Check Out This Epic Sci-Fi LEGO Construction


Lego enthusiast Mike Doyle is working on a series of brick creations titled The Contact Series. He describes the science fiction series as follows:

The Contact Series of LEGO built creations was designed to promote the beauty of all intelligent life forms as extensions of our family – children under the same creative force.

The amazing design pictured above is Contact 1. It’s the first in a series of gigantic Lego constructions (almost like bigatures). The structure has 200,000 bricks and is 5′ tall by 6′ wide (it’s almost as tall as me!). It took 600 hours of labor to put together. He’s got prints and small model kits available on Kickstarter so you can rebuild part of this masterpiece.

Be stunned by more photos after the break.




(Mike Doyle via This is Colossal)


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