Epic Doraemon And Friends Combining Robot

Doraemon robot 1

The Tokyo Toy Show has all the neatest toys. We’ve already seen a Samurai-style Darth Vader from the show, and there’s also this whimsical combining robot featuring Doraemon and friends. Doraemon (at the center of the robot) is the robotic and time-traveling cat star of a manga series by Fujiko Fujio. According to Tomopop, the robot is rounded out with:

Perman as the left arm, Gonsuke as the right arm, Chinpui as the waist, Dorami as the left leg, and Roller Assistant as the right leg. The finished robot’s head is made from a time machine and Fujio’s trademark beret while their weapon (which I’m sure is something less obvious than a weapon) is a transformed pen.

They also report it will be released in November for about $146.

More photos of the toy after the break.

Doraemon robot 2

Doraemon robot 3

Doraemon robot 5

Doraemon robot 6

Doraemon robot 4

Doraemon robot 7

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