A new trailer for the upcoming Sherlock special has dropped and it is maximum Victorian and mustach-y awesomeness.

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doctor who maisie

The last Doctor Who trailer already had enough tantalizing glimpses to make me shout “WHY IS IT NOT SEPTEMBER, YET!?” and this new one is even more interesting.

More creatures, more Missy, more mysterious Maisie Williams, Daleks, Zygons—Clara with a bazooka. None of it makes sense right now, but we are looking forward to the journey.

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At the end of last season we saw Rick Grimes take control of Alexandria Safe Zone. He wants to teach the town how to survive, but as the The Walking Dead season 6 trailer shows, he might be the town’s biggest problem.

Carl and everyone else should really stay in the effing house! Check out the gritty trailer after the break.

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Of all the movies and all the characters of the amazing universe of Star Wars, I have to say Jar Jar Binks is my absolute favorite.

Just kidding. He’s the worst. And knowing he’s the worst, special FX artist Michael Murdock thought he should star in every single scene from the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

If I had to watch it so do you. After the break. No really, it’s actually kinda funny.

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attack on titan poster

The footage isn’t entirely new, but this new Attack On Titan trailer does have the benefit of English subtitles. The two-part film is set to open in Japan on August 1st with Attack on Titan End of the World coming shortly thereafter on September 19th.

Based on the footage we’ve seen thus far, it appears that the film does a good job of capturing the nightmarish terror of giant human-eating monsters in a post apocalyptic world.

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little prince trailer

A trailer for the animated film version of The Little Prince was released last December and it looked gorgeous. Unfortunately, it was only available in French so a little of the film was lost to those of us who don’t speak the language. Now they’ve released an English version with new footage and it’ll make you even more excited to see the movie.

Seriously, it looks better than anything Pixar has produced in quite a while.

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Old wood, copper pipes, oh my! David Moult had a crazy idea to build his own teardrop trailer for a tour around Scotland. Although he hasn’t actually made the trip yet, he did manage to build six different trailers, including this magnificent steampunk edition. With steam gauges, a chandelier fitted from an old copper pot, and the 19-century inspired detailing throughout the trailer, this is small space living done right.

It’s really a work of art. Check out more pictures after the jump.

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Filmmaker Ruairi Robinson has been working on a sci-fi film called The Leviathan and the proof of concept trailer looks amazing. It features a giant, whale-like beast flying through the air with a crew on a spaceship fighting it off. A brief description reads:

By the early 22nd century mankind had colonized many worlds. Faster than light travel was made possible by harvesting exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen. Those that take part in the hunt are mostly involuntary labor.

Robinson was attached to the Akira remake at one point, so this isn”t the work of an amateur. This is definitely going to be worth your time to watch.

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iron man

Pause for a moment and think about all the superhero films and television series in the works, currently airing, and already in your DVD/Blu-ray collection. You’re making out like a bandit whether you’re a fan or Marvel or DC. YouTube user Alex Luthor took that happy feeling we all get from seeing our favorite heroes and villains on screen and turned it to 11 by making a trailer that imagines what it would be like if Marvel and DC characters played in the same universe.

It pulls from both movies and television, and Luthor did a tremendous job editing together battles from The Avengers, The Flash, Man of Steel, Thor, and more to make it appear as though Marvel and DC characters are facing off.

Watch the awesomeness in the video after the break.

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The Hobbit is not an overly long book, but that didn’t stop Peter Jackson from dividing it up into three movies. Many have wondered how it would have been as one film, but Los Angeles-based editor Joel Walden has gone a step further by giving us a trailer for The Hobbit: The Complete Journey.

He uses clips from the existing movies to create his trailer and, in the process, does a darn fine job of telling what needs to be told in about 4 minutes. Now this is the movie that I really wanted to see.

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