie debuts on May 17th then you may want to save this post for later. There’s the USS Enterprise, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Spock’s Volcano Mission, Transporter Trouble, Space Dive, Kreon Figure Packs and Micro-Build Ships. All the sets will be available in May 2013 with the Kreon Figure Packs being released as a set of six in May with an additional 12 coming in the Fall.

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6 inch SW Figures 020513_Maul_1

Hasbro brought their A-game to Toy Fair over the weekend and showed off the first wave of the 6″ Star Wars Black series. When we first learned of the new toy line almost two weeks ago, we just saw a sneak peek of a Luke as an X-wing pilot figure. Figures of Darth Maul, R2-D2, and a Sandtrooper will join in the first release this fall – they all look amazing. Like, the rest of my action figures are going to suffer from feelings of inadequacy. From Hasbro’s press release:

This exceptional collection of figures features incredibly accurate design and a high level of articulation. Each sold separately.

These larger scale figures will be priced at $19.99. If they’re not for you, Hasbro will also be releasing 3.75″ figures in the Black series including Biggs, Yavin ceremony Luke, Geonosis arena Padmé, and more. My collection is definitely going to expand this year.

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