Thanks To LEGO, ‘Star Wars’ Has Never Been Cuter


Han and Leia were already a pretty cute couple, but these chibi-style LEGO figurines created by Luc Byard really cranked up that adorable factor. From their tiny blasters to their don’t-mess-with-me stances, these figs are pretty darn cute.

Speaking of adorable Star Wars characters, if you’d like to learn how to build a cute droid out of bricks, Redditor Hendrikdejager’s got you covered. He recently built a LEGO BB-8 and as you can see from the pic and video below, it’s a winner.


Here’s a short video on how to build a LEGO BB-8. Hendrikdejager was even nice enough to list all the pieces he used to make the droid. You can download the list here.

(via Brothers-Brick and Technabob)


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